89 Chapter 88.

"I was lucky. I encountered a 30,000-year-old Mysterious Thorns Black Turtle. It happened to be severely injured and half-dead from that beam of light! I was in a miserable state at the time and was nearly scared to death. Fortunately, Senior Sword arrived just in time and helped me in defeating the Mysterious Thorns Black Turtle. That's when I absorbed the soul ring of..."

After Sword Douluo's departure, everyone inquired about the soul ring.

Wang Feng didn't see any reason to keep it a secret, especially since Sword Douluo was already aware of it. However, he made sure not to mention a word about Pangu Axe, as it was his trump card.

"What great luck!" Oscar exclaimed. 

"Tang San also encountered a two-thousand-year-old Human-Faced Demon Spider and got something really bizarre with strong toxicity. Fatso touched it earlier and was poisoned instantly. My sausages can't even neutralize it! And you, you ran into a 30,000-year-old Mysterious Thorns Black Turtle?"

Oscar was referring to when they first found Tang San. Tang San had just defeated the Human-Faced Demon Spider and was subsequently discovered by Dragon Duke and Chao Tianxiang. However, thanks to Sword Douluo's presence, Zhao Wuji didn't reveal Tang San's identity and Dragon Duke and Chao Tianxiang were forced to leave.

Wang Feng smiled and thought, Tang San must have encountered the Human-Faced Demon Spider and its external soul bone, the Eight Spider Lances. It's known for its potent poison.

"It's possible." Wang Feng replied with a grin. 

"Maybe Xiao Wu will have some good luck later. She's already at level 30 and nay has absorbed a thousand-year soul ring."

"I don't believe it!" Ma Hongjun shook his head vigorously. 

"Why wouldn't I have such good luck? If Xiao Wu does get this kind of luck, I, Ma Hongjun, will walk on my hands for a month without touching a woman!"

The others exchanged amused glances.

But just then, a figure leaped toward them from a distance and quickly closed in. In no time, she was right in front of them.

It was Xiao Wu!

"Hey, brother San! Brother Feng! Teacher Zhao! So, you're all here!" she greeted enthusiastically.

Xiao Wu gazed at everyone with surprise.

"Xiao Wu!" Tang San was genuinely concerned and quickly approached her before hugging her tightly. "Are you alright? Are you injured? Let me check."

Tang San carefully examined Xiao Wu, relieved to find no injuries.

"Brother, I'm fine." Xiao Wu assured, a touch of shyness in her voice. 

"I was very lucky! Did you see that beam of light just now? After that, the Titan Giant Ape heard a cow moo and threw brother Feng out. Then, it also threw me out too! Since Feng brother is fine, how could I be hurt? I also encountered something good because of it."

Her words left everyone in silence. It seemed to match exactly what Wang Feng had described and the situation appeared to be genuine.

However, when Ma Hongjun heard the mention of "something good" a bad feeling crept over him.

"Xiao Wu, what level are you now?" Ning Rongrong suddenly asked.

"Me?" Xiao Wu smiled. "I'm level thirty!"

This revelation prompted several pairs of eyes to turn toward Ma Hongjun.

"You... why are you suddenly level thirty?" Ma Hongjun stammered.

"Yeah!" Xiao Wu grinned. "After I was thrown out, the world spun around and I fainted. When I woke up, I suddenly found myself at level 30, surrounded by many soul beasts. I fought and defeated a thousand-year-old one, absorbed its soul ring, and then came to find you!"

Ma Hongjun was left speechless.

"Fatty, start practicing walking on your hands! And no touching women for a month!" Dai Mubai patted Ma Hongjun on the shoulder and said with a hint of sympathy.

The group burst into laughter.

"How is this even possible? Everyone's luck is off the charts. Why the heck am I so unlucky." Ma Hongjun muttered, his face pale.

He had just made a casual remark and now Xiao Wu appeared with a story that closely matched what Wang Feng had said. Tang San glanced at Wang Feng with an amused expression, wondering if Wang Feng had been secretly narrating the events.

