Sir, How About A Marriage?

At the peak of her career, A-list actress Song Ning announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry for love, shocking the nation. Everyone thought that she must have found her ideal home. That was why she was so determined. At first, Song Ning thought so too. For the rest of her life, she would not be a celebrity. She would only be a virtuous and virtuous woman who would take care of her husband and children at home. However, on the night before their wedding, she found out that her fiancé was having an affair with her best friend. Enraged, Song Ning found a random man to register their marriage at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. She originally wanted to take revenge on her scumbag fiancé, but she did not expect that the man who registered his marriage with her was the heir of nation's largest financial group, Mu Chen. After they got married, Mu Chen doted on Song Ning and protected her in every way possible. He didn't allow anyone to bully her. Song Ning always thought that she would be happy for the rest of her life and live the best life she wanted. That's right, she got it. It was just a little different from what she had originally imagined. The person who gave her everything was someone else. Many years later… Song Ning looked at Mu Chen affectionately. "I'm really lucky. Thank God I met you and saved me from hell." Mu Chen smiled faintly. “Yes, thank God.” However, Song Ning would never know. Mu Chen wasn't talking about thanking God for letting him meet Song Ning. He was thanking God for letting Song Ning's fiancé cheated on her so that he would have a chance. There was no such thing as an accidental encounter. It was just a premeditated pursuit. That day, he waited for Song Ning outside the Civil Affairs Bureau for ten hours…

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Yang Li stared at Song Ning, watching for her reaction.

Song Ning looked at the photo again. To be precise, she was looking at the woman standing next to Mu Chen. It was as Yang Li had said, she had never smiled in this manner before. A vague idea appeared in her mind before she looked at Yang Li and asked in a trembling voice, "Ye Xin?"

Yang Li nodded. "Ning Xia, if you hadn't been by Xiao Peng and my side, we would've thought the person in the picture is you. To be honest, even I doubted myself when I saw this photo."

Although Song Ning and Ye Xin resembled each other before, it was not to this extent.

Song Ning was still shocked. "She… She had plastic surgery?"

Yang Li nodded. "Obviously."

"Why? Why would she make herself look like me?" Song Ning's eyes widened in disbelief.

Yang Li stared at Song Ning as she slowly said, "To replace you."