Silent Caster's Journey:A hero, a villain and a Psychopath

The story follows Onver, a mute character who has endured nightmares since childhood. Bullied relentlessly by his acquaintances and falsely accused by the democratic world of Earth, he experiences a series of misfortunes and terrifying nightmares. Consequently from his childhood, because of that he develops a conflicting bipolar personality that constantly battles between an urge to kill and the suppression of such thoughts. However, Onver's life takes an unexpected turn when he is kidnapped by a secret organization conducting human experiments. He becomes the subject of a torturous experiment and eventually loses his life. but wait he once again Awakens in the same world and same body. Upon awakening, he finds himself back on Earth, only to discover extraordinary hidden realms coexisting alongside Earth. These mystical realms are brimming with magic and inhabitants unlike those on Earth. As the boundaries between those realms blur, with the magical realm encroaching upon Earth, Onver embarks on an epic journey within this wondrous land. Along his path, he must grapple with his internal struggles, confront his haunting past, and unearth the truth hidden within his newfound existence. -------------- [{Warning: This work is purely fiction, and it does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. Please read with caution. This contains hardcore gore and psychologically twisted things }] Tags |Dark| Evil | Mute Mc | Slow pace | Weak to strong| [Antihero] |Wrong to evil |Tragedy | Dark humour | Magical Mystery | No system or reincarnation | Slow development |

Uncle_Moon · Fantasy
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165 Chs

Existence crisis

As I slowly opened my eyes, the world around me appeared hazy and distorted. Blinking several times and rubbing my eyes, I attempted to clear my vision and understand my surroundings.

"Where am I?" I wondered.

Moments ago, I had been engaged in a fierce battle with Ailith, and now everything seemed unfamiliar and uneasy.

Questions swirled in my mind, and I couldn't shake off the confusion that enveloped me.

"Did I die?" I questioned, my voice trailing off as I tried to grasp the truth of my situation.

Surveying the room I found myself in, I noticed a modern interior. A king-sized bed stood against one wall, accompanied by a table and mirror. At the far end of the room, a closed door hinted at an exit.

Peculiarly, my clothes lay spread on the floor, the same ones I had been wearing during the battle.

As the realization of my potential demise lingered, I felt caught between the realms of dream and reality. In a desperate attempt to uncover the truth, I rushed towards the door and flung it open, half-expecting to find answers within. To my surprise, the door swung open effortlessly.

Stepping into the hallway beyond, I noticed a set of stairs leading downwards. At the end of the corridor, a spacious room unfolded before me. A giant sofa occupied one corner, facing a television upon which a girl sat, engrossed in watching anime.

Overwhelmed by confusion, I cautiously descended the stairs and approached the girl on the sofa, finally recognizing her as Ailith.

The room revealed more details as I ventured closer—paintings adorned the walls, and contemporary furniture dotted the space. Every inch of the area exuded impeccable cleanliness, heightening the sense of familiarity I felt within its confines.

As I neared Ailith, her gaze met mine, causing me to freeze on the spot. Fear gripped me, unsure of whether I had entered a twisted afterlife.

However, Ailith's calm and collected tone dispelled my apprehension as she calmly made a request.

"Please bring a pen and paper from the nearby table," she stated gesturing me toward a table.

With myriad questions swirling in my mind and my sense of reality slipping, I complied and retrieved the requested items.

Slowly making my way back to Ailith, I observed her turning off the television, silently waiting for me, as though she understood the turmoil within me.

Approaching the sofa where Ailith was perched, her voice resonated softly but firmly, breaking the silence that enveloped us.

"Let us forget what occurred yesterday," she uttered her words reverberating in the room.

Confusion surged within me once more as I attempted to sort through my thoughts, physically expressing my queries by writing them down on the paper and showing it to her.

["What happened yesterday? I am not dead,"]

I scrawled on the paper, my words begging for clarification.

Ailith's expression blossomed into a gentle smile, her knowing gaze meeting mine.

"It was a spell, my dear," she revealed, her voice carrying a sense of reassurance.

"A spell that temporarily deceived your senses, making you believe you had perished."

Relief and curiosity washed over me as I accepted her explanation. I picked up the pen and paper and wrote down another question

:[ "What spell did you use?"]

Eager to understand the mysterious enchantment, I anxiously awaited Ailith's response. She took a moment to gather her thoughts before describing the highly-ranked spell she had used.

According to the classification in the magic realm, it would be considered an S-rank spell. Her words emphasized the complexity of her magic.

She went on to provide intricate details about the spell's effects. When cast, it would sever the connection between consciousness and the physical body. It would trick the mind into perceiving the loss of limbs or even complete unconsciousness, creating an illusion of death.

Awe and fascination filled me as Ailith unveiled the intricacies of her magic. The world of magic was far more captivating than I had ever imagined.

The realization that such spells existed, capable of altering perceptions and playing tricks on the mind, filled me with wonder and excitement.

Ailith abruptly shifted the topic, directing the conversation to focus on a different subject - my identity.

Her sudden shift caught me off guard, interrupting my fascination with magic. She wanted to discuss something different: who I truly was. I was unsure how to respond as she began speaking about the unconventional concept of absorbing someone's essence.

"In the beginning, while you were in your egg form, the first person you absorbed was Onver," she confidently declared. Her words lingered in the air, leaving me puzzled about her revelation.

I couldn't help but notice Ailith's captivating body language during her explanation. She leaned forward, her eyes shining with excitement, as she shared her theories. "Onver's body was used as the initial vessel for your incubation," she continued.

Ailith's energy and enthusiasm were evident as she revealed her belief that the original Onver had died during an experiment, and his body had been repurposed to lay the foundation for my existence. Her hands moved emphatically, underscoring the gravity of her words. Occasionally, her gaze would wander towards me, searching for any signs of recognition or understanding.

These claims left me with a mixture of emotions - confusion, disbelief, and a slight touch of fear. Ailith's assertions seemed outlandish, yet there was a peculiar sense of familiarity in her words. It was as if fragments of memories and my identity were slowly connecting in my mind. Questions surged within me, eager to unveil the truth and unravel the enigma of my existence.

Silence enveloped the room as I grappled with the weight of her words. The air felt thick as I contemplated the implications of Ailith's explanations. Who was I, truly? Had I genuinely absorbed someone's essence? My thoughts clamoured for answers, driving me to seek the truth and understand the depths of my being.