4 Awakening Ceremony Part-2

Inside Zynx Stadium, countless demon children, both noble and commoner stood, waiting for the awakening ceremony to finally begin. Damon stood continuing to make small talk, yet he could feel that although persons acted enthusiastically when speaking to him, they were completely hiding their emotions.

Damon's newly improved body courtesy of his rewards allowed him to see the microexpressions of many people chatting with him, and his knowledge from two lifetimes easily allowed him to see fake sincerity from real sincerity.

Damon knew this was because his background was incredibly strong, however growing up he refused to participate in meetings with other younger generation nobles, as he knew what they would be a waste of time.

However, as Damon was making conversation, he sensed a massive amount of hostility directed towards him for a split second. Turning towards the direction of the hostility, Damon realized it originated from a younger Dragon sitting two seats away from the Divine Demon Emperor.

The young Dragon looked slightly older than Damon, and was also very handsome but not as much as Damon. He is rather tall for his age with blond hair and blue eyes that had a slit due to his draconic characterists. Damon wondered what he would look like in his natural dragon form.

If Damon remembered correctly, this young Dragon was Antares Flandre, he was the son of Damon's father's brother, Damon's cousin. Damon knew that Antares had awakened not too long ago and had awakened Divine Grade 2 Star talent, and was the most talented of the Flandre families younger generation. He was basically guaranteed to become the next family head.

Unlike other families which chose their heads by inheritance or the choice of the current head, the Flandre Family, which is the ruling family among Dragons, chose their heir based on strength, and Antares would definitely become the strongest younger generational member due to his talent.

Damon was confused as to why Antares held such hostility towards him, yet he simply ignored it and turned away, remembering to keep that occurence in mind.

At this moment, a tall male demon entered the room. Although Damon was unawakened, he and everyone else could feel the terrifying mana pressure emitted from that male demon. It was overpowering, and made the very air thick. The male demon came to an elevated platform in everyone's view and spoke.

"My name is Karthas, a Demon General under the Grand Marshall, and I will be conducting this Awakening Ceremony. As you all know, once your name is called, you will head to the room on the left and begin your awakening process. This process will be broadcasted to everyone through the Magical Camera's." Karthus' voice held immense authority and compelled everyone to listen immediately.

"First up, Thwain!" Karthus spoke. Immediately, a young man from a Noble Demon family who happened to be sitting two rows behind Damon. The rows were aligned with the ranking of the Nobles Children's Families.

In the front row from the Royal Family was a beautiful crimson haired lady, the daughter of the Divine Demon Emperor, then there was Damon from the Grand Duchess household, the Dukes, Marquess, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons.

However, the young man's face was very dark, ever since the start of the Awakening Ceremony, the entire crowds eyes were on Damon, even the Divine Demon Princess glanced at Damon occasionally, which drove him crazy, he had known the Divine Demon Princess for over a decade, meeting her at various events for Noble socialization and trying his hardest to please her, yet Damon appears and she immediately gives him attention.

What a joke!

Thwain felt like these commoners in the crowd were disrespecting him greatly. He wants to awaken a high level talent, become the most talented demon in this awakening ceremony, and rise to the top alongside his family.

Thinking about it, the young man strutted up to the awakening room. The awakening room was a white marble room with ancient runes covering all of the walls. These runes not only increased the density of mana in the room, but also the quality of mana. This allows for the awakening process to be easier and have a higher chance of success.

In the middle of the room was a blood red Gem and a Dark Blue Gem. These were a Mana Gem and Spirit Gem respectively. Mana Gems were highly powerful and effective Gems which dropped when Abyssal Monsters were killed. These Gems would also be naturally created when the mana density of a place reaches to intense levels, leading to the mana solidifying into Mana Gems.

Mana Gems had many uses, and powered basically everything in the world, including awakening ceremonies. The Mana Gem in this room was Saint Ranked, as the higher quality of Gem used, the higher change of a potentially higher talent.

Similarly, the Spirit Gem was used to the awakening of Spiritual Energy, but awakening spiritual energy was exceptionally rare.

In order to Awaken, a person would use the Mana and Spirit Gems and insert the mana and spirit power inside of their body, cleansing and nourishing their body with Mana. Finally, for a Demon, they would move the remaining mana to their Heart, transforming it into a Mana Heart and use the Spirit Power to nourish their soul which would successfully complete the awakening ceremony.

If the talent is successfully awakened, the level of talent would be judged by the light emitted from the Mana Gem.

For higher level Abilities, visions may appear. These visions are manifestations of the power awakened. And the movements caused by those awakening insanely high talents may shock the entire world.

For instance, when someone last awakened a Divine Grade Talent, a massive beam of light illuminated the skies across the entire world and intense water storms flooded the surrounding area as they awakened.

Here, Thwain awakened, however, the light could barely be noticed.

"Thwain, Mortal Grade 5 Star Mana Talent. No World Spiritist Talent." Karthus announced as Thwain walked out of the room, all blood drained from his face as he turned pale. Mortal Grade, for a Noble like him, that was embarrassing, in fact, he might be disowned.

The awakening ceremony continued on, and a mixture of Nobles and Commoners all went into the awakening room to test their luck. Hours passed, yet most persons awakened from the Mortal - Heavenly Range.

