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Sileo (Restart)


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Sileo, whether it refers to restart or silent, everyone living there can agree on one thing - There is always a chance there. There is always a chance to start something new. Even with all the monsters, creepy acquaintances, and strange government. That attributed little to the daily lives of normal ones. Regardless if you are from another planet, universe, dimension, which is the case for Otto Kettering. Being crashed by a car before he was sent to prison for murder (A murder he claims he had no part in) was bad, it was bad enough he was going to prison, but now he was in a new world. A world he knew nothing of and that was arguably for better or worse. Sileo, the new world, brings with it strange happenings, weird people, companions (?), and the possibility to reverse everything that has happened to him or to move on and live a new life. If only he could be less awkward, if only he could shut Ater up, if only he could raise his stats like a normal person (Players aren't normal in any way, but that's up to him). Through the poorly drawn maps his companions (?) find and his built in system map, Sileo starts unravelling like a wool ball strung up tight. [Welcome, Player #1001, please head over to the podium to register yourself before we send you off to your new home!] *Note, the cover isn't mine. I can't draw on a computer


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