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Later that day, as the sunlight was slowly being replaced by the moonlight. A light-blue-haired girl was walking to the orange farm with a huge sack full of money.

Earlier that day.

As the inhabitants of this island heard about the fishmen pirates' fall. All of the people from the 19 villages across this island came to witness with their eyes.

After the Marine's warship left, everyone turned to see the money pile with a mark of 10 billion berries. Everyone felt like being stroke with lightning. Some started to develop some ideas. However, everyone was a family here and aware that freedom and life are worth more than money. For many years they paid a huge amount of money just to stay alive. So the money now to them doesn't look the same as the past.

(There was a social experiment in real-life: one was lost and hungry. But no one helped him in the wealthy streets, In the country, a homeless man shared the only few foods he has with him.

The experiment was repeated many times in different cultures yet the results are the same. Basically, the conclusion, people with the same experiments would have some kind of connection between them.)

And to those villagers, after suffering for more than ten years, what they wanted is some peace. The money won't bring the people that Arlong killed neither their lost youth. Otherwise, everyone would try to steal the money that Nami tried to collect from her childhood and wouldn't pretend to hate her so she can escape with no regrets.

"Keep calm everyone "The Mayor of the current village stepped inside and yelled.

The mayor of this village was a respected person who everyone in the 20 villages listens to him and respect. All of them regarded him as a leader since ever he started to buy weapons to strike back against the fishmen. Just because of the low budget things were going slow. So, he held a leadership position in their heart.

The mayor of this village decided to split the money equally to the families. In the end, all of them agreed. However, after thinking for a moment, they realized it is not the marines that gave the money back, but some new stranger who killed some fishmen with a spoon and obviously he was the one who brought the marines.

Everyone agreed to give him a tribute, and since Nojiko knew where he is staying, they gave her a one billion berry to carry to him, after that the villagers got 3-4 million berries back. Everyone wanted to see Lucas but maybe he is tired or injured from his fight and needs some rest. Maybe this why he didn't show himself.

"Sigh. Nami probably would suck him dry " Nojiko thought in herself while holding the money bag. She opened the door house and entered, then she put the money in the middle.

"Nami and her lover, come here, there is money waiting for you" Nojiko yelled, but no response. She crossed her arms wrapping her chest 'if Nami was here she would teleport as soon as she hears the word money '


Suddenly she heard loud moans coming from the next room. That was Nami's voice, why is she screaming.

Nojiko got worried, she looked around and picked a drink bottle that was on the table. She walked like a silent cat toward the room where the noises are coming from. She patted her hand on the door and started pushing it slowly ready to attack.

"Ahh, Yesss"

On the floor, Lucas was lying on his back while Nami was above him in the cowgirl position. Lucas's hands were holding her waist while his hips were moving. As for Nami, she moving up and down while his cock was sliding in and out.

*Pa* * Pa*

Nami had a satisfied face feeling his D deep inside. whenever Lucas gets balls deep, her ass would make a slapping sound.

"I'm Cumming " Nami yelled as she bent down and kissed Lucas on the lips.

Nojiko saw this and dazed, for a moment, the picture of Lucas's ball and dick entering and getting out of Nami's pussy has been carved in her mind.

'what the heck did I see ' Nojiko took a step back and turned her head, she breathed heavily and blushed. That Nami had grown up to such a degree. And how dare she to lose her virginity before her. And why does that teen has such a big tool, she wondered how could Nami take it inside.

"I should get angry at them, they should watch themselves " Nojiko was going to step inside and yell at them, but she stopped upon seeing the next.

Lucas lifted Nami and switched the positions, she was on her four, and Lucas was from behind. He used his hands and teased her rounded ass while squeezing it some times and Nami was moaning while having an orgasm, Lucas then stopped, placed both of his hands on her hips, then he put his cock inside and started pushing.

All of Lucas wanted was to achieve a calm mind before going to the grand line.

Nojiko, seeing the process, and how her sister is enjoying the process, she felt her pussy getting wet already from the heat of the scene. She slowly put her hand inside her vagina and softly started rubbing.

While looking at the natural process, on finger was teasing her clit and the other two fingers entered inside.

Things started to get wet and unusual feelings of pleasure hit her like electricity. Her consciousness wanted to stop her but it was too weak against the flames of the pleasure that has awake. She started moaning softly. After a few minutes, she put three fingers and kept rubbing until she came.

As soon she finished, she turned her head and went away leaving Lucas and Nami finishing what they are doing.

The morning. About 11:00.

Lucas and Nami woke up, dressed, then they went to the main room in the house.

"Lucas, I'm hungry, " Nami said as her eyes lit up, Lucas has the best skills of cooking and his food is always good. When they were on the ship, she always looked for the food's time.

"Is there anything particular you want for the lunch " Lucas checked his storage. Most of the food he has there is the meat of a sea monster. As for the rest of the ingredients are lacking. Seems he need to shop again.

"anything would be good, " Nami said.

"I'll use the kitchen then," Lucas said as he walked to the kitchen. As he left, Nami saw a bag of money in the center so she went to check it since it has a smell that she knows very well.

Lucas entered the kitchen and saw that he wasn't the only one here.

Lucas saw Nojiko cutting some fruits with the orange trying to make something sweet. While her mind was in a daze, he gave her big ass a quick glance, it was a glance to admire the beauty, before walking:" Ahem, Sister in law, can I use the kitchen"

Nojiko's heart almost jumped from surprise, she didn't expect that someone would enter on her while she is trying to clear her thoughts. Luckily her skin is tanned so her blush didn't appear. "*Cough*... NO… You should go back... Hey are you listening "

"yes, can you bring me those plates, they're next to you" Lucas didn't know what she said and kept looking for the ingredients in the kitchen and the tools.

"Mm," Nojiko didn't expect that she would lower her head and pass the plates to him.

She took a deep breath and decided in her thoughts that she will ignore the last night's events and act like there was nothing happened.

Lucas then ignored her and went to the other side to prepare a thing. His heart at this moment is pure and calm since he found a way to reach inner peace. All of what he wanted is to prepare some food with the system, but since she was here he had to use the traditional way.

*Silence *

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