1 Damon Rivelea

World Austonia

In the world of Austonia, there are 3 Continents. The Abyssal Continent where Abyssal Monsters exist, killing any other living being found on that continent. The abyssal monsters release an aura of corruption, destruction and darkness that has completely corrupted that continent, making any living being that stays there for too long become corrupted.

The second continent is the Monsters Continent. The Monster continent is where Devil Monsters primarily control. Devil Monsters are monsters that have no chance of gaining sentience and thus kill anyone they come across. The Monster Continent is the smallest continent yet due to the power of the Devil Monsters, no-one dares to go over there and conquer the continent.

Finally, the Divine Continent. The Divine Continent is a continent where all of the sentient beings in the world live. From Demons, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Demi-Humans, Humans and even more races all live on this continent. Although there are conflicts between the different sentient races, with the increasing threat of the Abyssal Monsters who had been attempting to take over the Divine Continent, the race alliance has been made.

-Divine Demon Empire, Divine Continent

The Divine Demon Empire was the only Demon Empire on the entire continent, lead by the Rivelea Family, it was extraordinarily powerful.

The Entire Demon Empire spanned an absolutely massive amount of space and was even larger compared to the largest continent on Earth. It was the home to the strongest and most noble demons on the entire Divine Continent. There are many types of Demons, such as Succubus, Incubus, Vampires, Lich etc. Unlike what they're made out to be,

The appearance of Demons can vary, but one known thing is all Demons aside from Lich ( since they have no hair ) have Red hair and Red Eyes. Most normal demons have horns on their head alongside dark black wings. However, the most noticable feature of Demons ( aside from Vampires where they have Pale Skin ) is birthmarks that looked like bluish black tattoos that covered a certain portion of their skin.

Inside the Capital of the Divine Demon Empire, the luxurious buildings were everywhere. The echo of conversations wrung out as persons of many races walked to and fro. Vampires who where strong enough to sit in the sun shared a drink whereas Incubus' and Succubus'paraded around the brothels, indulging in carnal desire to express themselves and grow stronger.

The Capital of the Divine Demon Empire was called Lily City, named after the first Demon Sovereign and Empress, Lilith, the first ever female Demon. Lily City was home to the strongest and most influential demons in existence alongside their descendants. Only those with very high status or high strength were allowed to live in this city, as Divine Demon Empire was a place where strength was the key factor.

At the moment, inside a massive luxurious palace, inside the bedroom nearest to the master bedroom sat a young man on his bed. The room was huge, consisting of a luxurious king sized bed where the frame was made with wood from Treats and the bed was made from silk and feathers of various races. The room also had a workspace, where a top tier PC was present and a bathroom. There was also a Training Room inside of this bedroom which had the most expensive and useful facilities imaginable.

The young man sitting on this bed was extraordinarily handsome even for a his young age as he looked about 9 or 10 years old. He was only around 5'1 tall with brilliant golden hair and heterochromia eyes with one being blood red and one being a brilliant golden colour.

He had a brilliant black,gold and red dragon tattoo marking his shoulders with twin dragons wrapping down his right and left arms. Although he was only ten years old, his body was very fit.

Looking in front of him at the floating screen that appeared in front of his eyes, the young man sighed. His system that he was promised after he had died in his first life had finally arrived. Some might think how could he remember the memories of his past life, but that was simply how the young man was.

In his past life on the planet called Earth, he was simply a department head at a large company and died of overworking with no wife or girlfriend. He was a massive fan of Anime, Novels and Mangas and spent all of his free time reading and watching these mediums. Then randomly one day, as he was out walking towards the store to purchase the latest released Mangas and Novels for his favorite series to currently read, he was run over by a massive truck...Truck-kun if you want to call it that.

Then, after death, he had met the Supreme God of the Omni-Verse. He was told the Supreme God, Aphelios, had sent Truck-Kun to kill someone who would've later slaughtered the entire planet Earth and then accidentally had Truck-Kun kill him at the same time. To make up for it, Supreme God Aphelios gave the young man some cheats and shipped him off to his new life, where he was born and raised in peace and luxury as Damon Rivelea.

In this world, his mother was the twin sister of the Demon Emperor of the Divine Demon Empire. His mother was the Demon Grand Duchess, the only Grand Duke, and the only Grand Marshall of the Demon Empire, with authority only below the Demon Emperor himself. His mother's name is Sapphire Rivelea.

Damon's mother Sapphire alongside her brother, Demon Emperor Argus, had obtained an ancient treasure with gave her the Eternal Origin Succubus Bloodline, a Divine Grade Bloodline that gave her the power of the very first Succubus, the strongest Succubus.The ancient treasure gave her brother, the Demon Emperor, the Eternal Origin Vampire Bloodline, a Divine Grade Bloodline that gave him the power of the very first Vampire, the strongest Vampire. These bloodlines were infinitely stronger than any other Demon alive and allowed the duo to dominate and rule the Divine Demon Empire, turning it into the strongest Empire in the world.

However, Damon had never met his father, but knew his father was a Divine Chaos Angelic Dragon. Divine Chaos Angelic Dragons were Supreme Emperors among Dragons and had a very close connection to the Angel Race from the Oblivion Spirit World. However, this race of Dragons was very rare, with his father being one of the single digit remaining Divine Chaos Angelic Dragons.

Due to him inheriting both of the bloodlines and being a half-demon, Damon had different features than other demons, such as his brilliant golden hair and heterochromia eyes with one being blood red and one being a brilliant golden colour. His Unique Demon tattoo was also different compared to other Demons, being black,gold and red dragon compared to the just black of other demons.

