42 42: Cockroach

As Corey ran, the brothers were brought out of their shocked state and Mat cursed.

"Shit! He's running again!

He must not escape!"

Mat chased after Corey and Mac also followed, overtaking Mat immediately.

Despite the fact that the brothers were the chasers, they were feeling slight fear and anxiety because they were chasing a monster that just refused to die no matter what they did.

They just not imagine how Corey survived a crash of that magnitude even if he was stronger than an average human.

Just the thought of Corey been immortal made a chill run through their spines.

If Corey could listen to their thoughts, he would definitely find it amusing and he would also be envious.

If Corey was immortal, there was no way he would be in the situation he was currently in.

He would have killed the brothers and also the cursed chimera even if he had to sacrifice parts of his body.

As for how he survived the crash?

When the car was close to him and he realized he had no way to dodge, he quickly used the only defensive skill he had, iron skin and braced himself for impact.

The iron skin obviously could not fully protect him but at least it preserved his life.

His body was obviously in a lot of pain but how many times has his body been wrecked, destroyed and broken down beyond recovery in the virtual space of The Library Of Records.

It was painful, yes.

In fact, very painful, but Corey could not allow himself to lose consciousness because of the pain.

He did not want to die yet, especially when he has not seen his family.

Especially after all he had gone through.

He refused to die, especially at the hands of bastards like the duo behind him and Kyle.

With cold eyes and determination, Corey forced his bloodied and pain filled body to run.

To run and live.

Corey looked around as he ran, then he saw an alley to his right and his eyes flashed. He abruptly turned to the right causing the brother's faces to darken slightly.

Mac who was the closest to Corey sped up immediately then turned to the alley also, but the moment he did, a frustrated expression appeared on his face.

Three seconds later, Mat also turned to the alley and when he saw his brother looking around, his face also darkened.

"The bastard escaped again didn't he?"

Although he was not the smartest, he was not stupid. Seeing his brother looking around while Corey was nowhere to be found made him realize the frustrating fact that Corey had escaped from their sight.


What kind of magic trick was this!

Mat thought frustratingly as he walked up to Mac.

"Do you have an idea where he might be?" Mat asked Mac and also looked around but the more he looked, the more frustrated he became.

There was nothing but two garbage bins in the alley. There was nothing else somebody could use to hide.

"Destroy those garbage bins. I didn't check the garbage bins in case he's trying to hide and sneak attack me."

Mac gestured to the garbage bins and Mat frowned as he looked at them.

"Stay behind me." Mat warned and Mac's body swayed before it disappeared and reappeared five meters behind Mat.

Mat seeing that his brother was far enough brought his giant sword from his inventory and held it with two hands.

A red aura appeared on his great sword and the air around it became violent.

"Berserk Slash!"

Mat roared then slashed out horizontally, releasing a horizontal crimson light that was so wide that it cut into the walls of the buildings of the alley.

The crimson light kept on moving forward for at least ten meters before it disappeared, cutting everything that was in it's path.

"He's not here."

Mat had a frown on his face as he looked at the fallen halves of the garbage bins which was devoid of a Corey.

Mac walked up to Mat and also had a frown on his face. He looked around, wondering if he missed anything but he could not find a place where Corey could have disappeared to.


Mac looked up and there he saw a window on both buildings of the alley. A smile appeared on his face.


Just as he was about to speak, he paused and a strange expression appeared on his face. His eyes moved away from the window and looked up in the sky.

"What happened? Do you know where he is?" Mat noticing his brother's strange state also looked up in the sky and a strange expression appeared on his face also.

Three seconds later, Mac exhaled then spoke quietly, for only Mat to hear.

"Leader said we should leave."

Mat instantly complied and turned around with Mac, leaving the alley.

Meanwhile Corey who was watching the duo leave from the window of the left building had a confused expression.

He looked at the sky from the window but he could not see a thing nor could he hear what the Mac told Mat.

"The hell is going on?" Corey muttered then sighed as his body slumped against the wall tiredly.

He took in deep breaths and then closed his eyes.

'I want to sleep.'

Corey thought then opened his eyes and looked at the door of the room he was in.

He doesn't know what the plans of the brothers were but he knew that if they dared to enter the room through the door, one of them would definitely be sent to the afterlife.

Meanwhile up in the air, a man wearing all black clothes and shoes stood calmly while gazing down at the building Corey was in with an annoyed gaze.

"You step on a cockroach, it comes back to life

You smash a cockroach with something heavy, it can still come back to life

The only way to kill a cockroach, is to burn it down, then tear it into pieces."

Kyle muttered then opened up his palm, a small tornado of fire hovered above his hand slowly growing bigger by the second.

Three seconds later, Kyle then turned his hands upside down, letting the tornado of fire fall unto the building Corey was in.

Looking at the tornado of fire dropping at the location of his past friend with cold eyes, he spoke.



The wind became turbulent and within the three seconds, the fire tornado expanded and engulfed the building Corey was in.

But the moment it did,


A figure jumped out of the window of the building trying to reach the other building.

Kyle seeing the figure had a small smile.

"A cockroach indeed."

"That's why you must cut it up into pieces to make sure it doesn't survive."

Kyle muttered and looked as the figure climbed to the roof of the building and started running on the roof.


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