The True Corruption Source

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Under normal circumstances, if you wanted to resolve a psyche corruption event, you naturally had to find its logic and key.

As special corruption cleanup department personnel, everyone was familiar with this process.

But it seemed there were times when this process wasn't absolute?

Holding this thought, the members of the investigation team, as well as the surrounding patrolling army, were all dumbfounded and even a bit overwhelmed. Looking at the lake now, the battle between Lu Xin and the Psyche Monster was beyond common sense.

The most surprised was Qin Ran. He had been hiding on the shore, looking at the strangeness in the lake dumbfounded.

He looked at the twisted and terrifying human-shaped fruit tree under the red moon, feeling fearful and strange, and pounded his head hard.

"What the hell is that?"

Then, he looked at Lu Xin who was tearing that human-shaped fruit tree apart little by little and felt fearful and inexplicable. "And what's that?"

Even if it was difficult to have an intuitive understanding of this crazy and twisted battle, onlookers also saw it.

At this time, Lu Xin had the upper hand.

Those "shadows" born on the top of the vines kept grabbing with their limbs, frantically trying to hold him. But with Lu Xin's flexible and inscrutable movements, they failed again and again. Instead, Lu Xin caught the opportunity to tear them forcefully and tore them into pieces. Those shadows born on the top of the vines disappeared one by one after being torn.

Soon, many vines had only bare poles left and were left swaying helplessly in the air.

But for Lu Xin, under this kind of situation, he got increasingly excited as the battle continued. Exuberant energy appeared in his eyes. Tearing those "human-shaped vines" growing on the top of the vines did not count, so he directly went forward and tore them.

In Lu Xin's eyes, he saw his sister getting happier and happier. She jumped directly onto the vine.

Grabbing the vine with both hands, she chomped down in one bite.

The vine trembled in pain.

Lu Xin was also scared and trembling. "Don't just eat anything…"

"No, I want to eat!"

Sister ignored him and forcefully tore off a bite. At this time, her teeth seemed sharp and strong.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Finally, under Sister's crazy attack, the vine trembled violently as if it was shivering.

Just now, tearing its "fruit" only made it crazier.

But now, with Sister devouring part of its body, it started feeling fear.

Suddenly, all the vines shrank and retreated towards the puddle at the same time. As Sister struggled to hold onto one of the vines, the thing in the puddle seemed a little helpless and simply took the initiative to give it up. Then, the other vines were like an exploding video being played backward, disappearing without a trace.


The unprepared Lu Xin suddenly saw the scene and couldn't help but be stunned.

Subconsciously, he asked, "What happened?"


Sister's discontented voice sounded from the side. She rapidly ate the abandoned vine and jumped to the side of the puddle, stretched her head, and looked inside. Seeing no movement after a long time, she even threw a handful of sand inside angrily.

Then, she turned around and said to Lu Xin, "It wimped out!"

"Wimped out?"

Lu Xin felt that it was both odd and absurd.

Psyche Monsters also wimped out?

He walked to his sister's side, looking at this small puddle. He couldn't see how deep the puddle was, and it was probably a deep pit in the lake. Although he clearly knew just now that the tree-like Psyche Monster was grown from the puddle, when he looked down now, nothing was there. He could only faintly see his own shadow under the dark red moonlight…

"Is it over?"

Everyone around was looking at the bottom of the lake that had suddenly become quiet, and for a moment, it was a little hard to accept.

In the channel, Chen Jing had the fastest reaction and was the first to make a decision. "Clean up while you can!"

"Mr. Lu Xin, the source of corruption…"

After getting the order, the three investigation team members immediately came over.

After experiencing that scene just now, they were obviously a little scared, but they still forced themselves to calm down and carry out the order.

"It's down here!"

Lu Xin, who had just experienced a fierce battle, looked strangely calm at this time.

He just looked at the small puddle and said, "But for the time being, there shouldn't be any more abnormalities…"

The three members of the investigation team looked at each other and could not understand how Lu Xin switched to this calm state so quickly.

It looked as if that battle just now had nothing to do with him…

"Dig up the true corruption source proper, Lu Xin is in charge of vigilance."

Chen Jing's voice sounded in Lu Xin's ears, and he relayed her instructions to the three investigation team members.


The three investigation team members immediately agreed loudly, and then quickly ran to the lakeside to get shovels. Lu Xin noticed that they got the support team members in the distance to put the shovels in a place near the lakeside first. Then, the investigation team would go and retrieve it. In the process, the two sides didn't come into direct contact. It seemed like they were very strict and disciplined in this area.

After getting the shovels, the three investigation team members started digging.

Lu Xin guarded attentively at the side, in case anything happened while they dug.

His palms were placed at his side, preparing to hold his sister's hand at any time.

However, he didn't know whether the Psyche Monster underneath really wimped out as his sister said. During the entire course of digging, no other abnormalities happened. A hole was dug out and the water inside was drained. Then, they dug deeper bit by bit. When they dug about one and a half meters deep, an investigation team member said softly, "We found it."

Mud was slowly cleared away, and they could see a human-shaped black object below, like a corpse.

Everyone relaxed a little.

The cause of the matter was because Qin Ran killed Cui Wang. So, they began to suspect that the source of corruption was related to Cui Wang's corpse. And in the place where Cui Wang was dumped by Qin Ran, they didn't find Cui Wang's body and only collected some flesh tissue. One could guess that the other parts were perhaps eaten by wild dogs, but that obviously could not explain their doubts.

Now that they found the corpse, many questions could be explained.

"I'll do it."

Lu Xin took over the rope, leaned down, and tied a knot on the corpse.

Then, the three investigation team members exerted force together and finally pulled the corpse up and placed it on the mud at the side.

This was indeed a corpse, it didn't look half different.

But the three members of the investigation team felt tense. They pulled a hose, cleaning the mud on the corpse.

Lu Xin found that his sister was cocking her head at the corpse curiously.

Gradually, the mud on the corpse's body was cleaned away by the water and his clothes gradually appeared. He was wearing a dull and worn camouflage coat and had a belt around his waist. Although they didn't know how long he was buried under the lake, the corpse was still complete. In fact, there were no signs of decomposition. After the mud on his face was washed away, one could even identify his original appearance.

"This is…"

Lu Xin looked at the face and frowned slightly, feeling that it looked slightly familiar.

"Can you confirm the corpse's identity?"

Chen Jing's inquiry came over the channel.

Lu Xin looked at that face carefully but gradually felt a chill.

He had just relaxed slightly after defeating a Psyche Monster head-on, but he immediately tensed up again.

After the three investigation team members identified carefully, one of them suddenly screamed.

His scream had no specific words and not even a specific meaning.

It was just a subconscious shout that came out because of too much surprise or fear.

"Report immediately!"

Chen Jing's words instantly rang out in the channel, "Is it Cui Wang's corpse?"

As she urged, Lu Xin reacted, calmed himself down, and replied in a low voice, "No!"

Then, he looked at the corpse on the ground and slowly replied, "It's Qin Ran!"

"How is that possible?"

Consternation and confusion could be detected in Chen Jing's voice.


How was that possible?

Lu Xin slowly thought and looked carefully.

This corpse was completely recognizable. It was none other than Qin Ran.

Whether it was eyebrows or height or even the clothes, they were exactly the same as Qin Ran.

Or rather, this was Qin Ran.

But, if the corruption source at the bottom of the lake that caused such a huge incident was Qin Ran…

Who was the one on the shore?