Silent Hacker

Maya is not your typical hacker. Ten years ago, her only living family was killed in cold blood. The killers make her take the fall but after ten years in prison, she's become stronger. Now, she hunts the very monsters that hunt others. She's untraceable until she runs into Alec, the Underworld's notorious leader who doesn't seem to be quite human. Things aren't as they seem though, as Maya is pulled into a twisted fate. Maya now has to run from the Underworld boss who wants her as his own and a mysterious hacker who seems to have it out for her. What could possibly go wrong, right? EVERYTHING. I do not own the cover, the picture used is from Pinterest. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage

Blissfullrage · Fantasy
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336 Chs

Hellish Dreams

After tossing and turning for most of the night, I decided to just give up. I walk over to the enormous, floor to ceiling fish tank filled with large koi. Nicko, Jelly bean, Zen and Otis swim in slow strokes, easily calming me. My mind slowly slips back to ten years ago when everything went so horribly wrong.

I had just turned eighteen and my Grandfather had arranged for me to have a Birthday Bash at our large home but that never came to be. I remember giving him a kiss on the cheek that morning... I even remember the smell of the coffee.. "I made you some pancakes Birthday girl! Why don't you have some?" Gramps says taking a sip from his dark coffee.

"I can't, I'm running late. Kelly and Grace are meeting me at the small coffee shop downtown before school." I say as I take a quick sip of the orange juice. I quickly grab my bag and head for the front door. "You were up all night playing games again, weren't you? I told you that it isn't good for your health. At least take a bite!" He yells as I run out the front door with a smile.

He hated that I played games but what can I do? I love games and I love computers, always have, always will. I jump into my little bright blue beetle and take off to the little coffee shop downtown. Suddenly my phone rings. I see Kelly calling so I hit the speaker button "I'm on my way." I say without a hello.

She laughs and says "Happy Birthday Girl!! You know we're totally slipping into club Lux this weekend. My cousin's friend is going to be at the door tonight so we have free access!" I laugh at the thought and I get excited as I say "Well, according to my gramps, we're having a sleepover at your place okay?" She snorts and says "Yeah, yeah we know the drill."

"Okay I'm like ten minutes away, I'll see you there," I say as I quickly hang up. I hear a good song on the radio so I crank it up. I'm enjoying the music as I speed into town but out of nowhere, I'm hit from behind! My small car quickly spins out of control as I hit the metal railing on the side of the highway. The sound of tires screaming and metal tearing is all I can hear as glass rains down all around me. It's all I can remember before I come to a screeching stop upside down.

I try to clear my pounding head as I quickly realize I'm hanging upside down. Luckily, I was saved by my seatbelt. I struggle to unbuckle it but when I finally do, I immediately fall. I grunt at the pain and try my best to crawl out. When I hear the crunch of glass from someone approaching, I quickly call out "Please help me.." the steps come to a stop.

The steps then grow closer as a large man reaches in and helps pulls me out. I'm shaking and on the verge of tears but then I see that the man who pulled me out is also the one who hit me. "Are you okay? What happened?" I ask in a shaky voice as I search for my phone.

"If you don't want us to kill your grandfather, then you'll come with me.. do you understand?" The large man says in a low voice. I take a look at the man.. I mean really look at him and nod my head. What was going on? I'm shoved into the back of a black SUV, then driven back to my very own house. My heart continues to race as my ears pound along with my head.

There are other black SUVs at my house and when we come to a stop, the large man wastes no time in pulling me out of the SUV. He drags me up MY own steps and opens My front door before shoving me in. I stumble in and fall to my knees... right in front of my gramps. "G.. Gramps?" I ask with a shaky voice. He was beaten black and blue.. blood was dripping from his mouth and I'm pretty sure he was now missing teeth... the teeth he just used to smile at me with.

When he hears me, he tries to lift his head but he doesn't have the strength and the sight of it breaks my heart. Tears of fear.. anger..and hurt make their way down my cheeks as I look at the men in our home. "Who are you and what do you want? Why would you do this?" I say with as much courage as I can muster. 

"My, my.. such a brave young girl.. beautiful too. Unfortunately, we're here because your grandfather has something we need... something we want. Now, did he ever talk to you about his work?" The older man asks with a sneer. I look to the older man and shake my head while saying "No, never," I try my best to hold my tears back but I was failing miserably.

"Hmmm, how unfortunate... Carl.." The older man says with a bored look. Another man with a scar across his face steps forward and before I realize what's happening, he cuts my grandfather's finger off causing my Grandfather and I to scream! "I don't know, I really don't!! I'm telling you the truth!! He would always keep his office closed!" I yell and struggle to touch my Grandfather but the man holding me wouldn't allow it.

"No! Don't say another word child... I'm truly sorry my sweet Maya... I tried to protect you... I tried but I have failed." Gramps says as I grow even more confused. "I don't understand Gramps.." I say with tears running down my face. The one in charge laughs as a few men go into my grandfather's office. They quickly come back when they have something in a small black case.

Hello my lovely readers!! This is my second book on here and just like the first one I'm writing it as I go! If you've come here from My other book RETURN then hello and welcome back. I hope everyone enjoys Maya's journey and yes things will get dark.. hot and filled with humor in between! Let's have some fun!! \(^o^)/

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