Damon had lived in luxury his entire childhood, being pampered by his mother since he was her only child. Damon had a maid for everything he could have and had guards protecting him 24/7. On the Divine Continent, other than Demons. There were many races such as Dwarves, Elves, Humans,Dragons and many others.

There were also the dark enemies of all races, Abyssal Monsters. Abyssal Monsters are monsters which permeate the endless darkness that is the abyss and come to the world to corrode the world in endless darkness and despair. The Abyssal Monsters are ruled by the Lords of the Abyss. They control the Abyssal Continent.

In this world of magic, there were unknown dangers everywhere and ones strength meant everything. Damon wasn't allowed to train until he was 10. Since at 10 years old, Damon would awaken his mana in the awakening ceremony like all other children and have his talent tested. Thankfully, today was his 10th birthday and the awakening ceremony was tomorrow.

However, like the Omni-Versal God Aphelios told him, at 10 years old he would awaken his system. Damon awakened his system earlier. It was a Divine Sign-In System that allowed him to Sign-In every day for different rewards. However before opening his Newcomer Gift-Package, Damon was looking at his status, and he was not impressed.

No, he was FURIOUS!

[ Name: Damon Rivelea ]

[Race: Half Incubus - Half Divine Chaos Angelic Dragon ]

[ Mana Realm: None ]

[ Mana Technique: None ]

[Talent ( Potential ) : No Talent ( Host has Divine Grade Talent initially, but was cursed at Birth to have No Talent ]

Damon looked at the Talent section in shock. No Talent? Cursed? Damon simply couldn't believe it. Didn't he specifically request Aphelios to make him supremely talented?

"System explain. Wasn't I supposed to be born with talent above this world's upper limit and be safe for my early life. How am I cursed now and why wasn't I protected?"

[ Host was cursed by the Talent Devouring Abyssal Curse! It's a curse that originates from the Abyss and the curses purpose is to devour the talent of who the curse is casted on and then transplant that talent into another person. All of the host's talent was devoured by the curse over the years. The reason the host wasn't protected was because the contents of the NewComer Gift Package would remove the curse and provide items that would make the host's talent even stronger than what was devoured by the curse. As for who cursed the host, host needs to find that out for himself. ]

Damon read the System's responsed and sighs in relief. If he actually had no talent whatsorever then he might've killed himself. After all, he would be embarrassed and probably killed off with no talent. Thankfully, the system had his back.

"System, open the Divine Grade Newcomer Gift Package." Damon muttered in his mind.

[ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Body Of Chaos ]

[ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Primordial Chaos Mana and Spirit Technique. ]

[ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Divine Bloodline Ancestral Potion. ]

Damon turned and immediately inspected the various rewards to see their effects and how they would benefit him.

[ Body Of Chaos - The Strongest Physique Created from the Primordial Chaos itself. Allows its owner to absorb the purest natural mana in the world and covert it to elements of any attribute. The Body Of Chaos gives the host Primordial Chaos Grade Talent which is even higher than this worlds upper talent limit of Divine and the Body Of Chaos will remove the curse on the host, sending immense backlash to whoever casted it. ]

[ Primordial Chaos Mana and Spirit Technique - The Primordial Chaos Mana and Spirit Technique is a Cultivation Technique born from the Primoridal Chaos itself. It perfectly complements the Body Of Chaos and also allows the host to simultaneously Cultivate Spiritiual Power to become a World Spiritist. It is the Strongest Mana Technique and the Strongest Spirit Technique in existence. The technique makes the host undefeatable within their Realm. This is a Primordial Chaos Grade Technique. ]

[ Divine Bloodline Ancestral Potion - A potion that allows its user to merge the two bloodlines in his body into one supreme extraordinary bloodline and significantly improve the quality of the new bloodline. With the two bloodlines combined, the Host would gain a Dragon Heart that allows the Host to Transform into a Unique Race of Dragon. The Dragon Heart also strengthens the hosts body and mana. The combined bloodline also improves the power of the host's Incubus powers such as Charm and finally will make the host become a completely unique race called Primordial Incubus Angelic Dragon. The hosts Bloodline will become a Primordial Chaos Grade Bloodline, but all descendants will only be the Divine Grade at max.]

Damon smiled. The Physique was awesome.Damon knew there were many special physiques in the world such as the Immortal Frost and Flames Physique, The Light and Darkness Saint Physique and The Indestructible Tyrant Physique.

However the Body Of Chaos Physique was the best. He knew there were many elements such as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Light, Darkness, Space, Illusion and many others.

However, he knew that most geniuses could only use 4 elements. Supreme one in a quadrillion Geniuses could use 5 elements. And Damon's Mother and the Demon Emperor could use 6 due to their primordial bloodline.

However, Damon had the Body of Chaos which made him able to use all elements making him the only person in the world with that ability. Damon's Physique also made his own Physical Body stronger, even compared to his fellow Demons and Dragons. He had the strongest Physical Body, the strongest elemental ability and could transform into a Dragon, wouldn't he be invincible.

And the Divine Bloodline Ancestral Potion was also incredible.

Damon's mother was already called the greatest genius ever but it was all due to finding a treasure and being gifted the Eternal Origin Bloodline, a Divine Grade Bloodline.Now that Damon could merge his mother and father's bloodlines, making himself a new and supreme race that was unstoppable, won't he just be invincible even among those a realm above him. How could he not be excited!

Damon immediately prepared to use the rewards!

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