Silent Caster's Journey:A hero, a villain and a Psychopath

The story follows Onver, a mute character who has endured nightmares since childhood. Bullied relentlessly by his acquaintances and falsely accused by the democratic world of Earth, he experiences a series of misfortunes and terrifying nightmares. Consequently from his childhood, because of that he develops a conflicting bipolar personality that constantly battles between an urge to kill and the suppression of such thoughts. However, Onver's life takes an unexpected turn when he is kidnapped by a secret organization conducting human experiments. He becomes the subject of a torturous experiment and eventually loses his life. but wait he once again Awakens in the same world and same body. Upon awakening, he finds himself back on Earth, only to discover extraordinary hidden realms coexisting alongside Earth. These mystical realms are brimming with magic and inhabitants unlike those on Earth. As the boundaries between those realms blur, with the magical realm encroaching upon Earth, Onver embarks on an epic journey within this wondrous land. Along his path, he must grapple with his internal struggles, confront his haunting past, and unearth the truth hidden within his newfound existence. -------------- [{Warning: This work is purely fiction, and it does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. Please read with caution. This contains hardcore gore and psychologically twisted things }] Tags |Dark| Evil | Mute Mc | Slow pace | Weak to strong| [Antihero] |Wrong to evil |Tragedy | Dark humour | Magical Mystery | No system or reincarnation | Slow development |

Uncle_Moon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
165 Chs

Dream or reality

As I float in the empty void of space, a realization strikes me - I have died. A pang of disappointment washes over me as I recollect succumbing to my intrusive thoughts, seemingly leading to my demise.

However, a memory from a fantasy novel I once read surfaces in my mind, where the protagonist met an absurd end by simply turning off their mobile phone's night mode. The recollection helps alleviate my sadness.

While contemplating my surroundings, my gaze is drawn towards a colossal planet ahead. It seems to be at least five times larger than Earth.

Attempting to lighten my mood and distract myself from fear, I momentarily jest, "Holy moly, why does it resemble an egg? Perhaps I should try making an omelette." The absurdity of the thought momentarily alleviates my anxiety and helps divert my attention from the fear of the unknown.

Uncertainty still lingers, unsure if I am alive or dead, uncertain if this is a dream, reality, or a part of the afterlife. As I focus on the planet-like objects before me, I notice not just one, but two massive eggs floating in front of me.

Both eggs share a pitch-black hue, capturing my attention. The first egg is adorned with intricate white carvings, reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphs. Its vast size dwarfs any structure I have ever encountered, evoking a sense of overwhelming immensity. The contrasting white carvings against the darkness of the egg create a mesmerizing visual.

As I continue to observe the eggs, I notice that they are not stationary but are moving towards me. Fear grips me as I wonder what will happen when they reach me.

Will they harm me, or will they be my salvation? These thoughts consume my mind as I brace myself for what is to come.

The second egg, though similar in appearance, is covered in black runic symbols instead of white carvings.

These symbols are unfamiliar to me, yet they exude captivating allure. In their presence, I feel minuscule and insignificant, as if they hold ancient wisdom and profound secrets.

Drawn closer to the colossal eggs, a profound sense of awe overtakes me. Fear intertwines with wonder and confusion, coursing through my spectral form. Despite being in the afterlife, my heart pulsates with excitement and curiosity. It makes me question if I am truly within the realm of the departed.

Suddenly, as I float between these two colossal eggs, they begin to violently tremble, sending shockwaves through space. Vibrations ripple through my ethereal body, even in my non-living state.

A moment of stillness ensues, shattering as the eggs crack abruptly. The sound of the cracks reverberates into the vastness, accompanied by a deep and resonating boom.

Simultaneously, a peculiar and disconcerting storm forms around the eggs, its colours blindingly bright and ever-shifting like a free-spirited kaleidoscope unleashed in space. Irreversible chaos and transformation permeate the atmosphere.

Transfixed, I watch as the cracks widen, giving birth to immense and powerful storms comprised of particles in countless hues. These storms surpass any sight I have ever beheld, escalating in intensity and scale with each passing moment.

As the storms expand, they begin to absorb everything around them, including the planets that lie beyond the eggs. I watch as the planets are slowly consumed by the storms, until they are nothing more than a swirl of particles, merging and interacting with the expanding multicoloured tempest.

The sounds of the cracking eggs, the booms of expanding particles, and the roar of the growing storms all meld together to create a symphony of chaos and destruction. In the midst of it all, I can only watch in awe as the universe is transformed before my very eyes.

Before II have a chance to process what I am witnessing, another resounding boom reverberates through the expanse of darkness. The remaining fragments of the shattered eggshell converge together, moulding and transforming into ancient, intricate cloth that hangs in the void.

Perplexed and filled with an increasing mix of fear and curiosity, I try to make sense of my surroundings. However, before I can unravel the enigma before me, an inexplicable pressure bears down upon me. It is a weight that seems to penetrate my very core, unsettling my sense of reality.

And then, with another deafening boom, my lower body disappears. Panic and dread seize my being, saturating my thoughts. The cacophony of booms intensifies, drowning out any coherent thinking as darkness engulfs my vision.

In this newfound obscurity, my senses are disoriented, and I find myself in an unfamiliar room. The air feels heavy and dense, causing a chill to run down my spine. Confusion infiltrates my thoughts as I question my existence. "Am I dead or alive? Where am I? I was in the middle of a battle with Ailith. And now I am in the middle of the room."