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That night, the particle accelerator exploded, and the world changed. A realm unknown to humanity emerged—it was the era of dark tidings. On that very night, a lonely soul drifted to Central City, left alone shivering in the cold night. It was the very same night when Caitlin Snow lost her fiancé, but also managed to find someone else. This is the story of how Nathan awoke with no memories prior to this, possessing new powers in a strange world. [⚠️Due to the misleading tone of the synopsis, many people have assumed that MC and Caitlin are a thing. They aren't, and if it's any consolation, they are never going to be.⚠️] --- [Cover is A.I generated and edited by myself.] [Current update rate is: 3/week; will increase in the near future]

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Chapter 6 - Encounter

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27 July 2014, Centeral City, Richard's Dojo

"You are doing well." It was a complement from a man who wore a stren look for the most part. There was a hint of recognition in his eyes that Nathan was hardly able to catch, he smiled.

"Thanks to your teachings, I've been growing better each day." Nathan replied in kind. Those weren't empty words, as the retired military veteran had really helped him a bunch, so all he felt was gratitude.

"Save your ass-licking to yourself boy, but I am being serious, did you hook up some steroids or something?" Nathan smiled wearily at the man's accusations.

When was it again? Ah yes, two weeks ago. Right when he was about to leave, Caitlin had tasked him with changing the spent glucose bundles. It was an easy task, one Nathan was already familiar with. So where came the problem? Of course, it was the coma induced patient Barry Allen.

Nathan sighed, as he remembered the shock. It was like a sharp and deadly knife. Like bullet tearing at his skin. He had almost fallen to the ground.

"What's wrong?" Caitlin had asked worriedly with a worried look on her face. It was hard to see her smile when she wasn't helping someone, so Nathan didn't find it odd. What he did find odd was the feeling when he had changed the drip and accidentally touched the man's hand.

He looked at his shaking hand, feeling the numbness that went away after sometime passed. "Nothing, I just felt like being zapped. My whole hand has gone numb."

"Don't worry, it must be Neuropraxia, leading to conduction block. You know, funny bone. Let me get this done, you can leave." Caitlin had kindly offered the hand and Nathan who was already tired that day decide to heed her advice.

After that, well, things had started to become weird. He was still normal outwardly but Nathan could feel his appetite increasing, his growth that was already stunted resuming again and his body was comfortably growing in shape. Some might think of it as a growth spurt but he knew better.

"I am just growing up, you know." Nathan laughed while looking sideways and rubbing at his hair. "It's part of the process."

The instructor narrowed his eyes. He wasn't wrong to grow suspicious for he had seen Nathan for almost three months and tracked his growth and now suddenly, since two weeks prior, he was showing absolute genius growth.

During sparing sessions he was faster, his punches packing more power and somehow, instructor theorize that, he was acutely tracking his partener's pattern. It was sight born of experience, one the boy lacked only two weeks ago.

"Huu..." Richard let out a deep breath and looked to his side where an assortment of boxing equipment lay; from Boxing gloves, hand wraps to headgear, all occupied their place in the racket. "Well, since you wanted to train better, let's get this started."

Nathan caught the glove flying his way and grinned. Finally, he could train for real.


"Wohhohohoo..." Cisco laughed, and why wouldn't he, Nathan had just presented him with best possible scenario. "Who gave you the black eye, man."

That very eye twitched at the remark and Nathan grimaced. Had he been arrogant? Very much so and result was him getting his ass handed to him. Well no matter, he would beat that old coot one of these days, he vowed to himself.

"Oh my goodness, how did this happen?" And here it was, just what he was waiting for. Caitlin quickly pulled him to her lab and started applying antiseptic and disinfectant liquid to his bruised eye. He felt a sting but he held back the hiss from escaping his lips.

"Mr. Williams, I didn't take you for someone who would get involved in fights." And here it was, another old coot. A cool and genius one, but also with ego the size of Texas.

"It was a friendly spar, Dr. Wells." Nathan voiced after the doctor finished applying the ointment. He walked out into the lab looking at the man on the wheel chair. He didn't know if it was just his imagination, but the man seemed happier every day that passed.

"Good to know, how did the thing with the weather guy go?" He turned to the computer on the other side and wheeled himself before it.

