51 chapter 51

Today Lucas would sail to Logue town where Captain Smoker's base is . then from there, he would be taken to the grand line and from there to the marine HQ, Then he would register and enroll in the elite camp.

Lucas had bid farewell to his girls, starting from Syrup village, the three girls, Kaya, Nami and Nojiko.

This time, before leaving, Lucas wasn't worried at all from anything to happens between the girls when he isn't around, maybe at worse some argument.

Apparently, because of Lucas diplomacy. They are very close to sharing many things, their relationship is more than just friendship. Now they can help each other with their emptiness when Lucas isn't here.

Lucas had a good foursome with all of them before bidding farewell. After hearing he would be joining the Marines, all of them were sad that he won't be around, after all, they are addicted to his touches, mouth, and D.

they decided to join the navy when they have the chance, especially Nami and Nojiko since their mother was in the navy and their lover is there, maybe work under him one day. Well, after training with karate things and super speed footwork, they can be considered very strong in east blue and can have a very bright future in front of them. Nami and Kaya already finished the first part of Karate and they are now helping Nojiko who trying to catch up.

After that, Lucas went to the Babarogi Kingdom to bid farewell to Lilia and Calorina with the last wild night.

When Leaving this time. Lilia didn't cry like the last time but could endure it.

After this month, she became a marine petty officer, she promoted quickly after Lucas increased and unlocked her potentials.

As a swordmaster. She can become an officer in the first half grand line and even a captain if she has enough achievements, after all, swordmasters were very strong existence that can cut steel.

With sword master level, she could join the camps in the grand line, however, Calorina refused to help her with recommendation letters making all of the excuses. She can't stay here alone protecting her family. Especially after she tasted the pleasure.

The sunset time.

Standing on the beach, Both of the girls were waving their hands at Lucas while hugging each other. Some hidden tears could be seen falling from their eyes.

"Don't take long "

" Graduate quickly "

" Bye".

Lucas was lying down inside the cabin, he felt warmth during this time with them. It was a very comfortable life to live with them.

But now, it is the time to get serious, his Holiday is over.

Lucas asked Lucci to slow down a bit so he can sleep. The cow sea monster nodded happily, whenever swimming, the smile didn't leave her big mouth.

being Lucas's pet was a hundred times better than being with Arlong. At least she can get pats on her nose that were beyond imagination, the same goes for food. Lucas was the best master.

Lucas slept. Even though It was hard a bit, especially without a woman. The dancing waves of the sea helped him to sleep.

And so, the night passed and the morning came.

Lucas woke up, the got out of the cabin. Sat above the sail and observed the endless blue water surrounding him. " Lucci, can you hurry up a bit"

"Moo" The giant 300 meters cow nodded and started to move faster.

After some hours.

"Lucci, stop" Lucas's eyes spotted something on one of the islands he saw in his way, Lucci's speed didn't affect his vision so he got a good image of what he saw.

He got stunned, but before he could confirm what his eyes saw, Lucci passed by that island.

"Lucci goes back slowly," Lucas asked and the sea monster did as he told her. When he was 59 meters away from that island, he said: "Stop here".

Lucas jumped and ran above the water. He quickly reached that island's beach.

The island was small, only between 1-2 kilometers in diameter, surrounding the island was a small beach, as for the center, it was a flat land with trees and a big inactive volcano in the center.

Not so far from Lucas, only about 30 meters, there were 3 persons sitting on the beach, two men and one woman.

The woman was someone Lucas can tell that he doesn't know her. She looked tall with short brown hair, with a beautiful face and big breasts. She was wearing only a short skirt that shown some tall perfect sexy legs and thighs. And a vest that showed her belly and some of her rounded ass.

But Lucas's eyes weren't on her, but what really attracted his eyes were the two men, to be exact, a black haired teen and a green-haired man with three swords with him.

The teen was a black-haired man with a scar down his eye. He was wearing a red shirt, short pants. He was thin, with a height of 172 cm (he isn't tiny as we think), the most notable thing about him was his straw hat that was tied to his neck. Obviously, he was the main manga of one piece.

The other was the swordsman with a white shirt, black pants, green short hair, three swords hanging on his waist. One of the main characters of this show as well. Zoro.

" Luffy and Zoro and some woman" Lucas eyes swept across them. Those two found themselves, also, there was an additional member that didn't appear in the show.

Usopp doesn't seem to be their friend anymore after Lucas helped him to sail to the sea.

Obviously, Lucas's actions have made many changes to this timeline. And obviously, the straw hats aren't the same.

But does Lucas care about the show, their story, and fates? No, he doesn't care. He only cares about himself and his goals.

It was fun when it was fiction, but when this world is a place where he can have a tomb. Things are taken from a more realistic point of view.

To him, Luffy was good when he was a fictional character that was meant for comedy and thrilling fight scenes, Even though he was too stupid some times. Stupid to the degree that some people kidnap a girl in front of him, he could save her all of the time if he just used his second gear or his Haki to knock his enemies in the way, yet, he just dashed with his normal form making the show lasts for many chapters and the girl gets kidnapped.

If Lucas ever had a friend like Luffy, then he would do what any person with enough common sense would do, which is to take him to a clinic where he would get some help.

" I wonder where is Usopp and what is he doing"

Lucas looked to the three, eating and laughing, his eye of the bounty didn't show any bounty on them. So obviously they just started their journey and didn't officially become pirates.

