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Chapter 19

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'The lack of modernization bothers me.' Homura thought, tired of walking.

'Why haven't cars been invited, when there are computers. It makes no damn sense.'

Ding: Maybe they developed their technology in a different route.

'Actually, it would be very unlikely that they would have computers without cars.'

Ding: Just chalk it up to plot

'Yeah sure.' Homura thought, with a dejected look on his face.

"What's with the depressing look?" Akira asked, while giggling.

"You wouldn't get it." Homura was really depressed now.

"Well we are almost at the border. There might be a town there." Akira said, with a hopeful tone in her voice.

They kept walking and as night fell, they caught sight of a village.

"Oh, Nishiwaki, how nice. I haven't been here since the war."

"Is it at least developed?" Homura asked. The last three towns they stopped at were small villages with no plumbing to speak of. It was not a good experience for Homura.

"Oh, yes. I think well over 10,000 people live there."

Homura almost cried tears of joy. "That's good."

They walked into the town. The people that live in Nishiwaki are used to travelers, as they live on the border. There are no passports, so they see a wide variety of people of different nationalities and cultures.

Today just so happened to be the celebration of the 112th anniversary of the founding of the town. From a poor village, to the prosperous town that it is, that is what the townspeople are celebrating.

"Huh, they are having a celebration. Would you like to partake in the festivities?" Akira asked, with a smile.

Homura was ecstatic. He finally can have some fun after all those grueling years of training.

"YES!" He said, energetically.

Akira laughed. "Alright hunny you decide what we do first." She enjoyed moments like this, especially considering he is so serious all the time.

She walked with Homura holding his hand. They went around, and looked at the various stalls selling random memorabilia. They didn't buy anything (partly to the lack of money) but they still had fun.

It was roughly 10 o'clock when the parade started.

"Why is it starting so late?" Homura asked, confused.

"Yeah. That is weird. Usually they start at earlier. I thought we just missed the parade."

Homura had a really weird feeling about all of this. He just couldn't get rid of the feeling that they are in danger.

"Could you possibly scan the area for chakra signatures?"

"Already ahead of you." Akira preemptively said.

'Nothing. Hmm I swear, I just felt some killing intent.' Akira thought

"Be on the lookout. Don't let your guard down."

They continued to watch the parade.

Akira was trying to put the pieces together. 'Was the parade director murdered? If so, this makes no sense. Why target the parade director in the first place.'

"Unless!" Akira suddenly gasped.

"What?" Homura asked, worried.

"We need to go now! We are not safe. I think we might be dealing with an organization that we should not be messing with by staying here."

"But where are we going to go?"


They hurriedly ran out of the town. They ran for another 30 miles.

"This should be good. Just settle down while I figure everything out."

"Yeah, sure."

'If it's this organization, I fear for the worse. If it's the Mitsui Syndicate, then it might be too late. We might have been already spotted.'

"HOMURA! DUCK!" Akira screamed. Homura, without hesitation, ducked.

"Heh, nice reflexes kid." A mysterious man said, while pulling out a long, thick blade from a tree that it was wedged in.

"Who are you?" Akira already knew part of the answer.

He started to play with his sword. "I'm not at the liberty to divulge that information, but you can call me 21."

"21, I don't really appreciate attacks on my son." Akira flashed in front of him, punching him in the nose. He was too slow to react.

"You damn bitch!" He growled.

"Mom, let me handle him." Homura voiced up.

"You sure? He's at a low Jonin level."

"Just let me show you the fruits of your training." Homura said, while smirking.

AN: I'm going to create a group called the Mitsui Syndicate. I'm brainstorming on how they should be organized, and the identity of their leader. I also need to make this flow nicely with the regular plot of Naruto.

Thanks for reading. And sorry for the slow updates, I’ve just been dealing with a lot lately.

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