Singularity in Primal Chaos [Completed]

Suddenly, he found himself in a completely different world with completely different laws. He realized that he had became a singularity and there was nothing he could not learn. Star God's Broken Shadow? World Ode of the Phoenix? Phoenix Suppression? Illusions? No matter what he saw, he learned. This was Singularity, in name and in purpose! Everything but OC belongs to their respective authors!

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Chapter: 100

Nothing felt more painful than silence, to the people present within the sword arena. It was filled to the brim, despite its gigantic surface, by the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Arena; confusion, bewilderment, horror, and fear prevailed within the hearts of everyone present.

Some knew what was going to happen, while some didn't.

Further within the arena, at the place where once the colossal sword was present, a throne was placed; Canghai sat on it, staring down at everyone with murderous intent.

The aura being released from his body made his thoughts obvious, and the people below were scared to even raise their eyes to look at him.

"These are all the members of the Heavenly Sword Villa present within the grounds of the sect, Senior," the Sect Master of Burning Heaven Clan bowed, followed by the people from Xiao Sect, and continued. "With this, our mission is completed, and we shall take our leave then."

"Why so hurried? Did this granddaddy give permission for you people to leave?" Canghai playfully stared at them and smiled viciously. "Stay. I would feel bad for letting such distinguished people leave without allowing them to have fun."

The expressions of people from Burning Heaven Clan and Xiao Sect changed as sweat trickled down their faces.

"I know!" Canghai smiled. "How about you people kill everyone from the Heavenly Sword Villa, and then this granddaddy will let you leave?"

"That…" Duanhun's expression changed. He gazed manically at Tianni, his neck involuntarily shrinking.

"Enough!" Unable to take any more humiliation, Tianni shouted loudly. "You foul demon! If you want to kill us, then kill us! What will you gain by humiliating us?"

Canghai raised an eyebrow while Tianni turned around and looked at the disciples of the Sword Villa. He shouted valiantly.

"People of Heavenly Sword Villa, do not be afraid! This foul demon might be able to harm us today, but once the events of today reach the Sacred Ground, what place will he have on the Sky Profound Continent? Today, I, Ling Tianni, shall lay down my life to protect even the smallest spark of hope!"

Profound energy burst out of his body in an unstoppable manner. His eyes bloodshot, he looked towards amused Canghai with killing intent and shouted.

"Run! All of you, run! Even if he kills us indiscriminately today, he cannot kill everyone at once! Run and inform the Sacred Grounds about this demon! Only they can save us now!"

He raised his sword and pointed it at Canghai, his expression beaming with self-righteousness.

"Foul demon! Taste my sword—Poof!"


Instant silence descended on the arena, followed by an intense sense of horror and fear. Everyone's eyes widened, their bodies stiffened, as they stared at the headless body of Ling Tianni falling down.

"Thud…" Within the silence, the sound of Ling Tianni's body falling felt like a sharp needle piercing one's ears, startling everyone and causing a chill to run through their bodies.

"So noisy." Canghai cleared his ears using his pinky finger. A look of impatience formed over his face as he looked down at the people and demanded, "Where is that bastard Yuefeng?"

"S-Senior, he is already dead… He died within the secret realm."

"Huh? Hahahaha… Heaven really saved him. If he had fallen into the hands of this granddaddy, I would have made sure he had a worse death possible!"

"Ha… well, whatever. Bring me his family then! The shame and humiliation I have felt over centuries wouldn't extinguish if I didn't kill this Ling bloodline today!"

Even though his hatred for Sacred Ground was greater, he was trapped within the grounds of Heavenly Sword Villa. He clearly remembered the faces of the people who would appear over the demon sealing ceremony. Ling Family was the one that led it, and he wouldn't calm down unless he killed everyone belonging to this family.

Everyone's gaze turned towards the purple-haired woman and two young men standing beside her, all three with horrified expressions.

"Y-I will not let you touch my kids!" Yufeng gathered all her courage and shouted, shielding Ling Yun and Ling Jie, both with fear apparent on their faces.

"And how would you do that?" Canghai laughed, further intensifying the fear Yufeng felt from him.

Determination flashed within her eyes, and her expression solidified. She looked at Canghai with a fierce expression and shouted loudly.

"Even if I have to give my life today, I will not let you touch my kids!"

"Mother…" Ling Yun closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He walked forward and pushed Yufeng behind him. "I will buy some time… please flee with Jie'er."

"No!" Yufeng instantly replied. "I will buy time, you flee with him. Go towards Mighty Sword Region and look for your grandpa. He will help you stay within the Sacred Ground."

Ling Yun closed his eyes and replied firmly.

"Father is already dead… I don't want to lose my mother too! Please… leave with Jie'er."


"Wait! You guys run, I will fight him!" The sudden shout stunned everyone. They all turned their heads and saw a black-haired youth standing in front of the family of three heroically. Everyone stared at him in bewilderment, wondering if he had some death wish of sorts.

"Yun Che?" Yufeng's eyes widened, not understanding why he would do this.

Yun Che had a small gentle smile on his face as he turned around and stared into Yufeng's eyes.

"Did I not say…" He softly chuckled, displaying slight melancholy within his tone and expression. "I would never betray you."


"Leave!" He abruptly turned around, displaying his back to Yufeng and said loudly. "I shall pave the path for you. Do not look back, and keep running! If I come out alive from this today…"

Yufeng suddenly felt her heart clenching, and her eyes turned red. She stared at Yun Che's lonely back and closed her eyes tightly.

'I thought he was after my body, but to think he loved me this much… to lay his life for me, how can I betray him now and run away?'

"Princess, what happened?" Wushang looked at Cang Yue and saw tears in her eyes, which she tightly closed and softly muttered.


'I cannot bear this anymore… This is just painful… the acting and everything else, my skin is itchy just seeing this! Brother Yun, please finish this fast.'

Wushuang stared at Cang Yue worriedly before he turned his gaze towards Yun Che. He thought the reason why Cang Yue looked this painful must be because she was worried about Yun Che.

'But even if I want to do something, running away from this demon… it seems impossible… unless a miracle happens.'

"I-I will also stay back and fight with you! Yun'er, Jie'er, both of you should ran away!"

Ling Yun and Ling Jie, both looked at the back of their mother as she walked and stood beside Yun Che with utter bewilderment and confusion.

Yufeng defended them, and they understood. But Yun Che laid his life for them? It did not make sense to them. In fact, it did not make sense to anyone present within the sword arena.

Why would Yun Che, a complete stranger, want to give up his life for Yufeng and her sons? This confused them until something sparked within their minds and all of them looked at the duo with ambiguous gaze.

"Fuck! Not only did he have princess and Fairy Xia, he even aimed for the second most beautiful woman of the Blue Wind Empire? What a legend!"


Ling Yun and Ling Jie's expressions changed and turned ugly. Even though they did not want to believe it, seeing their mother and Yun Che standing side by side, they knew there was some truth in it.

"Yufeng you…" meanwhile, Yun Che completely ignored the people around him and looked at Yufeng with a surprised gaze. "Did I not tell you to run away while I will protect you? Why stay and die with me? You should know, there is no close relationship between us."

"... Do you take me for a selfish woman? You are willing to give up your life for me, how can I be selfish enough to leave you now!"


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