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I love this story. Especially how original and genuine it seems like. I don't feel as if I'm reading one of those clichés that only have a goal of churning chapters and word count without considering the storyline. I look forward to how this story will look like in the future. I'm happy to have found this gem.

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You are not smart enough to read this! If you take machine translation to the extreme opposite side, this is what you would get. What I'm saying is that rather than too little English, there is far too much! You'll need a dictionary or thesaurus handy for the large words and transliteration. Be ready to experience "the abortion of a rainbow", and "divorce" yourself from beautiful scenery. (actual descriptions from the novel) The metaphors are hot and heavy and plentiful. The story itself is genius and multilayered, but you may have to be one to catch all the nuances. You may notice I'm not a fan of excessive flowery language. But if you are able to absorb and understand complex writing, this ultra descriptive story will entrance you.


It's very rare to find a book that implements philosophical reference, these days. Right after I noticed the title of the first volume, I instantly knew if it was based on a work of René Descartes. He was such a great philosopher indeed. As the synopsis says, "The crimson thread will begin to roll... casting its shades of gray." My guess this story would not lead into your typical good guy vs bad guy. No. It would become more complex than that. "Moral Dilemmas" as the author first mentioned in the 21st chapter, and the more chapters will be brought to us, the more it became blur and obscure. The border between evil and virtue will become vague. The MC really fit into this belief. A demon girl who is somehow contradicting to her born-nature. An angelic demon, you could say. But the thing is... not that simple. She seemingly has a helpful, kind-hearted manner, not because she is a demon on the outside and an angel on the inside, but because she thinks... simple as that. Then again, all of it are related to René Descartes works. You'd better read this story firsthand to comprehend what I mean. It's really worth it. As I really love the plot, the written narrative and characters description - from what the characters are doing, body language, behavior, their way of think and et cetera - are perfectly served, especially how the author put his/her own thoughts in some chapters. The grammar however, yet I can understand since the author isn't the native english speaker - so am I - nothing to complain. Despite a few mistakes, the story is still easy to understand. Then last but not least, the author seems worried about the low upload rate compare to other. Here's my little note for you, the author, "Don't compare yourself with others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when when it's their time." In conclusion, keep writing at your own pace, do it at a speed that is comfortable for you. I don't mind waiting a week or so for a single chapter because I know it will going to be ripe. A good chapter and a great story take time after all.


A story I could binge for if author would be so kind as to post more. Our mc is a devil on the outside but an angel on the inside, yet she isn’t naively innocent to the point it is annoying. She has her own character that bursts out of the screen and the intellect to carry her through danger. Everything is nigh perfect except for a repeating grammar issue. Grammar errors are in everyone’s books, but I’ve noticed you replaced commas or periods with ellipses in dialogues and sometimes in paragraphs, which is not so good in the long run. Would suggest to correct at least some since it does bother me a bit. All in all, splendid potential that makes me crave for more. Keep up the good work, Author !


I like what's going on with the setting presented in this story. The world is being shown to us via scenes and proper narration as instead of a giant info dump or in some cases, every aspect of the world being presented in the auxilary volume (like a guide). This novel is a good example of how a world should be shown. It's okay if some parts of the world are being told to us, the reader, but it's best to let the rest of the setting be shown to the reader for painting the picture in their minds. There's only two aspects of this novel I have an issue with: some paragraphs are quite big and massive, so it's best to cut them down especially for mobile readers. There's also the updating. I understand if the author has a lot going on other than writing this story, but if I may recommend, it's best to stockpile on google docs; write and edit the chapters, that way if you want to say, upload a chapter a day, it'll be easier. Stories and their respective chapters take time, and you author, have the basis of a good story. I just hope your schedule is managed especially for the readers who have given your novel positive reviews. Good luck.


The first chapter is a really nice pilot. The writing quality is also amazing. I think the character design is just beautiful. The updating stability should be improved, but I won't get impatient, the author would have his reasons for this. But I would recommend to upload atleast two chapters per weak if you want to become a good author. I can see the potential in your novel. And, can you please read my novel? It's titled heavens slayer. I won't force you to do a review (but I'll be glad if u did it) but I need your suggestions for the story. And as for this book, it'll really be a banger in the future. The story and world background is amazing. The start is also very well paced. Follow my advise and this book will definitely appear in others' recommendations soon!


