Before Mu Chen could leave, Ning Zhe stood up and angrily said, "Don't change the topic! Zhuang Ji was left to Ning Xia by Zhuang Yi. No one can take it from her. I don't know what's your purpose of marrying her, but you better not have any thoughts about Zhuang Ji!"

Mu Chen looked at Ning Zhe and sighed inwardly. It seemed like Song Ning's father did not care about Song Ning at all; it seemed all her father cared about was Zhuang Ji. After a moment, he asked, "President Ning, why don't you tell me then what I should I do to prove I don't have any thoughts about Zhuang Ji?"

Ning Zhe shifted his gaze away from Mu Chen to the lounge of the second floor of Zhuang Ji before he slowly said, "Bring Ning Xia back to the Ning family. Until you prove to me that you're sincere about Ning Xia, let the Ning Group manage Zhuang Ji."

Mu Chen smiled sardonically. "President Ning, what you mean is to operate Zhuang Ji under the Ning Group?"


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