"Weather Wizard, that's the official name we are going with." Cisco chimed from the side and Caitlin smiled. No one could take this duty from the man, unless they wanted to fight him.

Nathan wasn't willing to argue over his naming sense which was arguably better than his. So, he settled behind his own computer and started going through their compiled data on this 'Weather Wizard'.

"Subject has been identified as a male, by the name Clyde Mardon. He is know to be able to manipulate the weather, or even create one. Can create tornadoes, fog and even lightning. But, here's the interesting part, according to the records by CCPD; him and his brother died in a plane crash which exploded on the night the particle accelerator exploded, December 11." 

Harrison Wells nodded at the brief summary from Cisco. He seemed deep in thought while the rest waited for his snap out of his daze. It lasted longer than expected but Dr. Wells finally focused on the three, "Let's see if we can gather more evidence about this Weather Wizard. Get to it."

"Uh.." Nathan hesitated.

"You have something, you want to add Nathan?"

Nathan didn't answer right away looking at the engineer then looking back at him. "Shouldn't we report this to the police, Dr. Wells? I don't think it's a good idea to keep it from them."

Harrison Wells only laughed, "And you think, you can walk through the door and tell the police that a guy out there has ability to rain lightning and hail on the Central City and he is a criminal at that, and they will believe you?"

"But we have proof!"

"That's the problem Mr. Williams! What do you think will happen once the police gets in the know, the government, the military. S.T.A.R labs will be no more. Every single piece of equipment here will be seized and we will no longer be able to do anything. Not help you or Mr. Allen."

"So what, we just keep quiet?"

"No, I think you misunderstood. The public is still unaware but if we come out with this information the Meta-humans hiding will grow restless. They will fear their imminent capture at the hands of military and believe me, no one wants to end up a guinea pig. And when I say this, believe me Mr. Williams you don't want to face a group of superhumans in desperation."

Although the argument was sound and logical, Nathan felt something quite not adding up. Was it a feeling or was he just restless, he didn't know. After that however, the trio were convinced to not let the news reach the public. Although they wouldn't do anything to stop the spread, they wouldn't help it either.


Right after the dawn, Cisco and Caitlin had already left for their home. Nathan pressed enter and finished his day's work. He took his jacket off his chair and donned it, ready to head home.

Harrison Wells saw the young man about to leave and put the screw driver he was holding back down on the table. He turned his head to face the young man who was ready to leave. "A moment Nathan, did you give some thought to my offer?"

Nathan stopped and turned to him. Harrison Wells calmly stared back, his hand on the controller of his wheelchair while other in his lap.

"Ah yes, about that. I don't think I want to leave the "Eaters" yet. I mean it's great and all, but I want to relish in this freedom while it lasts."

Harrison Wells took his glasses off and rubbed at his eyes. Just last week he had offered the young man work at his lab. Although S.T.A.R labs was no more, they were still working for the benefit of humanity. And giving him a job should've secured him here more tightly.

However, it seemed that the man wasn't ready to accept his offer. He was a young one after all; he probably valued his freedom more than his life. Well, it was too bad that he couldn't observe the boy as closely for the time being, no matter, he would do it after Barry Allen was up.

"That's unfortunate, then see you tomorrow Mr. Williams." Harrison Wells offered a kind smile, his eyes hidden once more behind his glasses.

"Oh, I not leaving yet, I still have to change Mr. Allen's Glucose drip; Caitlin gave the task before she left."


"He does eat a lot for someone who spends his days sleeping." Nathan laughed at his own remark and Harrison Wells snickered. His eyes flashing in mirth of it all, at how ignorant the rest were of Barry Allen's real situation.

He watched the man change the drip and focused back on his task. He had to give it to that engineering genius for coming up with such an idea. With this, it was possible to locate the Weather Wizard. Harrison Wells smiled at the name.


Nathan took a sidelong glance at the man working at the table and positioned his body in such a way that he couldn't properly see what he was doing and would only think that he was changing the IV drip.

He steadied himself against the table and grasped at the man's arms. At first nothing happened but just as he tried to dive deeper into his own mind, a jolt ran through his body. Like a million bolts of electricity coursing through his veins, he nearly spasmed but eventually his numbed brain resumed it's functionality and he watching in morbid fascination how tiny arcs of electricity coursed through his arm that held Barry Allen.

