Simi realistic reincarnation into Naruto

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Chapter 15

Ding: Quick! Active the Kokugan fully!

'On it!'

"TIMES 20!"

Homura only had a few seconds to act. The chakra strain when using the Kokugan to that extent was huge. Even a character such as Naruto, would only keep it active for a couple of minutes.

"WHERE DID HE GO!" The enemy ninja started to get worried. This was not part of the plan. He was only supposed to test them, and get out.

"Behind you" Homuras voice rang coldly in his ear.

The ninja felt a cold blade being impaled in his neck. He was too slow to react. "You will regret this!" He then fell to the ground, lifeless.

Akira was shocked at the ninjas shamelessness. How could he do anything if he was dead? And regarding her son...

"How did you do that? His level was High Chunin. That's really impressive."

Homura wasn't even conscious when Akira said that. He passed out as soon as he stabbed the enemy.

1 day later...

Homura started to wake up. "Where am I? Why do I feel like crap?"

"You passed out from chakra exhaustion, honey. Now, there are a lot of things I need you to tell me, but you don't have to say anything if you don't want to."

"Yes mom."

"So how did you get that fast? Last time I checked, 3 year olds can't get that fast. Especially to beat a high level chunin."

Homura responded, "Wait, I thought you were a Jonin?"

"Do you expect me to stay at a Jonin with 3 years of virtually no training?"

"That's true. And the reason I moved so fast is because of this."

Homura activated his kokugan.

"This is the Kokugan. Let me show you how it works."

"Could you talk slower? It's hard to understand you." Akira said.

"My bad."

Homura talked a little slower, "Well as you can already guess, my powers relate to speed. But instead of spreading me up, it slows everyone else down. I'm moving normally, it's just the people around me are moving slower than normal."

Akira was shocked. "Why didn't you tell me this earlier, hunny?"

"Because there was no need to?" Homura didn't really know what to say.

"Next time, I don't want you to hide something like this, especially something of this magnitude. What is the max time dialation?"

"Well to my knowledge, it's times 20. But if I want to last in a battle, then I would say times 3. That's probaly good enough to take out an inexperienced Chunin."

"Maybe. As you could see, even a high powered Chunin were no pushovers. Naturally, the faster you get, the better your power becomes." Akira said analytically.

"Oh and I forgot to mention, you might have wood release." Akira said.

Homura pretended to be shocked. "Wood release? Like the first Hokage? Your just going to casually mention this?"

"Well compared to the Kokugan, the wood release is kinda underwhelming isn't it?"

"Yeah I guess your right. Would you happen to know any wood release jutsus?"

"I personally don't but I know a man who does."

"Who is this man?" Homura asked.

"Can't say. He's kinda a top secret kinda dude."

"Umm ok." Homura was speechless

"Anyways when do we start back training?" He needed to switch the topic.

"Whenever your ready."

"I'm ready to go."

"First, I think you should eat. Here, eat this nutrition bar."


Homura struggled to eat it. It was tasteless and it had a terrible texture, almost as if he was eating pie crust. He ate the whole thing with a disgusted look.

Akira was laughing hard. "You'll get used to them." She could help but tease her 3 year old.

"Here, put those gravity seals back on."

"Ok! They are on."

"Great, now let's resume our run, why don't we?"

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