132 131: Bluff


The Guardian of the evolution center who was sitting on the floor with his eyes closed, opened his eyes and looked at the opening doors of the evolution center with raised brows.

He stood and with his arms crossed, he waited.

A few seconds later, he felt his body tremble for a picosecond as he saw an unknown man walk out of the evolution center with a calm gaze.

The Guardian had a deep frown when he saw this unknown man. His posture changed slightly and with a cold tone, he spoke:

"Who are you and how did you enter the evolution center without me knowing?"

Corey tilted his head slightly and his brows were raised in confusion for a second before he remembered that his physique and even his face had changed.

He was no longer the slightly short, slim and average looking kid.

He was taller, bigger and had an extremely handsome face. Even his voice had changed slightly, becoming a little bit deeper.


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