58 Chapter: 56

Yun Che silently stared at Yuechan.

His mind raced with different possible ways to explain the method to her.

He thought no matter which way he explained, it wouldn't change the outcome at all.

"A person with Dragon Bloodline can only produce Virgin Dragon Seed once in their lifetime. Passing this seed to another person won't only let them break into the next realm but also give them a faint Dragon Bloodline. Little Fairy, your dantian, meridians, and profound veins have completely been destroyed. Even if I healed your body completely, you would still have to cultivate from the start."

Yuechan's eyes trembled, but she didn't say anything and patiently waited for Yun Che to finish.

She thought since he dared to claim that he had a way to save her, he wouldn't be playing with her.\

In the past month, though reluctant, she had come to trust Yun Che.

He was the only man in this world right now with whom she put her trust in.

"But with the help of Virgin Dragon Seed, that can help you break into the next realm, the huge burst of energy would allow your profound veins to contain all the bloated energy into them, allowing you to not only regain your previous strength but even step into the next realm!"

"Just…" Yun Che stared into her icy-blue eyes and finished. "Only by connecting the yin and yang energy of the two parties can the Virgin Dragon Seed be passed to the other person."

Yuechan's eyes trembled and widened.

For the first time, her face turned completely red as she questioned, "You don't mean…"

Seeing Yun Che smile wryly, she vehemently rejected his idea.

"Never! I would never allow a man to do that to me!"

Her face red, she gritted her teeth. She felt like she was cheated right now.

First, she lost her strength and was ready to commit suicide, but Yun Che stopped her, giving her hopes that he can help her not only heal but also allow her to breakthrough into the next realm.

Now he was telling her that she needed to lose her maidenhood, break the biggest taboo of her Asgard, to regain her strength? How could she say yes to that?

"I knew you would say something like that…"

Yun Che sighed and looked into her trembling eyes.

"But who is stopping me?"

"Yun Che, you…" Yuechan's eyes widened in horror before she gritted her teeth. "If you do it… I'll definitely… definitely kill you!"

"Little Fairy… are you that against me that the thought of being together with me makes you disgusted?"

"..." Yuechan's eyes suddenly became misty.

She remembered her time with him in the past month, her heart beating at an unnatural rate.

Remembering the time where he cared for her, fed her, and protected her, Yuechan could feel her heart filled with an uncharacteristically warm feeling.

She knew she would be lying if she said she didn't like this feeling. She felt conflicted and didn't know what to do now.

"Just, close your eyes and leave everything else to me."

Hearing his soft voice, her body trembled.

Feeling his hand over her, she wanted to pull it back but couldn't find the energy to do so.

It was as if her mind said another thing, and her body another. She looked up at Yun Che, tears had already gathered within her eyes.

"Please… don't do this…" Yun Che stopped, feeling a slight sting in his heart seeing her pleading expression. He wondered if this really was the right course of action.

'If only I had Light Profound Energy…' The only thing that could save her life, other than the Virgin Dragon Seed, was Light Profound Energy. Sadly, Yun Che didn't have it.

He took a deep breath before a smile appeared on his face. "I'll allow you to kill me… only once then."

Her body trembled, and before she could open her lips to say anything, they were sealed away by Yun Che. Her eyes widened, and instantly, tears started to fall from them. She wanted to scold herself, even slap her face.

Obviously, what was about to happen was a taboo in Asgard, and she was not only going to break it, but she had already broken another one… by giving her heart to another man.

With no energy in her body to resist the approach of the man in front of her, she closed her eyes and resigned herself to her fate.

The only barrier left in her heart broke, and like a ship, she was led by Yun Che in different directions.

The cave there was devoid of sound and wind; now it was filled with the increasing moan of a woman.

The initial struggle to stop it had now become nothing but a poor attempt to hide her own feelings.

As time passed, and Yun Che finally finished, he felt a foreign energy entering his body.

Knowing full well what he was doing, he gently hugged Yuechan's body into his chest and sighed, not knowing what to think of the situation right now.

['Frozen Cloud Arts' skill acquired!]



"…You can stop pretending to be asleep, she has already left." The dignified voice of the Azure Dragon resounded within the now, once again, silent cave.

Lying on the ground, Yun Che opened one of his eyes and smiled wryly.

He thought, even if she was angry, there was no need for her to throw him on the ground and steal Jasmine's bed, taking it away with her.

He was ready to die once, but it seemed that his plot armor was still in full throttle.

{It seems I really would need to buy you a new bed now, Jasmine. She stole yours.}

{Don't talk with this princess, you disgusting pervert! This princess didn't say anything when you did this disgusting act with that Empire Princess, but now this! You are exactly like perverts that my mother and brother warned me against! Die!}


Yun Che rolled his eyes.

He wanted to say that she could always shut down her five senses and ignore everything going on outside, yet she purposely listened and saw everything. Why is he to be blamed?

"Don't worry. After seeing it dozens of more times, you will get used to it."

{DIE! Beast! Pervert!}

"Oh well…"

Yun Che ignored her and looked towards the two shining eyes.

"If it's alright with you, I have a small request which I would like you to listen to."

Yun Che raised a brow and silently waited for Azure Dragon to finish.

"Young Human… Are you aware of the God Realm?"

"More or less."

Yun Che's answer was immediate, making not only Azure Dragon, but even Jasmine stunned.

'He really is the reincarnation of some Primordial God!'

She was getting more and more firm that he was the reincarnation of some Primordial God.

"Then it makes things easier." Azure Dragon replied. "If you ever go to the Realm of Gods, I want you to look for a sword. Since you are already in the possession of two heavenly treasures, Mirror of Samsara and Sky Poison Pearl, you should already be aware of the strength of these treasures. The sword I am talking about is the strongest Heavenly Treasure, Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword! Its strength is incomparable to any Heavenly Treasure, and it is said that even a mortal can slay a True God with it!"

"Why do you want me to find this sword?"

Already aware of its existence, there was no surprise on Yun Che's face. Rather, he further pushed the old dragon to relieve its purpose of bringing this up.

"The sword… I don't want the sword, but the one sealed inside…" Azure Dragon's voice which, from the start to finish, hasn't changed finally showed signs of some emotions as he stated. "My daughter… her spirit is sealed inside that sword!"

{WHAT!?} Jasmine loudly bellowed inside his mind. {Does that mean… Inside the sword, a True God still exists in this world?!}

Existence of true gods wasn't a joke, and Jasmine was fully aware of it.

Humans had limits. No matter how much they trained, they would never be able to break this limit and reach the True God Realm.

Only by entering the True God realm can one not be called a mortal any longer!

Everyone in the God Realm had already given up on ever crossing this impossible wall to reach the True God realm.

As such, the strongest existence in the current world was people below the True God realm.

If a True God existed in this world right now, then he would be the solo ruler of this universe!

And his authority would be supreme! From this, one could deduce how the existence of a True God would shake the very foundations of the Primal Chaos if such news were to become public.

"If you can, I want you to save my daughter."

"Alright, once I find the sword, I'll make sure to save your daughter. You have my word."

Yun Che's answer was short and concise.

As someone who had already read the story of Against the Gods, he was aware of the existence of more than one True God living in the current era!

So the news of another True God still alive and kicking didn't surprise him.

Though, he wondered, what would be the expression of the Dragon God if he told him his daughter had already broken through the seal on the sword.

"Then you have my thanks. This spirit of mine is already close to dying, and I do not have much energy left. The fact that you came at such a time, this can only be the work of fate."


"Though I cannot help you further, I'll give you some gifts. Take them, I hope they will be helpful for you in the future."


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