"Everything okay, Nathan?"

Nathan startled, took his hands off and looked back at the man who started at him with a screwdriver in hand. Nathan smiled and replied, "Everything's well Dr. Wells, just making sure if everything is well and working here."

Dr. Wells nodded and Nathan quickly finished and left the lab, his pace was fast as he left the premises and soon found himself on the road.

He looked at his hands and suddenly the hand started vibrating. Nathan started wide-eyed and clenched his first, stopping the magic in place. His mouth streched into a grin as he realised, he was finally getting his ability.

"Should I tell others about it?" Nathan rubbed at his chin in thought. Although they were friends, Nathan couldn't be faulted for being too cautious. It had been the same back then.

Who was to say that knowing his ability, the trio wouldn't strap him to a table to experiment on him. He had seen enough movies, and read enough books to keep away from the mad scientists. Good thing he was proven wrong. But he still had his reservations.

Ultimately, Nathan conceded that these were the people who provided him with a home when he lacked one and they deserved to know. He would tell them tomorrow, he promised.



Manister Jones, now going by Dr. Shock, was a thief. He had lived most of his life in the slums surrounded by gangs and mafia. It was an environment where survival demanded strength, and he was strong.

Lot of the times when Jones was confronted, he didn't fight the same way others did, no; his fighting method was one that could only be called bizzare. With a taser in hand he would stun his opponents and go for the kill. It worked most of the time and when it didn't, Jones proved why he was also called the cockroach.

He still vividly remembered the day. It was the day that changed his destiny. Others might call it a dark day, but to him it was the day when he was given a blessing. A gift.


Jones looked at his hands, arcs of electricity flashing in remembrance. The electric buzz was the most beautiful music to his ears and even more so when he cooked other's brains with it.

Power. Overwhelming power. One enough for him to be hailed as the top dog of underworld.

Not anymore.


His fist clenched in uncontrollable anger as he thought of the man who turned his world upside down. That flaming bastard, he would cook him one day, he promised. For now, he needed to deal with this.

Jones wiped the bloodied knife on his blue trousers. And bent forward to hide the corpse. It was an easy prey tonight, a harmless school girl. Too bad her body wasn't worth a penny now, as dead as she was. Her money and whatever trinkets she wore would've to do.


Eyes wide open, Jones turned to look back, his black eyes meeting blue ones. He grinned. The young man turned and ran. Jones grinned more, his lips streching to his ears as his tongue flashed over his lips. Another prey.

With a woosh the knife drew a blue arc. The boy barely reacted, pulling his leg to the side, only for the knife to cut into his shin and send a shock. His body spasmed, the struck part of his leg turned reddish black as smoke wafted from it.

Jones ran right after. First he pulled his fist back and smacked the face right into the concrete. Then he gripped his neck and smiled, "Ready or not, here I come."

And he struck!




Blood. Jones had seen plenty. Other's, his victims and even his. Never this much though. This much was enough to send him riding straight for the afterlife. Was that why the face looked so blurry? What about that blue light around his left hand? Ah, so beautiful!



"Haa... Haa.. Haa..." The stars were exceptionally bright that day. And the moon, gosh he hated the wetness. "Fucking bastard, I almost died." His breath came out ragged and floundering. "Again."

Nathan looked beside him, right in the eyes of the man who was responsible for his current state. He was dead now.

He groaned and pushed himself up. His leg was wounded severely, but thankfully the wound was cutarized by that lightning. It only leaked yellow puss now.

Nathan grabbed the knife in the man's neck and pulled. Blood spilled forth and he almost retched from the smell. He tucked the knife and took a look around. Gathering the broken parts of his mobile phone, he ran away from the scene.

A Meta-Human!

He had done extensive research on these freaks–that sounds a bit hypocritical, but anyway–to understand that he needed to stay away when chanced upon one. Today his luck wasn't so bright afterall.

Nathan grimaced. He had almost thought he would die when the knife cut him. But the man that caught him right afterward didn't kill in one go but instead punched him into the ground. For a normal person it might have lead to a concussion but for Nathan he had recovered quickly. Very quickly.

Right as the man grasped his neck and was ready for the killing blow. He had pulled the knife from his leg and in one swift motion drove it straight to the man's neck. His carotid artery, veins and trachea all punctured in one shot. That guy had severely underestimated him. Or maybe it was him who made the miracle possible.