1 commoner awakened at the Venerable Grade talent and some higher nobles awakened Venerable Grade or Immortal Grade. One Noble, the son of a Duke, even awakened Saint Grade 3 Star Talent, and was destined for greatness.

"Next up, Sonna Rivelea." Karthus' voice rang out, and everyone's eyes dashed to the beautiful young lady sitting in the first row. The young lady had has thick, wavy red hair that is a shade of crimson, a pair of beautiful blood red eyes and luscious red lips. She was around 5'6, which was tall for a 10 year old Demon and walked elegantly towards the Awakening Room. Entering, she touched the two gems and began her awakening process.

Ten ( 10 ) minutes into her awakening process, a massive blood red wave suddenly shot out.

Flowing like a ocean of eternal blood, it quickly swept across the entire Awakening Square and the shot into the sky. Suddenly, the flourescent blue sky turned into a blanket of Blood, covering the world. The air grew immensely thick, and some mortals even passed out, the scent of blood covering the entire area.

Damon's brows furrowed as he paid attention.

Blood Red Rune emerged and began covering Sonna's body, before spinning across her body faster and faster. Suddenly, blood rain began falling from the skies all over the world. After another 5 minutes, the vision came to an end, and Sonna exited the room.

"Sonna Rivelea, Divine Grade 2 Star Mana Talent and Saint Grade 1 Star World Spiritist Talent." Everyone was still immersed in the vision that occured when Sonna awakened, but hearing Karthus' voice, they immediately exploded in delight.

"Miss Sonna is worthy of being your Daughter Argus, with her talent, she'll easily become one of the most talented younger generation's in the world." A Dragon sitting right next to Argus spoke in a flattering tone.

"Hahaha! That's natural, after all, she is my daughter! However, I heard your son Antares awakened Divine Grade 2 Star Mana Talent and Immortal Grade 4 Star World Spiritist Talent, he'll also be incredibly successful." Argus responded to the Dragon next to him, who was revealed to be Antares' father, named Varus, the current head of the Flandre Family.

"But don't forget, more and more Divine Grades are appearing. The Elves, Faires, Dwarves all have one, and the Abyssal Monsters are becoming more powerful as well. I wonder how talented her son will be." Varus spoke, yet at the end of his worlds, a cunning smirk flashed across his face.

The rest of the crowd were all cheering, celebrating the Divine Demon Empire held another Divine Grade Talent. After a while, the final person was called up.

"Finally, Damon Rivelea." At his name , the crowd quietened completely. To the entire Divine Demon Empire, Damon was a complete mystery, as he almost never left the Palace of the Grand Duchess.

Damon walked into the awakening room and held the two gems and began transmitting the Mana and Spirit Power throughout his entire body, cleansing it. The mana poured into all of Damon's blood, pores, bones ,veins and every other part of his body. Finally Damon began channeling the mana towards his heart, strengthening his hart to form a Mana Heart while he imbued his soul with Spirit Power. As Damon imbued his heart with more Mana, it grew darker and darker, until it became black.

Then, as he completed his awakening, using the excess Mana and Spirit Power, Damon washed across his body and strengthened his foundation.

Meanwhile suddenly, a massive wave of eternal pitch black darkness imploded from Damon;s body. The terrifying darkness covered the entire Awakening Area.

It was as if a jet black sun came down to the world, reflecting the earth into a world of darkness. No matter everything, at this moment, is dyed black!

And that piece of darkness swept out of the awakening arenaand in the blink of an eye, expanded outward, covering not only the city, but stretching out and covering the entire world. Suddenly, a massive beam of purple light shot up,illuminating the world and catching everyone's attention.

Beings from other Empires noticed the obvious vision and where it came from, wondering how the Divine Demon Empire had 2 Divine Grade Talents.

The beam of purple light expanded and grew higher and higher, before shifting and forming into something. The entire world watched as from the purple light surrounded in eternal darkness emerged, a huge, muscular shadow with glowing flame-like purple hair, glowing purple eyes, two curved black horns, and sharp claws. He also wore jet-black armor and a long smoky black cloak, and wielded a pure black sword. The gigantic shadow tall enough to touch the skies stood there proudly and thousands, no, tens of thousands of black lightning bolts could also be seen violently roiling and crackling beyond the shoulders of this black shadow.

Suddenly, a thick aura of death flooded the world. The death aura was terrifying and absolute, and shocked everyone at it's immense power that came only from an awakening ceremony, leaving everyone to wonder about how powerful the awakened person would be when they grow up.

Suddenly, a white light erupted next to the purple light and expanded before shifting into burly white knight with large white wings, long silver hair, and glowing white eyes. He also wore silver robes with light tan armor and a grayish-blue cloak, and wielded a white sword with a light tan guard and a gray hilt. Tens of thousands of spears of light and life illuminated the world from the darkness and cleansed the death aura covering the world.

As time passed, the intense vision disappeared, and the entire world remained silent as Damon walked out of the room.

" Damon Rivelea, Divine Grade 5 Star Mana Talent and Divine Grade 5 Star World Spiritist Talent."

At those words, the entire awakening square was in pin-drop silence.

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