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The Silver Saga #2 [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "Your worth, Ava is..." he began and a chill ran through my spine for I could feel an unusual heat coming off him, one I could not explain because his aura was all dark and cold so why was his temperature different? "... your blood belongs to my taste for when I hunger for it... your flesh for my teeth to grease, your eyes for my sight, and everything and every knowledge I will show you about this world. Your kiss is mine to have as well, and your voice..." he leans further after saying words beyond my understanding and left me utterly tongue-tied. "...is for me alone to hear...." ~ She’s his destiny, He has come to claim it, She’s a Fairy, He has come to have her, Her emotions have run dry and he wears a mask… He has never experienced love for he knew only the cold walls of Knowledge, she has come to melt those walls. ~ Ava has lived a life of an outcast. Abandoned by her parents at such a young age, kept in an orphanage where she’s called a witch because of things she sees but others can’t. Sold by her caretaker to a mysterious man who sees her value. Her life takes a drastic turn when she’s auctioned as something priceless and her greatest fear is nailed when millions are called for her worth because what else could it be, Other than a sex slave? but a certain stranger bought her for the highest price. In his hands… a man who wears a mask and whose face has never been seen… they call him the Fox god for that is only what they know him to be. ~ Cover Belongs To Me!