37 Chapter XXXVII

Jack swallows his tears. He’s ready to wake up at any moment now, knowing this must be a dream – a dream like so many others he had before, where Vince told him these exact words.

"Why? Why are you in love with me?" He asks, voice hoarse from trying to stop himself from crying. "I don't deserve it. I... I don't deserve you."

Vince smiles sweetly.

"Because, Jackie.” The older says, tangling his fingers on Jack's hair. "Every single thing that you are makes me believe I was born to meet you."

Vince’s touch feels familiar. Feels real. Jack realizes this is happening, he’s not dreaming.

He notices he’s crying, a quiet sob escaping his lips. He feels Vince’s words vibrating on his soul.

"Does that make sense?" Vince chuckles, wiping the other's tear with his thumb. "You're the best person I know and you fought for that. You didn't give up on being a better person, even when everyone gave up on you."

Jack holds his breath, the other’s tender touch making him go weak.


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