After all, it only took a second to dislodge the knife and skewer the man's throat. That was some insanely fast reaction. Nathan look back at his hands. He needed to thank Barry Allen for it.

Of course between the time he stabbed the man and his last breath, Nathan had squeezed every bit of his energy dry. It was inconsequential compared to Barry's but substantial enough for Nathan.

His gaze traced the arcs blooming on his hand. "Crazy, what the heck is my ability?" Nathan wondered.


Nathan didn't remember. Even after six months passed, he couldn't remember. But he understood, the world, the people and most of all his heart. He saw the world for what it was. An ugly zoo.

Every being was like an animal struggling for survival. Every animal preyed upon the weaker one's. But humans, they were different. They rose above the petty greed and desires and chose to make the world a better place. That's what everyone thought, what they thought, what did he think?

He saw the very same humans, the social animals gut their fellow humans alive. He saw people fight and kill over some petty arguments. And even now and in the future he was bound to see the evil that everyone tried to hide in their hearts.

As it was, the Centeral City had become a hot bed of criminal activity. The Meta-humans, who once also lived as humans now preyed on their weaker counterparts. Power had led to their corruption.

Nathan had thought deep into the nights, many a time. Even before meeting Deathstroke he wondered at his nature. Ultimately he understood though, to him everything had a value.

If he had to kill a stranger to save his life, why not. It was cruel, but it was human. He was no hero. Heroes didn't get a happy ending.

Nathan, naked below the showerhead scrubbed his legs clean. Already, the wound had scabbed over and reddish burnt flesh was recovering it's rosiness. Not sure if the wound would heal before tomorrow, he thought.

Thinking of the work, Nathan wondered if it was right to tell Cisco and Caitlin. What about Dr. Wells? He frowned. His mind flashing through myriad scenes of the time he spent with his friends.

"Haaa..." Water cascaded from his blonde locks, down his young face and over his lean build. Nathan felt conflicted. Was it really alright to tell them the truth? Were Cisco and Caitlin always honest with him? Did Dr. Wells ever lie to him? He closed the valve and stepped out of shower.


Author: Well, that's a lot. I thought about this chapter a lot. How should I go about it? It was a challenge where I had to give young Nathan that uncle Ben moment to push him towards actively seeking strength (not upholding responsibility, sorry uncle Ben).

First let's talk about Nathan's ability. Before you ask, let me say that Nathan can actually Siphon the Dark matter of others and apply the properties to himself, only at a much much lower level. Like he took a bit of speed force from Barry and now he is fast, but only by small margin, not even at the superhuman bounds yet. That was two weeks ago, now he is faster beyond human limits, as can be observed from his fight with Jones. Still, he is far far below Barry's initial speed right after he woke up. So case in point, Nathan has cool powers but he is not overpowered.

And, Dr. Wells is being, well, Eobard Thwane. He is already making plans with Nathan in mind, probably how to make the best use of him. Nothing on that front yet.

And now, Nathan. If you are going to question Nathan's morality, then let me make it clear to you. He is no comic protagonist, who will rather kill himself than harm a insect (I am talking about Barry), neither is he a Xianxia protagonist, who will kill for the fun of it, if it makes him stronger. Nathan is more... pragmatic.

To him, everything has a value, certain things, people hold higher value than others. Even his own life has a value. If for example, he was to choose between his one friend and hundred strangers, he would without a shred of doubt and hesitation choose that friend. It's all about values. He just weighs things and concludes whichever is heavier.

Many would ask once more, why didn't Nathan alert others about his ability. The answer is he is confused. Sure they are friends and all, true that they helped, undeniable that Caitlin, Cisco and Wells are a virtuous group. But he doesn't see any of that. All he sees is that he has some scary ability and there are people who, if they come to know, are hard to predict. So, the question Nathan asks is, can he trust them enough to not go against him?

In a sense this is certainly weird, but despite considering them friends, Nathan has certain weariness towards others. This can be contributed to the fact that he doesn't remember anything. In a world where he is alone, who could he trust?

I hope you understand what Nathan is going through. As for his ability, there is many more things we don't know yet, so keep on the lookout for the updates and see you all next time. Oh and, don't forget to drop a like, comment and your vote.

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