1 Chapter 1

It all started with darkness. Complete and utter darkness. There was no senses to speak of, other than my consciousness and the ability to logically think. Now most people would freak out if they found themselves surrounded with darkness, and had no clue as to how or why they got there. And they would be right. Freaking out would be an understatement. Just imagine yourself in a life or death situation. Someone comes up behind you and points their gun at your head. How would one react? At least in my mind I thought it was similar.

After the freak out of unknown proportions, I was unsure of how long had passed before a semblance of a logical thought passed through my brain, or I guess in my situation, a consciousness floating through the eternity of darkness. The thought was, "Who am I?" And then another thought came crashing through my mind, "Why can I think, and why do I know what these words mean?" I continued with this train of logic until I reached the conclusion that: the ability to speak or think would ultimately conclude that I exist, therefore the most pressing issue would be as to why I exist.

Now, that's a very difficult question considering the situation I was in. I knew what words meant, but not the context of a certain word. For example, when I thought of the word "Chicken" I knew it was a bird, and when cooked, is a great source of protein. But I had no idea what it looked like. So how was I supposed to visualize how I got in this situation? Therefore, in my mind at the time, I found that the best answer is to not answer it at all. It sounds contradictory, yes, but when tasked with the question of why I exist, it was better to not even begin to answer the question.

Then suddenly I had a realization. What if there are other beings like me? Who are intrinsically are stronger than I am? The only logical explanation then, is the existence of a separate being, who willed me into existence for what ever reason.

"You're not wrong." A deep and soothing voice responded. "I would be what you would call God, a being so strong, so majestic, that your tiny, insignificant being would be comparable to an atom, no, no, you would be a quark, not even worthy to be an atom in my presence."

"And I was partially wrong about what I said. I did make you, but it is not as you think. As it turns out, I made a mistake. As an omniscient, omnipresent being, a mistake is kin to a universe exploding into nothingness, so yeah it was pretty bad.. Anyways, it would be better to show you rather than to explain that to you as it would be hard to put into words, as this language is quite restricting."

I suddenly saw a screen, or something of the sort, shown quite close to me. I had no clue as to why I could see, but it was interesting never the less. It started off with a calming voice being narrated with pictures of forests and such, "Human beings, species number 2,345,987,966. Known for obsession with porn and anime. Also slightly known for being extremely adaptable to any situation. You are a human. And by some Devine mishap, you were killed. Now, you will be presented with an option. To select an option, please look at what you want to select, and say 'confirm'

Would you like to receive your memories:



You can pause at anytime to think about your answers."

I looked at the question and thought about the ramifications of it. It's a no-brainer. I looked at 'yes' and said, "Confirm."

The narrator's smooth voice resumed. "Great choice. Now, how would you like to receive these memories: slowly, or all at once.

To select an option, please look at what you want to select, and say "Confirm."


-All at once

Not thinking any more I chose 'all at once.'

It sounded back up. "Very well, prepare yourself, as your going to feel all the pain you've ever felt during your life, while also being subject to your most significant memories playing on repeat. This will take up to 24 hours in human time."

Starting in




"AAAAAAAAHHHHH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? THE PAIN, ITS SO BAD!" It got to a point where all I could say was "fuck this" on repeat.

23 hours and 59 minutes later...

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