147 Chapter: 145

"Well, I don't want to hold the tournament just because of me. Yue'er, you should finish your fight. Don't make your opponents wait," a pair of reptile-like golden gaze stared towards the princes with slight pity, a small smile appeared over his face. "I am sure they are eager to show their best talents within the Profound Sky Continent."

"Big Brother Yun, you are bullying them," Cang Yue pouted.

"... How am I bullying them?" Yun Che's lips twitched. "I am just telling you to not be rude to your opponents by leaving the fight midway."

"Of course it is bullying. You know Cang Yue can beat them with a single slash, yet you want me to go and beat them."

"Then why did you join the tournament?"

Cang Yue evaded his gaze. With a slight puff of her cheeks, she whispered.

"They have been bullying Blue Wind for the past two decades because of our weak strength… Cang Yue wanted to return some of it."


'So you admit you are bullying them? Aye, this woman is one hell of a drug to me. I am messed up.' Laughing to himself, Yun Che shook his head.

"Do whatever you want then."

"There is no need." Hengkong, finally able to collect his thoughts, walked closer to Yun Che and bowed with a smile on his face. "Our Divine Phoenix admits defeat."

"But father—"

"Shut up!" Hengkong glared at his most talented son, making him shut his mouth instantly. Gaining his father's anger was the last thing he wanted right now, just when he grounded the eldest son. He didn't want to become the object of the vent.

"Are you okay with that? I'm sure your sons wanted to show their superiority to the world. They even dared to claim the most talented person on this continent, going as far as to ask for my wife's hand in marriage. I would love to see his strength that backs up this claim."

Hengkong felt someone choking him when his eyes met with Yun Che's smiling face. He wasn't dumb and instantly understood that despite the easygoing attitude, Yun Che definitely didn't like the comment his son passed towards Cang Yue.

Hengkong couldn't even blame him. He would be angered if someone dared to ask for his wife's hand in marriage, and that too in front of him.

"Realm King, please calm your anger."

"I am not angry, though." Yun Che looked at Cang Yue and then at Feng Xue'er before asking. "Do I look angry?"

Both shook their heads collectively.

"Big Brother Yun looks handsome, no matter what." Cang Yue gave a thumbs up to Yun Che, making him nod his head while rubbing his chin.

"See? I am definitely not angry. Emperor Hengkong, it seems you have gotten old, seeing things."

Hengkong's lips twitched. He glared at his daughter, making her scramble behind Yun Che, once again causing his annoyance to increase. He at least wanted his daughter to support him, but seeing her right now, he couldn't even complain.

'Maybe it's not bad… In this world, Xue'er really won't find anyone as bright as Yun Che. If they are married, my Divine Phoenix Sect would prosper for centuries. And maybe, once married, he will be willing to share the secret to reaching the Divine Realm.'

"Realm King is right, Hahaha, we must have gotten old."

"Right…" Yun Che's eyes narrowed before he turned his attention back towards Xue'er. "Since you are the heir to the Phoenix Bloodline, I will give you this. Though if you have gone and met the Phoenix Soul, she would have given you the art herself."

In front of the confused gaze of Hengkong and Xue'er, Yun Che gently touched her forehead and passed the knowledge regarding the World Ode of the Phoenix to her.

A yellowish glint passed through Xue'er's eyes and they widened.

"Full version of the World Ode of the Phoenix!?"

Hengkong's eyes widened as excitement flushed his whole body. They only had the first four techniques of the World Ode of the Phoenix, as that Phoenix Soul only possessed those; that alone gave them an edge over every other nation.

Hengkong wanted to shout with excitement and ask Xue'er to pass the art to him, but he closed his mouth. He thought he should ask her in private, not in front of Yun Che.

"The reason why you couldn't fully awaken your phoenix soul was that you didn't have the full version of the World Ode of the Phoenix. This should help you awaken it now."

Yun Che smiled at the bashful girl before he looked above.

"Well, time to take what I came here for." His hand circled around Cang Yue's waist before pulling her into an embrace. "Let's go."

"Big Brother Yun!" Before he could fly, Feng Xue'er called out to him. "Can Xue'er also come?"

"Of course!" Before Yun Che could say anything, Cang Yue's hand blurred and grabbed Xue'er before also pulling her into Yun Che's embrace. "You are going to be my sister in the future anyway, no need to be shy."

"..." Yun Che smiled awkwardly but didn't push away the blushing mess of the innocent girl as she tried to comprehend what was going on. He simply hugged her too and teleported, leaving behind the speechless audience and Hengkong, whose mind wandered into the benefits he would get after becoming Yun Che's father-in-law.

"The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament finishes now. You may all leave the Divine Phoenix Sect grounds." He addressed the audience before looking towards the great elder. "Come with us; we are going to meet our ancestors. They need to be informed about today's matter and the potential marriage of Xue'er with the Realm King."

"Yes…" With a weird expression, the Great Elder looked at the sky before nodding.


{This ark really doesn't belong to this era.} Jasmine observed the ark and commented. {Not only is it releasing an ancient aura usually found on the objects from the Primordial Era, this princess can also feel the distortion of space around it. No ark today can move between space.}

{Well, I did say that you are going to meet the daughter of the Heretic God. Obviously, the ark cannot belong to this era.} Yun Che rolled his gaze slightly, staring at the gigantic ark in front of him. He looked like an ant compared to its size. {As for spatial distortion, that's because a Heavenly Treasure was used in the creation of this ark.}

{World Piercer? This princess hasn't heard about it… It has been lost since the Primordial Era, just like other Heavenly Treasures except for the Eternal Heaven Pearl.}

{Hmm. You just gave me a really good idea, Jasmine.} Jasmine suddenly felt a bad premonition, and she couldn't have been more right the moment she heard Yun Che. {Let's collect all Heavenly Treasures. I am sure it would be quite funny once the people realize I possess all Heavenly Treasures.}

{You will have to announce war against the Eternal Heaven Realm… That's the same as announcing war against the whole Eastern Divine Region.}

{Sounds fun.}


{Come on~! It's not like I've never done this before. You just tip the scale, and it's the same thing.}

{It's not! Also, weren't you a pacifist?}

{Don't worry. I will ask them nicely first, and then beat the shit out of them. It's just trying to make them understand, with words or with violence, both are the same things.}

Jasmine was left speechless and decided to log off for today.

"Woah~! It's so big~!" Feng Xue'er's big eyes blinked innocently as she stared at the gigantic ark whose roof they could not even see. "It already looked so big from below, but now it's even bigger."

"Xue'er, you will awaken the bad side of Brother Yun. Don't talk like that."


"Bad side?" Xue'er tilted her head towards Cang Yue confusedly, her hand holding around Yun Che's neck. Despite the fact that she can fly herself, she seemed to forget it.

"Yes." Cang Yue nodded seriously. "It's like a wolf coming out of the sheep's clothing. Big bad wolf, and it will devour you."

Xue'er's eyes widened in fear and she looked towards Yun Che in panic.

"Will Big Brother Yun eat Xue'er?"

'Focus, focus, focus! You don't look that innocent and say something like that to a person like me, Xue'er!'

"Of course not." Yun Che patted her head causing Xue'er's expression to melt away instantly.

"Humph. That's what he says to lure the innocent maiden every time. I will not fall for it!"


"Ahem. Let's go in. I am sure you girls are interested to see what's inside."


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