Lucas thought of something and smiled ' Monkey D Luffy. Dreaming of becoming the king of the pirates. Even though he doesn't know what pirate is, neither what the pirate king means.

Even with his growth rate, there is no way he would match me even if he trained for two years. But he may become very troublesome. But he doesn't even worth XP now.

Since he is at the start of his journey. I should help him. And I may gain his grandfather's good side'

Lucas's smile became wider. He decided to do what anyone that read one piece only to enjoy the fight scenes, which is to help Luffy, by not letting him be misguided.

Lucas took a snail out of his storage and called someone. Obviously, he has to call someone with enough power to do the thing he needs. And that one was obviously Calorina, a marine captain.

In the Babarogi Kingdom, while Calorina and Lilia were kissing in the office, the snail on the office started to ring.

Lucas's voice sounded. "Calorina, emergency, don't waste any time".

Hearing Lucas sound, Calorina felt fear and thought that he may be in deep troubles, the same for Lilia, it hasn't been even a full day when he left.

"Lucas what happened. Tell me where you are and I'll come right now "

The girls held their hearts and started to panic. The thought of something happens to him made them unable to control themselves.

"I'm not in trouble, I'm but it is an emergency, a real one "

"Phew, as long as you are fine is what I care about. Anyway What is your emergency "

Calorina and Lilia calmed down.

"I need you to call to the vice-admiral Garp now, it can't be delayed "

"Why do you need me to call uncle Garp" Calorina frowned, Garp is very important to man in the marine and he can't be disturbed.

"Tell him that I saw his grandson, and he is about to become a pirate "

"What, but how can his grandson be like this, I mean, because of him I became a marine. Are you really serious" Calorina, when she was 12 years old and Lucas was 2-3 years old. Calorina got kidnapped by some pirates, Luckily, Garp was near at that time and saved her. And from then, she decided to join the navy.

"I'm dead serious, his grandson is a good person, but he has some mental issues and slow head so he didn't get his grandpa teachings.

We should try to save the reputation of the marine, what would people think when the marine hero has some pirate grandson "

"Okay, mm, you are right, this can't be delayed" Calorina sighed, If Lucas is saying the truth, then this is no small deal.

"By the way, say Hi to Lilia for me "

"I LOVE YOU LUCAS" Lilia who was next Calorina said.

"I Love you too, I'll call you later, I have things to do "

"Okay, Don't take long to call me"...


Lucas put the snail back to his storage and made a large smirk. " I've always wanted to see what would happen if Garp met Luffy in east blue before becoming pirate "

Garp couldn't do anything about Luffy when he got his bounty and became a famous pirate. But if Luffy has yet to get his bounty, then Garp won't hesitate to everything he can to stop his grandson.


Somewhere in the grand line. In a warship.

An Old man in white clothes, with a height of 2.8 meters, grey short hair and beard, wearing a dog mask, was currently shaking while holding a snail in his hand.

People know him as a legendary hero. The one marine who could fight toe to toe with the pirate king himself.

"Luffy, You brat, after all, what I have done to train and you still want to become a pirate"

"Mister Garp is there anything," a marine soldier said.

"Damn it, sail to the east blue as fast as I can, I will push the ship my self, " Garp said, he needs to reach east blue as fast as possible. Luckily the marines have a way to the fastest route through the Calm belt.

"Luffy, I won't allow you to be a pirate, you will join the marine either you like it or not, Gwahahaha"

(A direct way to the grand line, but most of the pirates avoid it because it is the nest of sea kings

According to the wiki. Sea kings are monsters with an average length of 5000 meters, sometimes smaller or bigger).


Back to Lucas, Lucas put the snail down and was preparing to leave.

However, obviously, the people on the island noticed him. And the one with the green hair gave him a special gaze. "HEY YOU, I know who you are"

"who is that," the brown-haired woman asked, her breasts jumped up. Obviously, Luffy's luck with women is still the same. picking up hot girls for his crew as always.

"Ooh, Look, there is a cow there, sure it has a lot of meat" Luffy gave a glance to Lucas, then he looked to Lucci and he started drooling.

Zoro was known by the strongest bounty hunter in the east blue. But because of Lucas's actions. The title was taken away from him, and some rumors said that Lucas may be a better swordsman then Zoro.

Zoro's dream is to be the strongest swordsman. And when he heard about Lucas, he had the urge to challenge him, after all, swordsmen instincts always guide them to cross their swords.

Lucas frowned, he just did his job and wanted to leave, why Zoro is stopping him, even though the guy was cool and manly. He didn't want to interact with him starting from now. Currently, Lucas is too strong that Zoro now can't give him a decent XP. Lucas turned to Zoro who was approaching by:" You are thinking about the wrong person"

"No, you are Fernando Lucas "

Zoro's eyes were full of fighting spirit, his hand was on his sword and his gaze was fixed on Lucas who was a bit shorter than him. " I challenge you to swords fight"

"I'm busy, so maybe later," Lucas said as he waved his hand.

Zoro frowned, he can't be the only excited one. If he wants a fight then he would get it. Zoro took his bandana that was hanging on his arm, then he put it around his head:" It won't take a minute of your time. I will just finish you off before you even feel it"

Lucas now frowned and turned to Zoro, this guy has always some cool thing to say:" Right. It won't take even one minute"

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