37 chapter 37

After taking the girl's virginity away and handing the pirates to the marines, Nami demanded some extra millions for the fact that Lucas took advantage of her, she wasn't that serious, she wanted to scare him a bit and see if he will pay the child support. Surprisingly, he just smiled and gave her what she asked for, which explained why she didn't find money on him despite his job and strength, it seems that he doesn't care about the money and he is more likely to hunt the pirates for some reason.

Little did she know that he keeps a large wealth inside his storage where no one in this world but himself can access to it. Besides, he already has a wealthy girl.

Now, both Lucas and Nami were on the ship. Nami could walk again and her legs got better, her face is still stunning like a girl who had a good night. Nami was looking at the sea and think about something.

Lucas came and interrupted her thoughts trail " Nami, what are you thinking of"

"Ah, nothing... " Nami said as she looked at him and smiled gently, just know, for the first time in her life, she felt that she was free from her burden and knew that life still has the pleasure to offer, and that was because of the one in front of her. Maybe after getting her village back, she may get some happy life, doesn't sound like a bad ending for a girl who suffered since she was a child: "Anyway, where do you want to go next "

"the blue mark on the map," Lucas said, Nami already had the map next to her.

When she heard him, her heart couldn't help but beat loudly. That was the location of the island where her village is, where the fish-men pirates exist.

In her eyes, the fish-men are terrifying existence, years ago, they invaded her village, they were very strong and the humans weren't their match. The fish-men enslaved everyone in her village and forced them to pay a fee of 100.000 berries for adult and 50.000 for a child, this was the amount of money that forced everyone to take out their retirement saves, do extra work stop themselves from eating and spending a few berries. Those who didn't pay were killed, one of them was her mother.

Not only so, some years ago, but there was also a village next to her village, one family couldn't pay the tribute, just because one family didn't pay, the whole village was annihilated and its people were killed.

"a-are y-you sure," Nami asked while her heart is beating so fast, in her head she hoped that he would say no, Upon birth, fish-men are ten times stronger than a regular human, and their leaders have exceptional strength even among their kind. She believed that no human is capable to defeat them, especially their leader Arlong and his minions. Lucas would have no chance against him.

"yes, Arlong is the next on my list "

"you know, I heard he is very strong, you shouldn't risk because of the greed," Nami said trying to convince him.

"hehe, you know, fishes are meant to be eaten, " Lucas said mockingly, he knows about her past and all, and know that at this point she believes that fishes are invincible, but she needs to relax

"Do you know how strong they are, especially their leader " Nami yelled.

"I know how strong I'm," Lucas said, he doesn't how much Arlong is strong compared to him physically, but he knows that even if Arlong has stronger body (he was op the first time he was introduced) Lucas is a sword master who can cut steel, he has a boost that can boost his physical strength three folds slow the time and multiply his reaction speed and senses by the same numbers. Along with all the skills he has in his arsenal. Let's not forget that he can do 10,000 push-ups standing on his fingers while having 2,5 tons on his feet and he has super speed that surpasses Kuro's by folds.

Basically, Lucas believes in himself, as long as he doesn't get cocky or lower his guard, then victory is his.

"you are acting a bit strange, Do you know them " Lucas pretended to be suspicious as he asked her.

"NO. YOU ARE TOO MUCH" Nami suddenly yelled, she turned her back to Lucas so he can't see her tears, then she walked to the wheel while thinking of a way to not let Lucas throw his life. "I'll take you there, 10 million berries "

"whatever, you are acting bit strangely " Lucas shook his head, he knows about her intent and all, he knows how she thinks and how that Nami won't take him to that place, but he has a plan to make her help him.

Lucas went to the corner and lied down: "I'll give you some space". Lucas closed his eyes.

After two hours, the sunset, the sky turned red along with the sea.

Lucas saw that Nami calmed down, he went to her and pat her arm: "still angry ".

"humph " Nami harrumphed, she wanted to smack his head, but she held that desire and said:" you dared to accuse me".

Lucas sighed, if she is angry, then, in this case, the old trick would do it, he put his hand on her ass and used that massage hand with its true potential.

"Ahh" Nami started to feel that her vagina getting wet, her mind sensed a high pleasure coming from her ass hole and pussy, she moaned with a red face as she entered the orgasm.

"well, it's not that, you said that you steal from pirates, so, I thought that you may know them," Lucas said while smirking,

"really... Ahh" Nami said while orgasm, Lucas is evil to use this way, but it made her negative emotions vanishes as the hands were drugs that brings her to another world, she turned her head and kissed him with the thirst that can never be full.

"you don't look angry anymore," Lucas said as he pulled his hand back and took two steps back.

"Hey, come here," Nami said as she saw him pulling himself back, you can't do this when you made horny.

"I don't have enough money," Lucas said with a teasing tone, he can't let her demand money each time she sleeps with him.

"I can give you a discount, " Nami said as she jumped on him, Lucas opened his arm and lied on the ground, Now Nami was on Top and sitting on his D, Lucas used his hands and massaged her breasts. Nami turned and kissed him. For the next hours, both of them had fun, then they went to bed.

The Late nigh.

From the cabin, Nami opened her eyes and looked at Lucas who was sleeping, she gave him a silent kiss on the cheek "I'm sorry ".

Nami used her skill as a thief and walked out slowly, she went to the basement where Lucas threw the berries he got from the marine, she still needs some couple of millions to free her village, so she took them, besides, she can't stay and guide Lucas to his own grave.

Nami went where she stored her money and put everything inside a huge bag. She lifted her bag silently and sneaked out of the basement, she controlled her steps to not make any sound.

" Huh" As Nami wad walking to a near boat, she noticed a shadow crossed her path as if it was waiting for her. It was Lucas standing to cross his arms and looking to Nami's eyes.

