57 57: The True Nature Of Corey

"What do you mean by my body is limiting my talent?"

Corey hearing the words of the old man asked with a confused expression on his face.

"What I mean is that your body is too weak to unleash the full potential of your talent. Do you know the exact reason your intelligence attribute doesn't increase after it reaches a particular number?"

Corey furrowed his brows for a second then he spoke:

"Isn't it because my intelligence stat has reached the limit for my tier? The Universal System told me that 500 is the highest limit for us humans."

The old man shook his head slightly and rested his back on the wooden chair, a comfortable expression appeared on his face for an instant.

"The Universal System is right but it's not telling you the exact reason. I'm not going to delve into the reasons or we'll spend forever here, so I'll use you as an example.

The main reason your intelligence stagnates after it reaches a particular number is because if it continues to increase, you will eventually die. Your body would not be strong enough to withstand the mental energy your mind produces.

If you were born as one of the top races in the universe, first, your limit would be much higher than it currently is and also, your intelligence stat would not be so limited.

Also, due to your weak body, the amount of mana your body can contain is limited. Your talent which grants you a lot of intelligence allows you to perceive mana much easier than a normal human would.

Right now, I want to make your body stronger. I want to break the limit your body has and make your future limit much higher than the limit of a normal human."

The entire hut became silent after the old man spoke, Corey had a thoughtful expression as he looked at his hand. He clenched and unclenched it a few times then he looked at the old man.

"When do we start?"

He asked with a calm expression on his face and the old man smirked.

"Follow me."

The old man got up from his chair and went into the only other room that was in the hut apart from the room they were in.

Corey got up from his chair and followed the old man.

As soon as he entered the room, a stunned expression appeared on his face when he saw the inside of the room.

The room which was meant to be small was currently as large as the bedroom of a mighty king. It had numerous shelves filled with books, vials, boxes, weapons and a lot of other things.

It was like he entered into a new world.

"How-?" He was about to ask but,

"Spatial expansion." The old man replied indifferently before he could even finish his sentence.

Corey decided not to ask any further questions knowing it was something that was out of his league.

He looked at the old man who walked to the center of the room where a grey cauldron was located.

"You'll need to wait for some time, I need to concoct the potion that will remove the limit on your body."

The old man said then without waiting for Corey's reply, he sat cross-legged in front of the cauldron and a flame appeared beneath it.

Corey seeing the old man concoct looked around for a place to sit.

Although he was curious about everything in this room, it was not his room and the old man did not give him permission to start touching or observing anything.

Corey found a chair in the room then sat down.

His eyes looked at the old man for a few seconds before he turned to the shelves, slowly, the conversation with the old man resurfaced in his mind causing Corey to be lost in thoughts.

To be sincere, Corey did not feel too good about how things were evolving so fast after he met the old man.

Sure he was going to become more powerful and he wanted power but he felt like he was been dragged into something big, something huge, something that could affect the entire universe.

When he said he wanted power, he mainly wanted it so as to be able to go home and protect his family.

Although the power the old man wants to grant him was something a lot of people craved for, Corey did not crave for it so much.

Just a few weeks ago, Corey was a normal teenage boy with school problems. Corey's mind was always on how to have a good future for himself, how to make money, how to not be a failure in life.

Corey never had grand ambitions like ruling the world, gaining power or even been somebody important in the future.

Before the apocalypse, he just wanted to have a life where he could provide food and shelter for himself, his current family and his future family.

Corey right now, only wanted to live and survive, he wanted to live and survive with his sister, mom and dad.

Making enemies of extremely powerful people?

Corey never had that in mind.

Corey did not even want to make any enemy if possible since he knew it would put him and those he cared about in danger.

If possible, Corey would not want to take the Paragon's Ancestor's blood since it would eventually put him in the spotlight.

Corey did not particularly hate been in the spotlight, it's just that never in his life had he been in the spotlight.

He was always the type of person that just existed. He did not even know what been in the spotlight felt like.

He had friends but even among his friends, he was more like the person you would occasionally forget, he was more like the less 'valuable' person in the group.

This was also one of the reasons Kyle's betrayal did not hurt him as much it should hurt a true friend.

It was also one of the reasons he was able to bounce back quickly after hearing about his other friends deaths from Kyle.

It was not that Corey didn't care about his friends, it was just that the feelings he had for them was… just there… If they were in trouble, he would save them but if it would put him in arms way, he would absolutely not save them.

Most that know Corey don't know that Corey had something deep inside him which even he was scared of, it was something he made sure to try and eradicate but it was always there.

Corey, deep inside was an extremely apathetic person.

Corey is so apathetic to the point that there was a day he asked himself a question, a very important question.

If his mom, dad and sister died one day.

Would he cry?

Would he be sad?

The answer he got when he asked himself those questions scared Corey that day and made him feel like he was a monster, a monster with no emotions.

He realized that he truly wouldn't care if his family died. He wouldn't shed a tear nor would he be sad or depressed.

After he realized the emotionless monster he truly was, he decided to change no matter what.

He didn't want to be an emotionless person who didn't even care about the people who loved him.

Where was the joy in living if he became an emotionless person. What would he gain?

After that day, Corey forced himself to laugh more, joke around more, interact more and be interested in things. He tried to care about the people around him more and he even tried to love.

It was not easy at first but after a year or so of constant trying, he was beginning to change and the apathetic monster in him was slowly getting eradicated.

He began to care for his family and he began to care for his sister the most.

His playful sister was the main person who constantly made him smile and laugh before he started struggling with his exams.

She was the one who was the light that was slowly destroying the monster in him.

But just as the monster in him was getting destroyed, he started having problems with his exams and worse, the apocalypse happened.

Corey felt nothing whenever he saw the corpses of other students, teachers and workers in the academy.

In fact, if Kyle did not encounter Corey, Corey would probably never look for him or any of his other friends.


He truly didn't care that much

When Corey realized this, he knew that the monster in him was coming back to life and it worried him deeply.

Why was Corey constantly doing stupid things?

Why was he constantly shouting?

Why did he always have immature thoughts?

Why was he always behaving immature?

It was all because he was afraid that if he became a serious person, he would become the monster in him much faster than before.

Who is Corey?

Corey is a human wearing a fake mask over his true self.

He is a human who behaves like somebody he's not.

That's the current Corey and that's the Corey, Corey would rather become than him becoming an emotionless monster.

This was also one of the reasons he felt uncomfortable been dragged into all the mess between Paragons and Supremes.

He knew it was going to be dangerous and he knew that if it was dangerous, there was a chance it could harm his family.

And if any harm came upon his family...He didn't know what would happen to him.

Although he was uncomfortable getting into the conflict between the Supremes and the Paragons, he also knew that to keep his family safe, he would need to become extremely strong and the blood of the ancestor of the Paragons could grant him that strength.

He just hoped... that he wouldn't regret it.

"Hey brat, snap out of your daydreaming and come here. It's time you become stronger."

Corey snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the old man who was holding a vial containing a red liquid.

Pa Pa

"Snap out of it Corey. Everything's fine right now. Enjoy the present and worry about the future later."

After whispering to himself while also slapping himself to snap himself out of his depressing thoughts, he walked to the old man, ready to become stronger.

Unknowingly to Corey, this step was his rise to becoming The Omniscient Paragon.


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