Siren Lights, Camera, Chaos! MERMAID OUT OF WATER

[Mature Content, No Rape, Sweet/Cute FL] A beautiful mermaid was suddenly thrown into a strange new world due to some prophecy she didn't understand. Her beautiful azure and indigo mermaid tail was transformed to human legs and she was forced to the surface without any guidance, completely clueless as to how to survive. Follow sweet Naia’s journey as she slowly understood more about the human world and what she needed to do, affecting various human lives along the way. It was just that... in some strange turns of events, she found herself dipping into the entertainment industry. Her beauty and talent let her sashay into becoming a household name with unprecedented momentum, leaving a trail of high-quality admirers in her wake. It was just that these men... were helpful as they were troublesome. How could this affect her mission? [Warning: Naive FL (at first) but will grow as an independent woman by arc 2] *** The cover and images are by lovely awesome ladies Lotuslin and QueenFrieza~!

HeatherReader · Urban
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143 Chs

Wedding Reception


At this time, the wedding's grand reception had just ended and they were seeing the guests off.

The couple were holding hands—or, more accurately, Victoire's claws were on Thaddeus' arms—while Octavia stood on Thaddeus' other side.

After saying goodbye to the next few guests, she leaned a bit to whisper.

"Try not to frown so much," Octavia whispered to Thaddeus, retaining a practiced smile as she shook the hands of a politician and his wife.

"Didn't you see that bastard watching your every move?" She said, tentatively looking in a direction.

His mother was referring to West, his half-brother, and his mother, Wensha. 

The pair of mother and son were currently on the other end of the room, socializing with people from their own circles—whom his mother called vulgar nouveau riches. 

Regardless, they looked like they were having fun being surrounded by bootlickers, sending glances in their direction.