The second day of the exhibition was equally as successful as the first day. However, Song Ning was not present. She insisted on accompanying Jiang Jin at home. Once classes were over, she rushed home immediately to help Jiang Jin with her physical therapy.

When Mu Chen learned that Song Ning was not planning to attend the second day of the exhibition, he protested, "Yesterday, Grandma could show off her granddaughter-in-law. If you don't show up today, who am I going to show off?"

Song Ning chuckled and tilted her head slightly as she said, "You can show Cheng Che off. He's such a good brother."

Cheng Che instantly straightened his back upon hearing these words. "That's right. You can show me off to everyone. Look at my handsome appearance that can cause flowers to bloom and cars to screech to a halt!"

"Scram!" Mu Chen gritted his teeth as he tried to kick Cheng Che.


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