36 chapter 36 (R-18)

On the surface of the blue water, in a big ship and on its deck. Two persons stood alone, one was a girl wearing a bikini that exposes her sexy body that made a perfect combination with her beautiful face, the other one was a half-naked Blondie.

Lucas and Nami got taken by the moment and started kissing, Lucas was holding Nami from the curvy waist and pulled her to him, her breasts were crushing on his chest. Nami with slight redness on her cheeks put her arms around his neck and let her tongue connect with his. The kiss sent some tickling electricity signals to the mind, to Lucas it felt so good, but to Nami who got her first kiss, it felt mind-blowing.


As both of their lips got separate, a string of saliva appeared between their tongues, they tried to suck it which ended up with more kiss.


"you stole-my the first kiss, will you take responsibility, " Nami said while clenching her thighs and looking at Lucas's blue eyes, just now, that kiss took her to another heaven, and it made her even hornier.

"I will" Lucas as well got horny, last day she played with his D, now he kissed her and it felt so good, it woke up instinct of breeding inside him and his dick started getting harder.

Nami this time, decided to finish what she started last night, she moved her slender hand and put it on Lucas's crotch, she, then started rubbing it against her hand.

"Ahh" Lucas moaned softly, he moved his hands to her back and took her bra off revealing two hard pink nipples. Lucas admired how beautiful her boobs are, he lowered his head and sucked one of them gently.*moah*, Then he moved to the other nipple and sucked it. ' I can never get tired of the women '.

"Mm... Keep like that " Nami felt good feeling her nipple getting licked by his tongue, she used her other hand and pushed his face against her breast, she was getting close to the orgasm by just getting her boobs licked. Lucas's member got hard enough that his pants couldn't keep it, Nami still rubbing it and she felt it getting hotter. Lucas got his face up, then he got his dick between her thighs and kissed her again for more five minutes while getting his dick squeezed between her soft smooth thighs.

Both of them stopped kissing and looked to each other, Lucas shot his first load between her thighs, however, his cock seems to get even hotter.

"how about we move to dessert," Lucas said as he grabbed both of Nami's butt cheeks with his hand and rubbed them.

"D..dessert. Mm" Nami moaned softly as she felt her butt being grabbed, his touches made her enter climax state and her vagina getting wetter, some droplets are already falling from her crotch.

Lucas sat on his knees, he used his hand to move the piece of clothes that covers Nami's vagina. Lucas saw it, it was a juicy pussy with slight orange hair above it. Lucas touched her pussy lips gently, he used two fingers and took them up where the clit is.

*moan* feeling the teasing touches, Nami started moaning again as she entering another orgasm. Lucas got his face closer to her vagina and kissed her pussy lips. He used his tongue and licked her pussy walls and clit.

"Yess, your tongue feels good " Nami put her hand on the back of his head and pushed him to her vagina, she is in orgasm, Lucas felt her cummings and drunk her liquid.

Lucas then stood up and looked to Nami who is closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. He knew that most of the people in this world have lacking knowledge about sex and relations.

Lucas held his dick and said " try to do the same to me"

Nami understood and squatted, she held the base of his D with her hand and looked at how it made her hand look small. She looked to the head and opened her mouth wildly. The smell was strong and the taste was (I don't know, I'm straight ). She felt it was a bit big that she had to let it enter slowly, she kept like that until it hit her throat, she couldn't take the rest so she took her head back again.

"Ahh" Nami lifted her eyes to see Lucas lifting his head and moaning, she kept looking at his reaction while playing with his D inside her mouth, Lucas felt his orgasm as his Dick was inside that warm watery mouth. He took his dick back, then he squatted and gave her a kiss.

"Lie on your back," Lucas said, and Nami obediently Lied on her back, Lucas used his hand and spread her legs wide open, he looked to her juicy pussy lips with hungry eyes.

he came close and aimed his dick inside, he slowly started pushing it inside, her pussy felt so tight that it had him to spread her walls slowly, feeling pussy walls pressing his dick, Lucas felt heavenly as well.

"Aah" Nami screamed, the first time would always hurt a bit, but then as her pussy walls were spread, the pain got less, and as the D touched her G spot, things started feeling better.

*Moan* Nami moaned as loud as she could. Since this was the sea, who cares.

Lucas moved his D inside and out slowly, he used his hands and held her breasts, at the same time he kissed her. Then he started hitting her womb entrance faster.

"I'm coming "

"me too"

Finishing with this pose, Lucas made Nami switch to another pose, she was now on her four limbs, behind her, Lucas was facing her big ass.

He held her waist, then from behind, he put his dick inside, he started hitting it.

"Mmm" Nami closed her eyes enjoying the orgasm she is getting, it felt even better to be fucked from behind.

After one hour.

Nami and Lucas lied on the deck naked, Nami was lying on his chest while Lucas was looking to the sky.

Lucas from nowhere took a cigarette and lit it up, then he put it in this mouth and started smoking " how much do we have before reaching the next base "

"about two hours" Nami replied.

"can you stand by then," Lucas asked.

"I don't know, my legs feel a bit numb" Nami replied



After that, Lucas reached the Marine and handed the pirates along with those he had in the storage, it gained him over 9 million berries, then he gave the check he got from hunting Kuro's crew and it got him another 40 million berry.

As Lucas came back to the ship, Nami with her usual face took 2 million and demanded 4 million since he took advantage of her. Lucas just laughed and handed her money since he kee she needs it.

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