Just how accurate could one person's words be?

It struck Tang San that six years ago, Feng'ge had suggested that his martial soul might be Blue Silver Grass... and it had turned out to be true. It was quite remarkable.

"What are you laughing at?" Xiao Wu asked, curious about the laughter.

Ning Rongrong leaned in and whispered something to Xiao Wu, causing her to smile as well. In their playful moment, they both glanced at brother Feng with a touch of suspicion.

The group chatted and laughed, getting ready to head back to the academy.

"Brother, is your second soul ring from the Thousand-Faced Demon Spider? How did you manage to defeat it?" Xiao Wu inquired, sticking close to Tang San.

At this, Tang San suddenly had a realization and slapped his forehead. 

"I almost forgot if you didn't ask."

With that, he pulled out a crossbow from the Twenty-Four Moonlit Bridge Soul Guidance Device, with a crossbow bolt already primed.

The others gathered around, curious to see what he had.

"A Zhuge God Crossbow?" Wang Feng muttered to himself as he inspected the crossbow secretly.

"Tang San, what's this?" Oscar questioned, intrigued by the mysterious weapon in Tang San's hand.

"This is my secret weapon that helped dealing with the Human-Faced Demon Spider." Tang San explained, not holding back. 

"It's called the Zhuge God Crossbow, a type of hidden weapon in the category of machinery-type hidden weapons. It doesn't require soul power to activate and can inflict substantial damage on enemies."

With that, Tang San gently aimed Zhuge God Crossbow and pressed a button directed toward a distant large tree. The group witnessed a flash of light, followed by several sharp whistling sounds in the air.

Puff puff!

A massive tree that would normally take three or four people to encircle suddenly sprouted more than ten thumb-sized holes.

Suddenly, everyone was left in shock.

The speed of that hidden weapon had been astonishing, catching even Zhu Zhuqing, an agility system soul master, off guard.

Tang San continued to explain, "There are a total of sixteen crossbow bolts that can be fired all at once. However, the force these bolts exert is substantial and it also places considerable strain on the crossbow itself. The need to change the internal metal components is its most significant drawback."

With that, Tang San walked to a tree behind the one he had just shot and effortlessly pierced a crossbow bolt through it.

Seeing this, Wang Feng nodded inwardly. Indeed, this weapon was an extraordinary one in the Douluo Continent, akin to someone wielding a modern pistol in ancient times—a single shot could send even a master leaping. The disparity in technology was staggering.

"Such power!" Dai Mubai murmured. "Even with my White Tiger Vajra Transformation, I'd struggle to withstand it."

As an offensive and defensive fighter, Dai Mubai had a particular aversion to this type of crossbow.

Tang San smiled and agreed, "Zhuge God Crossbows are designed specifically for breaking through defenses. They possess a degree of concealment and suddenness that makes them hard for ordinary soul masters to evade. Moreover, if they were to be hit, I estimate that even a Soul Master below level 40 would have a high probability of being fatally wounded, unless they're a defensive-type Soul Master!"

Everyone was once again amazed.

"Tang San, you'll have to make one for me in the future." Oscar requested. 

"Ning Rongrong and I are both the auxiliary system soul master, and this kind of crossbow would greatly benefit us."

Ning Rongrong nodded and playfully glanced at Wang Feng. She chimed in, 

"Wang Feng, if you ever dare to bully me in the future, I'll shoot you with this!"

Tang San nodded in acknowledgment. Making the Zhuge God Crossbow was relatively straightforward, although it required specific materials that might not be readily available to every Soul Master.

"Shoot me?" Wang Feng responded with a grin. 

"Little San, let me experience the power of the Zhuge God Crossbow. I won't use any martial soul skills or soul power. Just give it a shot."

His words left everyone stunned, exchanging puzzled glances.

"Brother Feng, didn't you just get injured by Senior Sword Douluo's strike now?" Xiao Wu inquired, a hint of curiosity in her voice. 

