Sign In To The Body Of Chaos At The Start

Damon was reincarnated into a magical fantasy world with his previous life's memories intact. Damon became the a half Primordial Incubus Demon- Half Divine Dragon and was the son of the Grand Duchess of the Divine Demon Empire. At this moment, Damon obtained the Divine Sign- in system. [ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Body Of Chaos ] [ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Eyes of Oblivion ] [ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Divine Blood-soaked Sword ] Watch Damon's adventures as in the Mythological World of Austonia as he slays all his enemies on the way to becoming the strongest of them all. ( There will be SMUT )

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70 Chs

Awakening Ceremony - The End!

As time passed, the intense vision disappeared, and the entire world remained silent as Damon walked out of the room.

" Damon Rivelea, Divine Grade 5 Star Mana Talent and Divine Grade 5 Star World Spiritist Talent."

At those words, the entire awakening square was in pin-drop silence. The host's voice fell onto the ears of the entire awakening square, sending them into completely silence due to shock.

All of their gazes at Damon turned from curiosity to admiration and reverence. At this moment, the name Damon Rivelea would be etched into the memory of everyone present there.

"Divine 5 Star Mana and World Spiritist, INCREDIBLE!"

"As expected of the Son of the Grand Marshall, the highest talent possible."

Everyone in the crowd was discussing, with envy in their voices, and the eyes of the girls in the crowd were glittering with an emotion slightly different from admiration, especially the Divine Demon Princess, Sonna Rivelea, whose eyes were wide from shock and intense admiration, with a hint of lust.

However, two person's faces were very ugly, not in looks but in expression, they were the pair of Dragon's that had attended the ceremony, Damon's family on his father's side, Varus Flandre, and his son, Antares Flandre and they looked furious.

Antares Flandre was especially angry, his face violently red with anger as his eyes glowed in annoyance. When he saw Sonna Rivelea looking at Damon with such admiration, he almost flew to Damon to kill Damon himself, but was hurriedly held back by his father who also had an ugly face.

"Calm down, If we make a scene here, everything we did will be revealed." Varus telepathically spoke to Antares as he stopped the boy from doing anything further, but Antares' anger still couldn't be squashed.

"DAMN! DAMN! DAMMNIT!! That slut ignored me and pushed me away even when I awakened Divine 2 Star Mana and Immortal 4 Star World Spiritist, yet she's looking at him like a dumb bimbo. Besides, how the fuck is his talent so high, this should be impossible. I'll get the Dragon Shadows to make that bastard PAY!" Antares thought in anger, he couldn't believe the situation.

When Antares met Sonna for the first time, he was hypnotised by her intense beauty. As a Dragon, he had immense lust and could barely hold himself back seeing such a beautiful woman, yet couldn't take action due to her background as the only child of the Divine Demon Emperor. Still, he showered Sonna in gifts and affection and worked closely with his father in an attempt, eventually hoping to marry her and take over the Divine Demon Empire.

Yet, she never gave him any attention and actively stayed away from him, making him infuriated, yet now she was showing so much affection to a man she just met. Worst yet, with Damon having so much talent and being half dragon-half demon, he could not only marry Sonna ( Incest aside from siblings and parents doesn't matter ), but he could also run for heir of the Dragon Family. This could massively endanger the plan Varus and Antares had since Antares Birth.

Antares calmed himself down and schemed for the future, wanting to kill Damon. However, aside from Damon, spies from other races and factions also schemed in the dark. Although on the surface, all of the races were banded together to battle the Abyss, in the dark, many of the races were not friendly with eachother, especially the Demon's due to their battle hungry and viscous nature, making their relations with other races very tough.

Also, if one race has too many powerhouses, the balance of power between the various races and factions will be tilted. The Divine Demon Emperor and Sapphire Rivelea, were already in the top 3 most powerful beings in the world, not counting the Abyss. If Damon was now allowed to grow up, the Demon Race would be unstoppable among the Council Of Races.

The only races who the Demon Race had very close relations to were the Fallen Angels and the Elves. The Demon Race had always had very close relations to the Fallen Angels, as the original Primordial Demon Lilith had a strong alliance with the Primordial Fallen Angel, Lucifer, leading the two powerful races to be allied since their inception.

However, the Elven Races alliance with the Demons came much later, although most would expect the Elves, being a race of nature and serenity would be opposed to the Demon Race, but Sapphire Rivelea had saved the Elven Queen on an expedition when they were younger, leading to the gap between races to be bridged, and over the years, the two races had cooperated on much more occassions.

If the Demon Race was able to have 3 Top Tier powerhouses and cooperate with the Fallen Angel and Elven Race, they would dominate the Council Of Races, which other factions couldn't allow.

Meanwhile, Damon was simply enjoying the breath of fresh air. As he fully completed his awakening, Damon felt the incomparably powerful mana that originated from the Primordial Chaos all around him. This form of mana had been silent for millions of years or longer. This was the oldest, purest and most powerful form of mana in the entirety of existence and now Damon could influence it directly, as Damon grew higher in cultivation, he would become incomparibly more powerful than those in the same tier.

Similarly Damon could also feel the Aether and his inherited powers from Ashborn. The Aether felt incredible, the power felt so intensely pure and could directly influence the world. Damon's mind felt immensely clear and his soul felt freed.

Also Damon felt that even with no cultivation level as of yet, he could already manipulate the shadows and darkness, alongside the light from his ruler powers. Due to Damon having access to the Primordial Chaos Mana, his Shadows would slightly increase in power when extracted instead of decreasing in power.

Damon felt all of this and calmed down. He turned and gazed towards his mother, Sapphire Rivelea, the Demon Grand Duchess and Grand Marshall. Damon could see the immense pride and satisfaction in her face. Her elegant and imposing demeanor remained to most, but for Damon, she was just proud to be his mother.

Since birth, Sapphire had provided Damon with whatever he wanted, allowing him to grow up in peace and luxury, and Damon was happy to make her proud. Although this was his second life, Damon truly saw Sapphire as his mother.

Damon glanced towards the others and saw the ugly faces of Varus and Antares Flandre, remembering to remember and investigate why they were unhappy.

Damon bowed to the crowd and walked back to the waiting area, attracting the gazes of everyone. These gazes ranged from curiousity, to admiration, to envy and anger, yet Damon simply ignored the all. Now that the awakening ceremony was finished, Karthus had returning to the stage.

"This brings an end to the Awakening Ceremony. Congratulations to everyone who awakened. Please remember this is only the beginning of your journey and all of you would need great diligence and luck to become true powerhouses. Good luck on your journies as I hope everyone here makes the Demon Race proud." Karthus' words boomed across the arena and all the spectators gave a round of applause to congratulate all the awakened Demons.

Now with the Awakening Ceremony officially completed, Damon looked around, he could spot Sonna Rivelea immediately leaving in a car branded with the Royal Family's sigil. Damon checked his phone, receiving a message.

"Meet me at Home"- Mother.

Damon smiled and moved to the car, getting in and awaiting the first meeting with his mother since obtaining the system.