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Sin and Virtue System


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[Taking a break to clean all the dummy chapters. :)] A tortured soul, not older than twenty, gazes up at the sky and makes a desperate wish. After enduring years of suffering and abuse, he's given up on life. People have called him ugly, demon, and hideous, and it's all become too much for him to bear. As he feels a piercing pain in his chest, he knows that it's the end. But when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in another world - one where he's a demon. It seems that his wish has been granted, but at what cost? He's weak, the lowest among the demons, and he has nobody to turn to. But he's not alone - he's been gifted with an incredible power that could change his fate. The power of the "Sin and Virtue System," a mysterious force that guides him on his journey towards becoming a true demon. But does strength mean everything? As he struggles to survive in this unknown world, Logan must grapple with his inner demons and decide what kind of demon he truly wants to be. Meanwhile, Kevin, a human with a "Virtue System," seeks to destroy the entire demon race. As their paths collide, a battle between sin and virtue erupts. Will Logan achieve his dream of becoming a true demon, or will Kevin succeed in his mission to annihilate them all? This R18 novel delves deep into the dark and gruesome world of demons, exploring the twisted desires and lust that drive these creatures. Anyone who wants to see behind the veil of darkness must join Logan on his journey. How will he survive in this unknown world? What kind of demon will he become? Find out as Logan navigates the Sin and Virtue System and faces off against Kevin in an epic battle for supremacy. When he opens his eyes in another world, he hears a message: "Sin and Virtue System initiated." Will you join him on this journey? ** I do not promote child pornography.** |Adventure|R18|Yuri (no Yaoi or Futa)|Gore|Demon|Dark Fantasy|Reincarnation|Survival|Action|Thriller|Psychological|Anti-Hero|Twisted Journey|Lust Demon|Sin and Virtue System|Strong MC|Suspense|. --- I do own the cover! Created with AI Novel inspiration: Sin System: Demonic Harem After Reincarnation by FireEngine