43 43. Dungeon Expansion [1]



The moans of the girls kept filling the fuck room. Jake was having immense pleasure collecting evil points from the girls. Spanking their asses, fucking their pussies, sucking their breasts… He tried everything he knew and took the purity of these village girls.

However, he eventually got bored with them and wanted new babes to play with. These girls were timid and subservient. He wanted someone troublesome or someone openly lustful. Fucking them would be rather fun…


''Aa-aannhh! Uannhhh!'' The girl leaning on the wall cried as Jake nailed her from behind. Her legs went weak as Jake hammered more and she couldn't even stand up properly.

He brought her to a bed and kept fucking her. She grabbed a pillow and squirted. Her mind was spinning. How many times had she done it? She couldn't feel anything other than a thick, hot rod railing her pussy.

''Hah… Ha…'' Prena gasped as Jake finally pulled out.


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