The story and the supernatural elements seems engrossing. The world building seems fine so far with interesting characters. Especially the little demon girl, would like to see how she develops and hope she has her soul mate coming up xD


It's really good, definitely recommend. The story about demon girl who's actually has a real "sense" about her own kind, descending into a mortal realm just to find normality of daily life her own kind cannot afford. I see a lot of potential in this story, especially that naive demon girl. Overall, the narration is very vivid yet complex, easy yet interesting to understand if you have very good imagination since there are many implied messages and foreshadowing future which is very nice, especially in monologues, and environment descriptions. In conclusion Ten out of ten


Okay, so I needed a dictionary more than I'd like to admit when I started reading this. The plus though is that it's real English with very few colloquial terms and the way the writer writes is not like many of the stories I've read (I've only read 280-odd stories on this site so if there are others please do not come at me). I love the main character. The pureness of her soul is reflected straight off the bat. I love how the story reminds one about judging people based on appearance alone. It definitely ain't a read for lazy readers but the chapters are nice and long and the characters have depth.


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We have a lot authors doing real good these days, huh! Anyways I really appreciate the style of writing and of course I would love to see more chappies soon.. There are a few mistakes but they don't really count...Dear fellow author you're already doing well. Happy writing!!




love this work and the writing stive, recommended!!! give it a try and you will fall in love with this book like i do![img=recommend][img=recommend]


ummm... yeah, the novel has a good story and a good plot, no doubt... but it lacks in writing. It's the first work of the author so, yeah, mistakes are expected. Overall, the novel has a good story, but it also has a good amount of grammar mistakes, so it can be hard to understand, but if u put those minor grammar mistakes aside, yeah... it's a good one. (I haven't read all chapters, just a few chapters so, don't take my words seriously)


This is my first review on this site. I bothered to create an account just to write this review for a book I really love, and it was worth it. Many I love about this novel. The plot, characters, narrations, especially figure of speech, the way the author approach something ambiguously instead a direct and clear one, leaving readers to wonder what was implied in one paragraph and creating these massive paragraphs as the outcome. It's not really a bad thing, first maybe would make you feel a bit tired for reading such a long paragraphs, you simply just to adapt with it and things would become easier. It's not all the paragraphs were massive after all, only some that need to be described deeply. And I really love it. Back to the implied aspect, the author also cleverly used implied title as well in every chapters, if you noticed it. The novel title itself also implied "Sin of Kin" not only sound catchy, but I think there's some kind of sinister meaning behind it. A sin of her kin which is devil, or a sin of humans kin, or maybe others beings that "casting its shades of grey". My gut telling me that our little devil MC maybe doesn't really have the so-called angel heart. Why I can say that? It from the latest two chapters ---or maybe three if the author already upload it in the future--- anyhow, the point is in that long chapter titled "A Demure Sin" which was divided into sub-chapters right now. Not gonna spoil it, because the title already spoke for itself. Not only the novel that amazing, but its author as well. One kind of literal humble author. The author never ever telling and asking and begging constantly to his/her readers to vote, comment, or add his/her novel into the readers library. Never. Which is kinda rare and uncommon to find in this site who craved for things like that. That's why I love both the novel and like its humble author. Phew~ this review's kinda long, isn't it? Gonna end it here. Despite its low upload rate compare to the standard novel found in this site, this novel is worth waiting. After all, the author seemed to upload each chapter no less than 2k words per week, even there are chapter that have more than 2k. I think it's the same as uploading 500-1000 words chapters every day or two. To close this review I need only say one thing to the author. Keep writing no matter what. Thank you for providing us a great story to read.


The world building along with the character development is the best thing about this novel. It really shows its characters in a completely different image than most people would think. The update stability is really low and I am so far loving this novel so, Its tough to wait for more 😖 Btw it's a really great novel and I recommend this to every one. Keep it up author! 😁👍


I liked the way the back ground has been elaborated including how the sword looks. If you are imaginative and can visualise , the author has successfully taken you to the land of Magic. I also liked the way the plot begins which keeps you on your toes. Let me not be a spoiler here. Amazing beginning. Thumbs up author.


The world was set to a fantasy world! I am intrigued by the story and how will the story progress! The authors knows how to narrate vividly. It has potential in the future if I will look at it! Kudos author! Write more and you will improve more!