"Plus, without any defensive abilities, do you really want to face the Zhuge Crossbow bolts head-on?"

Little did they know that Wang Feng hadn't actually been injured by Sword Douluo's attack. Not everyone possessed Sword Douluo's ability to detect such things.

Wang Feng nodded, mainly wanting to test the capabilities of his Black Thorns Armor. He didn't intend to use any special techniques, relying solely on the defense provided by the Black Thorns Armor to gauge its defensive strength. Since there were no available statistics, he would have to estimate its effectiveness through practical experience.

Tang San hesitated, considering the potential risks. "Is this really a good idea? Without any defensive soul skills, trying to withstand it with physical strength alone might prove dangerous even for you."

Tang San was right to be cautious, this kind of weapon could be lethal if handled carelessly.

"What's there to be afraid of?" Wang Feng grinned, his confidence unwavering. "I've got Oscar's sausages and my own healing powers. Just aim for my chest and avoid the vital areas. As long as I don't die, I can patch myself up very easily."

Zhao Wuji had considered intervening but ultimately decided to let it happen. The Zhuge God Crossbow was under manual control, so as long as it didn't hit any fatal spots, they should be safe.

"I mainly want to test the body's defenses." Wang Feng explained, coughing a few times.

With that, Wang Feng positioned himself about thirty meters away from a large tree that could be penetrated.

"Alright, then I'll give it a try." Tang San said, feeling a bit apprehensive. What if he turned Wang Feng into a pincushion? Even without a martial soul or soul power, there were limits to a Soul Master's physical capabilities.

"Wang Feng, what are you doing... I was just joking, how could I really use this to shoot you... Tang San, you actually went along with it, put that crossbow down now!" Ning Rongrong panicked, thinking that Wang Feng was taking the prank too far.

However, at that moment, Tang San had already activated the switch.


The arrow shot towards Wang Feng, whizzing through the air. But almost immediately, another crisp sound echoed.


It was as if the arrows were striking a city wall made of steel, emitting a series of dull thuds. Then, the incredible happened.

All sixteen crossbow bolts shattered upon impact with Wang Feng, scattering on the ground. There were only a few holes in his clothes.

The sight left everyone in shock, beyond their wildest expectations.

"The power of the Black Thorns Armor appears to be even more incredible than I imagined." Wang Feng mused to himself. 

"It didn't even feel like a hit at all, and the counterforce was so strong that it shattered these fine iron crossbow bolts."

The potency of this hidden weapon was undeniable. Yet, Wang Feng also had a suspicion that this soul bone might be an external soul bone from a thirty-thousand-year soul beast with additional abilities.

"For others, this external soul bone might be worthless, given its growing weight burden. But for me, it's perfect." he thought.

Wang Feng pondered quietly to himself, "Besides its incredible defensive capabilities, it also has a rebound effect. When Sword Douluo used it, his movements seemed a bit unusual. I suspect it might have other abilities... What could they be?"

However, Wang Feng remained unaware that the Black Thorns Armor also possessed the power to weaken an opponent's defenses after they hit him.

"This is too incredible!" At that moment, everyone was utterly astonished. Wang Feng had used only his body to block sixteen crossbow bolts?

Ning Rongrong was particularly astounded. Did Wang Feng really possess such extraordinary physical strength that he could withstand these crossbow bolts? She wondered if she would be able to do the same. But immediately let go of that thoughts. Not everyone is as abnormal as Wang Feng.

Wang Feng smiled, realizing that his success was not solely due to his physical prowess, but rather thanks to the Black Thorns Armor. His body could have possibly endured the crossbow bolts on its own, but he wouldn't have remained unscathed as he is now.

Only Tang San continued to scrutinize the broken crossbow bolts, as well as Wang Feng's chest. There was no sign of injury, but the shattered bolts raised questions.

"Is there something on your chest, kid?" Zhao Wuji observed closely, catching a clue.


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