1 Prologue

27th December 2019

Cathy's POV:

He groaned shaking his head vigorously with me in his arms before he stumbled up to his feet and trudged across the room. He then threw me over the bed before my head banged against the headboard. He didn't mind that though. He dragged me down the bed before ripping off my already torn clothes.

"NO! NOO!", I screamed holding on to my bleeding abdomen. Then he removed his clothes holding me beneath him. I tried to wriggle away from him but the open cuts all over my body and the newly bleeding abdomen made it impossible.

"I don't think to keep my identity a secret is of any use anymore. I am disgusted by your behavior", he said as he pulled off his mask. I froze as I saw who was standing in front of me. Unable to believe what I saw I opened my mouth but nothing came out. "Was it you all along?", I managed to ask collecting my voice in utter disbelief.

He didn't answer but towered over me and pinned my hands over my head, "I never wanted to do this but you made me do this", he said before he penetrated into me.

"NOOOOOO!!!!", I screamed as he continued raping me, "I am sorry, please stop. Pleeaaseee", I screamed in pain and agony. But he wouldn't stop. His honey eyes which I noticed for the first time now were the last thing I saw before I fell back to the usual darkness unable to bear the killing pain that invaded every inch of my body now.


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