"it is not what you think" Nami lowered her eyes, she was in an exposed position, the huge bag on her back explains everything. Nami couldn't even look to his eyes directly

Lucas didn't answer, but instead took his sword and waved, the bag on Nami's back got cut. Stacks of berries' papers and a lot of gold fell to the deck.

"I'm sorry," Nami said, she has no explaining to him, she looked like she was about to leave him after stealing from him.

Lucas put his sword back to his belt, he let a long sigh, he came close to her and gave her a gentle hug. Nami was expecting some harsh words or even a slap, but instead, what she got was a warm embrace and Lucas doesn't look angry at all. Some tears started dropping from her eyes.

"you can always ask for money and I wouldn't refuse, But I understand, you have the reasons that forced you to become a thief " Lucas smiled, he won't blame her. In the earth, he himself had his own reasons to live on the dark side of the earth.

"but... I" Nami didn't find words, she felt more guilty after seeing how warmly he acts.

"It's okay, now would you tell me about that " Lucas said, he wanted her to say what in her heart, it would make the burden less.

Nami dried her tears as she got free from his arms, she believed that if she said her story then he may see her as a lowly pirate, or worse, he would insist more throw his life:" I'm sorry, it's. It's just a family matter "

*Sigh* Lucas patted her head, seeing her acting like this made him pissed off on her boss, it made hunting Arlong becomes a personal thing. Lucas looked at Nami. knowing a person's story, character and personality would make it very easy to know her thoughts.

Lucas took a wine bottle from her sleeve, he opened it and drank some. Lucas never believed that he would say this to anyone " let me tell you a story of someone I know, someone who wished to never have family "

Nami lifted her head as her thoughts trail was cut.

Lucas continued:" this is a story of a kid. His mother was a slut and his father was a drunk gambler.

The kid was born in a society where people talk about illusion called the high morals, how beautiful life can be, it was something they would say to feel satisfied about themselves or to fool some. but the truth, that world ain't all sunshine and rainbow, but a nasty and dark place that wouldn't hesitate to step on a child's neck " Lucas turned to the sea as he was talking, he drunk more.

Nami felt confused a bit, it was some deep talk, but she believed that she would understand the story if she followed to the end.

" the kid was born in not so traditional family, their economic state wasn't good either because the gambling and drinking, at the age of three, his mother left them to marry some rich guy that she met in a stripping club she used to work at and never bothered to visit again"

"for the rest of the years, he had to live with his father who was a mere drunk with anger issues and only loved to gamble, but, there was his grandma who supported him until she died when he became 10"

"then things started getting worse, the kid had barely had something to eat, the money he was getting for school fees was taken away so his dad can gamble. Once, he tried to run and talk to his mother, but when she saw him, she pretended not to know him and asked her husband's guards to throw him away.

One day, his father became in debt that he can't pay, do you know what he did"

Nami didn't know what to answer, it seems a very sad story, and she didn't want to answer.

Lucas broke the bottle in his hands "in order to pay his debt, he agreed to leave his only fucking son to live with someone who was known by lusting after children for a couple of days. Fortunately, he saw it all through the window and ran away to a far place" Lucas stopped.

"What happened after that" Nami asked, she wanted to know the end of the story, would those who had some kind of past live their lives after their experience, she wanted to know.

"he was adopted by some mafia boss called Mustafa, then he went back to living for pleasure and desire, then at his 29 years old, he died falling from building " (if someone couldn't figure it yet. he is talking about his own backstory ).

Lucas let a long sigh:" his life could end up worse if he didn't decide to leave and walk away, The point of the story, no matter how it looks like, and no matter how it will end, you always have the choice to do or to not do"

"Now you are free to make a choice, say your story if you want, Don't, leave or lie, scheme, you are free to do whatever you want and also free not to do, "Lucas said as he turned his head and smiled to her.

Nami felt that she learned something, no matter how forced she feels, she has a choice to make. However. After standing for one minute she took a deep breath:'I Don't want him to die, even if I had to hurt him and leave away '

"you are right, I guess I understand now " Nami smiled and walked to Lucas who was sitting on the edge of the ship.

"oh really " Lucas smiled and let his back wide open ' I bet she would push me at any moment now'

And as Lucas expected, Nami with fast hands, pushed Lucas, Lucas pretended to be surprised as he fell to the water.

"Nami, this is not a joke, what about our relationship, "Lucas said.

Nami viciously smiled to Lucas said "what relationship, we just slept with each other, fool, Do you think I would always be with teen like you, stupid, grow up" then Nami held some bag that had some millions of berries and threw it to Lucas:" If you swim to that direction, you will find a village in one hour, take this money as a token for our memory "

Then without giving a second glance, Nami went to the wheel and directed the sail to the real direction where Arlong lives.

"As I thought, the early direction of the ship was fake all along " on the water, Lucas sighed as he saw Nami change the ship direction.

Lucas opened the storage of his system and took a wooden platform. on the sea, the platform floated and Lucas stood above it.

Lucas took few steps back, he looked to the ship and activated his adrenaline boost making him having 300% of his original power and speed. Lucas then used the stealth footwork which was already super speed technique without any boost and vanished. Lucas could successfully walk on the water now after boosting his speed,

[stealth footwork +300XP (19000/25000)].

Above the sail of that ship, from thin air, Lucas appeared sitting there, he looked down to see that Nami was somewhere sitting in the corner and crying so badly while repeating 'sorry' from while to while.

'Tsk, well, crying sometimes is a human action, let it be... I wonder if fishmen are eatable, some sushi would make them taste good'

Lucas went to some blind spot in the basement, he took a bed out his storage, then he lied on his back and closed his eyes to sleep 'as my grandma used to say, before fishing, you have to sleep early'

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