Silent Caster's Journey:A hero, a villain and a Psychopath

The story follows Onver, a mute character who has endured nightmares since childhood. Bullied relentlessly by his acquaintances and falsely accused by the democratic world of Earth, he experiences a series of misfortunes and terrifying nightmares. Consequently from his childhood, because of that he develops a conflicting bipolar personality that constantly battles between an urge to kill and the suppression of such thoughts. However, Onver's life takes an unexpected turn when he is kidnapped by a secret organization conducting human experiments. He becomes the subject of a torturous experiment and eventually loses his life. but wait he once again Awakens in the same world and same body. Upon awakening, he finds himself back on Earth, only to discover extraordinary hidden realms coexisting alongside Earth. These mystical realms are brimming with magic and inhabitants unlike those on Earth. As the boundaries between those realms blur, with the magical realm encroaching upon Earth, Onver embarks on an epic journey within this wondrous land. Along his path, he must grapple with his internal struggles, confront his haunting past, and unearth the truth hidden within his newfound existence. -------------- [{Warning: This work is purely fiction, and it does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. Please read with caution. This contains hardcore gore and psychologically twisted things }] Tags |Dark| Evil | Mute Mc | Slow pace | Weak to strong| [Antihero] |Wrong to evil |Tragedy | Dark humour | Magical Mystery | No system or reincarnation | Slow development |

Uncle_Moon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
165 Chs

Background information

'Wait, why am I questioning my existence?" 

'I am Onver, and I distinctly remember the hardships I have faced in life. I recall the cruelty of baseless accusations from society and the suffering inflicted upon me by meaningless rules and regulations. I have been taken advantage of by people and used by hypocritical individuals in this supposedly democratic country. 

The memories of my horrific nightmares and the ordeals in the orphanage have left an indelible mark on my very being. 

As I reflect upon these experiences, it becomes clear to me that this "bitchy Witch" is attempting to manipulate my thoughts and emotions, diligently working to break down my defences against her.

This Witch has a specific agenda, a hidden motive that she desperately seeks from me. Despite disregarding my physical actions towards her, one must consider the fact that no man would let slip the chance to engage in such intimate activity. Absolutely nobody.

It is essential to note that she was the one who invited me to partake in that behaviour, blurring the lines of consent. This Witch's actions can only be categorized as manipulative, skillfully employing various tactics to fulfil her objectives. 

By employing psychological strategies, she initially enticed me to make physical contact with her, leading to attempts at intimacy. Subsequently, she used that as leverage to guilt-trap me, aiming to dismantle any barriers I may have had against her. Her intentions are far from pure, as she cunningly plays with my mind, emotionally disarming me to establish control.

However, the fervour with which the Witch pursues me suggests that she is in dire need of something from me. Whether it is a resource, emotional support, or a secret agenda, her relentless efforts to keep me by her side indicate that I possess something she desires. This explains why she goes to such great lengths to maintain our connection, even amidst adversity, even after my misguided attempt to physically assault her.

As these thoughts mature within me, anger fills my core. This witch manipulated my actions. She first lured me towards her and then feigned innocence, shifting all the blame onto me. Writing on her hand may be seen as a form of sensual stimulation, considering how forcefully I pressed my fingers into her skin, but it does not amount to an aphrodisiac technique. At most, it could be seen as a form of massage, nothing more. Reaching this conclusion is a testament to the manipulation at play.

She manipulates me by exploiting my actions and decisions, guilt-trapping me in the process.

"F*cking low life, how could I be so thoughtless!"

"I will have my revenge!"

"I'll hang her on a pillar and burn her alive."

"No, what the hell am I thinking? I won't kill her, besides, I am powerless."

"But just the thought of her agonized screams, they would be like a melody to my ears."

"No, I will not. Besides, I am powerless, and she knows magic."

"If she's more powerful than me, I'll splash acid on her while she sleeps."

"No, I won't tarnish her beauty by doing that."

"Wait, why the hell did my thoughts become so terrifying? Thinking of killing and torture is not right."

"But these new methods... when I become powerful, I may try them."

"No, I will not attempt it. I can't waste her gorgeous figure for baseless revenge."

"Wait, what the hell am I thinking? Not wasting her beauty?"

"Yes, you're thinking right."


Just as my thoughts swirl in a dark and disturbing direction, Ailith picks up a file from nearby.

"Wait, where the hell did this file come from?" I question, taken aback.

She hands me the file and explains, "This file contains all the background information about Onver. All that can be gathered."

"But there's something strange. There's no record of his childhood in here, the first ten years seem to have been erased by someone."

"And the most mysterious thing is that Onver himself doesn't remember a single bit of it."

"But there's one recurring element - he has nightmares. Terrifying nightmares where he sees himself and a family of three being killed."

"Sometimes, he suffers from dreams filled with torture, seeing himself being subjected to various methods of torment."

"In each nightmare, he witnesses the family being tormented, especially the child. And often, he sees the world disintegrating, turning into particles and vanishing, leaving behind an endless void."

I stare at Ailith, questioning how she managed to acquire so much information.

"Don't stare at me. Read the file. I know you can read," she says, commanding me to follow her order.

Complying with her words, I reluctantly open the file, my mind racing with confusion and intrigue.


Full Name: Onver  C Nergy

Age: 23

Birthplace: Indrani City, India (Gita Lock Hospital)

Birth Date: July 5, 2002

High School Education: Ultra Senior High School 

Education Degree: MS in Anatomy 

University: Koyatoni University, Japan 

Current Location: Unknown

Physical Description: Onver has striking red eyes and black hair. His oval face is accentuated by a sharp jawline. He has pale skin and a slim body. However, his depressed look hints at a lack of sleep and a troubled mind.

Background Information:

- Early Life and Childhood: No details have been found about Onver's first ten years of life.

- Notable Life Events: Onver has been a victim of bullying and is also a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend.

- Family Background and Relationships: Onver grew up in an orphanage in Japan called Heiwa to Han'ei. He has no known family and only a few limited friends.

- Key Personality Traits: Onver is aggressive and has a toxic bipolar personality. He is stubborn, has a high IQ, is antisocial, shows psychopathic tendencies, is opportunistic, observant, and displays signs of PTSD. He is also an obsessive learner.

- Career Path Profession: Onver holds an MS in Anatomy.

- Skills: Onver possesses basic nursing skills, basic marketing skills, and basic knowledge of engineering, philosophy, and art. He is also a musician.

- Hobbies: Onver enjoys playing the flute, reading, and learning new skills.

Last Seen:

- Location: Onver was last seen in Tokyo at the Library of Heaven's Path on October 12, 2023.

As I turned to the next page, my heart filled with fear and shock as I read what was written. The details of my troubled past and my disturbing personality traits were enough to make anyone uneasy. My aggressive and toxic bipolar personality, coupled with my psychopathic tendencies, made me wonder what I  was capable of. Despite my high IQ and various skills, my troubled past and current state of mind made me a dangerous individual who can turn into a ministerial killer.