9 Chapter 9

Seven days passed since the day when Hiroki met his team.

During this week , nothing special happened as far as Hiroki was concerned. Still he was busy than before though.

Ko sensei decided to not attempt any missions for now and focus on training. Well it was also a fact that there were way too few D rank missions available. It was before war time so most D and C rank missions outside the village were not available.

Hiroki was absolutely fine with this because he definitely didnt want to clean dog shit at Inuzuka compound or babysit a kid. That was way too boring for him.

Like Ko sensei had mentioned , he turned out to be really busy all the time. Hiroki and others had seen an anbu call for him more than ten times during training.

So at least 2 hours per day , Hiroki helped his two teammates to improve their taijutsu. Sanae was totally in glee with this arrangement but Gin was in the opposite mood. After all he had just declared Hiroki as his rival but was already taking on his help for training.

Hiroki noticed this but decided not to care. Gin wont be able to match him in future anyway and Sanae , although she was a standard beauty , Hiroki was not interested in her. So he ignored her advances and focused on only training her.

Naturally both of them had great success with their taijutsu training in this week. After all before they were like just a blank piece of paper. Hiroki discovered that he was not that talented in teaching but sparring with Gin and Sanae and explaining few points was all it took for them to improve rapidly.

Now both of them could at least take of 3 fresh genin each and come out on top without much effort. Hiroki and Ko were satisfied with this pace of improvement because Gin and Sanae could still improve by a whole lot in near future.

One more task was compulsory for Hiroki during daily training , which was to have a pure taijutsu spar with Ko sensei. Ko did as he had promised and gave Hiroki an advanced Taijutsu style scroll.

Hiroki was very pleased with his new style because of two main points. It was called Strong Fist style which focused more on rapid but accurate blows. Like mentioned before , Hiroki also practiced Uchiha Interception Fist style which focused on speed and accurate shots. So both styles greatly complemented each other.

This resulted in faster practice and most of all , Hiroki succeeded on combining the two styles into one and created his unique taijutsu style. The new style was called Water Rock style which focused on fast and flowing movements plus shots as hard as rock.

Now Hiroki could contend against normal jonin in pure taijutsu battle for a while despite having merely low chunin level physique.

One more good news for the team was that , Ko sensei check out the chakra affinities of the three and provided them with relative basic ninjutsu! Hiroki didn't appreciate this gesture as much as the other two though.

After all Huroki already knew his chakra affinities and had already practiced some basic rank ninjutsu for them. Meanwhile Sanae and Gin were totally overjoyed .

Both Sanae and Gin were average talents in their clan but it was still a fact that they belonged to two most prominent clans of Konoha. So it should not be that big of a deal for both of them to receive some basic rank ninjutsu.

Well it turned out that both of them were special cases.

Sanae dreamed to be a medical ninja in future. Her chakra affinity was water which was greatly compatible with medical ninjutsu. Her chakra control was good too. So Ko sensei actualy promised her that he would recommend her to Konoha hospital. Naturally Sanae was totally overjoyed by this development as she already taken first step forward towards her dream.

Gin's situation was also unexpected. He had been assessed as average talent in his clan which was true but now his standing had strengthened somewhat. After all Gin's chakra affinities were actualy three in total !

Fire , Lightning and Earth ! This was great news because Triple attributes were too rare in the ninja world. Having two was already a standard genius after all. One thing which had not changed that much was that Gin's talent in mastering ninjutsu was still average for an Uchiha. Still he was now regarded as an asset because in the long term , Gin would be a force to be reckoned with if he reached jonin level in future.

In contrast , Hiroki only had two chakra affinities which were wind and fire. Actualy at first , both were weak too but he had strengthened them with special attribute pills from system. Now both of the affinities were at top most level in the ninja world. So Hiroki took way less time than others when mastering wind and free attribute ninjutsu.


It was afternoon and Hiroki was taking a small rest in his small apartment. After all , most of Hiroki's strength came from the gifts from system. He was slowly getting used to the daily high intensity training right now. His physical endurance was no problem but his mental endurance was not that great.

Simply put it was very hard for Hiroki to train for more than 8 hours daily with only small breaks in between. After all he was just an modern earthling in his past life who was never into training this much.

Right now , he had just taken a hot bath and was getting ready to have a small afternoon nap. Alas , things never go as planned.

Just as he was going to hit the bed, a knock came from the front door. Naturally Hiroki answered it and next second his Hopes for having a good rest were shattered immediately.

An anbu was standing in front of his door. Hiroki recognized his chakra signature which was the same as the anbu who had been observing him in secret for the past week.

" Hokage sama has summoned you.. " The anbu only said this much and left with a body Flicker.

Hiroki was irritated but soon calmed himself down after releasing a tired sigh.

' Sigh.. I only wanted to sleep for an hour..'

Hiroki was feeling dejected but still put on a black tracksuit and left his apartment after wearing his ninja headband.

The destination was of course the Hokage's office which was located inside the red Hokage building right next to the Academy.

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