Silent Caster's Journey:A hero, a villain and a Psychopath

The story follows Onver, a mute character who has endured nightmares since childhood. Bullied relentlessly by his acquaintances and falsely accused by the democratic world of Earth, he experiences a series of misfortunes and terrifying nightmares. Consequently from his childhood, because of that he develops a conflicting bipolar personality that constantly battles between an urge to kill and the suppression of such thoughts. However, Onver's life takes an unexpected turn when he is kidnapped by a secret organization conducting human experiments. He becomes the subject of a torturous experiment and eventually loses his life. but wait he once again Awakens in the same world and same body. Upon awakening, he finds himself back on Earth, only to discover extraordinary hidden realms coexisting alongside Earth. These mystical realms are brimming with magic and inhabitants unlike those on Earth. As the boundaries between those realms blur, with the magical realm encroaching upon Earth, Onver embarks on an epic journey within this wondrous land. Along his path, he must grapple with his internal struggles, confront his haunting past, and unearth the truth hidden within his newfound existence. -------------- [{Warning: This work is purely fiction, and it does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. Please read with caution. This contains hardcore gore and psychologically twisted things }] Tags |Dark| Evil | Mute Mc | Slow pace | Weak to strong| [Antihero] |Wrong to evil |Tragedy | Dark humour | Magical Mystery | No system or reincarnation | Slow development |

Uncle_Moon · Fantasy
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165 Chs

Finally learn telepathy!!

it's time for the last step: manifesting the spell in the real world.

With the energy visualized and harnessed, your focus now shifts to bringing your desired outcome into reality.

This step is crucial, where your intention and concentration hold great significance. With a clear intention in mind, direct the energy towards the desired outcome.

Imagine the spell taking effect, visualize the energy transforming into a physical form, and truly believe in its manifestation. Place your trust in the power of your words and the energy you have harnessed.

As Ailith finished explaining the last step, I had already guessed what it might be. We found ourselves sitting on the sofa, engaged in an intense staring contest.

To break the silence, I took the opportunity to grab my notebook and pen. While writing my question on the page, I asked her:


I posed this question to gain further insight from her. Unfortunately, she confirmed my assumption that music, particularly the flute, would be the means for me to practice magic.

". It may be challenging, but the sound produced by the flute can act as a catalyst for your magic," she explained. "With the use of music, you can achieve the desired outcomes."

Her words made me consider the implications of being a mute unable to use spoken incantations, but having a fondness for playing the flute as my chosen method of magic.

To further emphasize her point, Ailith promptly snapped her fingers, conjuring a bamboo flute into her hand.

"Wow, is that storage magic? It's almost like a game's inventory," I remarked, filled with genuine curiosity. However, my initial excitement took a dark turn as I foolishly started to entertain morbid thoughts.

"Cool, I learn that and use it to store dead bodies," I chuckled darkly, my mind wandering briefly. But I quickly snapped back to reality, realizing the absurdity of my twisted desires.

"No, I won't use it for storing dead bodies," I rebuked my thoughts, determined to maintain my moral compass.

"But just imagine, I could silently eliminate anyone and hide their bodies effortlessly," a sinister voice teased at the back of my mind.

"No!" I firmly rejected the idea, refusing to be swayed by my dark fantasies. Instead, a new mischievous plan emerged.

"However, I could use it to steal cars. Just imagine the reaction of famous actors when their vehicles mysteriously vanish," I pondered aloud, caught in the thrill of playful mischief.

"But the idea of storing a dead body is still intriguing," the dark voice whispered again, attempting to lure me down a dangerous path.

Suppressing these conflicting thoughts, I reminded myself of my original intention: learning magic. I realized that I simply needed to produce the right sound with the flute to cast spells.

Excitedly, I reached for the flute, ready to experiment and learn. However, Ailith's strange expression stopped me in my tracks.

"What are you doing?" She asked, looking at me with confusion.

In my mind, I retorted, "Can't you see, Dumb witch? I'm trying to cast a spell!" But before I could respond, she already anticipated my thoughts.

"But you don't know any spells!" she stated matter-of-factly, leaving me feeling embarrassed and foolish for my hasty actions. I had become so absorbed in my eagerness to learn that I forgot the fundamental step of acquiring knowledge and understanding.

Realizing my mistake, I acknowledged the importance of starting from the basics. Although I felt like a fool at that moment, I remained confident in my ability to learn and create my spells from scratch. However, I decided it would be best to seek guidance from Ailith.

"I apologize for my impulsive approach. Could you please provide me with a spell?" I requested while writing that on a copy, humbled by the need to go back to the fundamentals.

"Yes, of course. Here is a simple spell to start with.

"Send my thoughts in the form of waves, transmit my intention in the air itself, let it act as a medium of intent, head my desire and bend the reality itself ."

. Keep in mind that this is a basic version, and there are more complex spells you can learn," Ailith explained, handing me the instructions.

"This is a very basic version that I created for you. Now, start," Ailith said emotionlessly as if she had just given a piece of candy to a child.

I cannot help but feel mocked by Ailith's indifferent demeanour. You just wait Ailith in no time you will be under me!

However, I choose to disregard her presence and focus on the flute in my hands. It is made of smooth wood, its weight comforting in my grasp. Positioning it horizontally, I ensure that the embouchure hole is facing me, from where the sound will emanate.

Despite my inability to speak, excitement fills me as I bring the flute to my lips. With my fingers covering the holes, I blow gently across the embouchure hole, creating a stream of air. This causes the air inside the flute to vibrate, producing a beautiful sound.

As I continue blowing into the flute, I skillfully adjust the angle of my lips and the strength of my breath to control the pitch and volume of the notes. By changing the combination of holes I cover with my fingers, I can compose a sentence through the language of music.

Lost in the enchanting melodies, I close my eyes and sense a warm, radiant energy surrounding me. Glowing mana particles begin to dance gracefully, swirling and circulating in the air.

As the music flows from my flute, I focus on a specific mana particle, the main node, and its response. Both the music and the mana particle resonate in perfect harmony, their energies intertwining in a delicate balance.

Gradually, the mana particles vibrate and transform, evolving into multiple tiny runic symbols that float suspended in the air. Through the gentle movements of the flute, I endeavour to transfer my thoughts, causing the runic symbols to vibrate in synchrony with my intentions.

With a sense of purpose, I convey my first sentence through the music's rhythm and melody:

"You look like a Milf but you're a teen."

"You look like a Milf but you're a teen."

As I transferred my intent towards Ailith, the tiny runic symbols flew towards her, vibrating in a specific order that mirrored the sentence I had intended. With my eyes closed, I keenly sensed the flow of mana in the surrounding environment, recognizing the intricate patterns of the runic symbols as they entered Ailith's ear.

However, as I cautiously opened my eyes, expecting to see Ailith's reaction to my spell, my heart sank. The sight before me was far from what I had anticipated. It was Ailith who lay before me, injured and unconscious.

A gasp escaped my lips as I noticed that she was bleeding. Blood trickled from her ear, and her eyes appeared as if they were on the verge of bursting.

The injury seemed to have affected her entire body, as her once ample chest now appeared swollen, filled with trapped air.

The condition she was in reminded me of the torment I endured when I was subjected to merciless experiments.