Simi realistic reincarnation into Naruto

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Chapter 13

Ding: To have a lot of chakra, you need to have a strong body. So I suggest you start training with gravity seals.

Homura thought, 'How the hell would I get those?'

Ding: Bring up gravity seals to your mom in an indirect way.

'So manipulate her?' Homura asked.

Ding: Correct

Homura then sighed. 'I'll try my best...'

Homura walked out of his room to go talk to his mom.

"I want to train harder," Homura asked, in his cutest voice.

"Do you want the easier option or the harder option?" Akira said as she looked at her son, smiling.

Homura thought for a second, "Harder!"

Akira laughed and then said, "Very well, I'll get you some leg weights."

Homura cursed inwardly for not getting what he needed. He had to quickly act. "No, I want something harder than that." Homura made a pouting face.

Akira looked at her son and gave in into his cuteness. "Oh, I see. You'll need those. Lucky I have some that go up to 5 times the normal gravity."

Akira followed up with, "We'll start training tommorow. Make sure to get some good sleep." She looked rather scary when she said that.

Homura had a bad feeling about tomorrow. He walked slowly back to his room, when the system told him something important.

Ding: It is urgent not to go overboard with the gravity. The gravity will affect effect every aspect of your body. Most importantly your heart will be under a lot of stress trying to pump your blood throughout your body.

Ding: For example, if you trained in 2 times gravity, it would be two times harder to lift you arm, right? Well that would be wrong. Even though the weight has doubled, you have to take into effect of muscle fatigue, along with adequate blood flow. I'm sure your mom knows this, but the best place to start would be 1.2 times gravity.

'That seems so low' Homura thought, as he wanted results quick.

Ding: Please remember the term 'Progressive Overload' This applies especially in this situation. Do some chakra training and get your self a good nights rest.

Homura decided not to question it anymore. 'Sure thing.'

The next morning

Homura woke up in a daze. He looked at his surroundings. 'Trees, wait, what are there trees? I'm outside? Did I get kidnapped? Alright calm down.'

"Good morning sweet heart. We will be going on a little training retreat. Approved by the Hokage himself of course."

"Mom? What are you doing here. Wait, why are we here?"

"To train, of course" Akira said, with a huge smile.

Homura started to get excited. 'This is so cool! I'll get to learn some jutsus finally.'

"I'm ready to begin, mom."

Akira looked at her son seriously and said, "Since I don't want to leave my husband for too long, I left a shadow clone. You don't need to know the details. Anyways, we will be training until you start the acedemy. Which, at that point, will be useless. But you need social interaction. But that's for the future."

Akira rambled on for another 3 minutes to which Homura said, "Mom, I get it. Let's start!"

"Great! First, let me put this on you." She pulled out a gravity seal on a price of thin paper. "I will start you at 1.15 times the natural gravity. Wait — I should explain what gravity is. Gravity is -"

"Mom, I'm 3. I think any sensible 3 year old would know what gravity is."

Akira looked at Homura with a strange expression. "That so?"

"Anyways, stick this piece of paper on your stomach"

"Why my stomach?" Homura was always curious to why seals where on the stomach.

"Cause the stomach has the most room on the body that is the most accessible, silly."

Homura looked stunned. 'It was that simple?'

Ding: Your just slow...

Homura ignored the system.

"Yeah that's right. Haha." Homura responded awkwardly to his mom.

Homura proceeded to put on the gravity seal. He instantly felt the effects. He tried to run, but tripped over his own feet.

"Oh, and I forgot to mention. It will take some time to get used to."

Homura was struggling to stand up. It wasn't that his muscles couldn't handle it, it was more of trying to find his center of gravity.

"I'll give you 15 minutes. You'll be fine by then."

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