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Chapter 107.

Taking a brief rest, Zhu Zhuqing approached Wang Feng and inquired, "What is the second stage of training?"

The recent skirmish hadn't been intense, leaving her with a slightly flushed face and a touch of charm, that highly tempted Wang Feng.

Tang San joined her, expressing curiosity. Over the past three months, the seven learned that Wang Feng occasionally participated in discussions on cultivation. The second stage of Grandmaster's training intrigued them.

"You'll find out when the time comes," Wang Feng responded, glancing into the distance.

"Everyone is here."

The remaining individuals, aware that their vacation was coming to an end, gathered in the square one by one after receiving the master's directive.

"Wow, third brother(Tang San), how can you and Zhuqing secretly train!" Ning Rongrong exclaimed upon spotting the two from afar. Having treated herself to a grand meal in Suotuo city that day, she unexpectedly joined the group.

"Wang Feng, you refused to go play with us, is it because you're helping them with their little training?"

Over the past three months, Ning Rongrong's sentiments toward Wang Feng had become exceedingly complex. She couldn't articulate her feelings precisely—there was an element of fear, primarily the fear of being defeated. Yet, observing the seven failing to overcome Wang Feng, at most resulting in a draw, stirred admiration within her. Her emotions were challenging to define, a blend of admiration and an elusive emotion that she can't explain.

Sometimes, she simply wanted to see Wang Feng but the prospect of a confrontation made her uneasy.

After the seven days had passed, Zhu Zhuqing and Tang San, who were not particularly inclined to rest, continued their exercises. Ning Rongrong, on the other hand, wasn't keen on training with Wang Feng.

Training meant getting beaten or meditating for long boring hours and although Wang Feng could help her recover each time, what Ning Rongrong truly wanted was shared meals and shopping. At least, in those moments, they could talk and chat alone. Yet, such opportunities never came as Wang Feng was anything but a slacker and a skirt chasing young master.

"The vacation is over and your second stage of special training is about to begin. Exercising in advance and warming up will also be beneficial for you." Grandmaster announced as he approached from a distance, his flat voice compelling everyone to halt.

Wang Feng shot a glare at Ning Rongrong, who responded by sticking out her tongue and snorting, making him look at her with straight expression before sighing and shooking his head, which somehow made Ning Rongrong stiff for no reason.

"Three months of training have made your physical fitness somewhat stronger and the battles with Wang Feng have brought you closer to each other and improved your co-ordination. I suppose I don't need to elaborate on that." Grandmaster remarked, glancing at everyone.

The unspoken understanding of each other was a very good and precise understanding—one that had been gained through battles and having each others back.

"Now, I'll reveal the content of the second stage of training in four words, the Great Soul Fighting Arena! All your training from now on will take place in Suotuo's Great Soul Fighting Arena. It's crucial that you understand this, right?" Grandmaster continued in his deliberate manner.

Wang Feng pondered, thinking this might be due to the academy's financial constraints. Three months of intense training had left Shrek Academy, already not affluent, even poorer. Therefore, Grandmaster was using this opportunity to conduct the second stage of training while also earning gold coins through the Great Soul Fighting Arena to help them in their cultivation journey.

The Great Soul Fighting Arena truly was a treasure trove.

"The training in the Great Fighting Soul Arena will last a considerable time, until each of you has earned the Silver Fighting Soul badge at least!"

Grandmaster glanced at Wang Feng and simultaneously stated, "And beside the individual badges, you all also need to obtain a Silver Fighting Spirit badge for team battles! Three months of practicing with Wang Feng alone isn't sufficient. You must engage with more soul masters, spar with different kinds of opponents, witness different soul skills, martial souls and acquire a diverse range of experience."

"Only by personally understanding and battling other soul master teams can you improve more rapidly," the master emphasized.

Wang Feng nodded in agreement. Constantly fighting him, while enhancing resistance to blows, has limited benefits beyond a certain point.

Unless reaching the fourth tier and being an all round soul master with capabilities in long-range attacks, strong assaults, agility, control, recovery, and amplification, among others, might help them gain some experience from him. However, the seven couldn't handle his strength at fourth tier.

"Oscar, Ning Rongrong, the same applies to both of you. If you aspire to the Silver Fighting Soul badge, consider finding more suitable companions. You're free to form new combinations. Once you've made your choices, we'll discuss the next steps."

Grandmaster coughed lightly, directing a glance at the two auxiliary spirit masters.

"Hehe, me and Xiao San is already a team." Xiao Wu remarked, linking her arm with Tang San.

Oscar sought out Dai Mubai. Ma Hongjun intended to approach Ning Rongrong but was promptly interrupted, "Fourth brother, don't look for me. I've already made arrangements! You're so powerful, you can handle it on your own and achieve silver badge!"

"Who did you arrange with?" Ma Hongjun was surprised as he counted, "We're only seven people."

Ning Rongrong smiled and stepped in front of Wang Feng, saying, "Of course, I chose Wang Feng. He's the strongest and I'm an auxiliary soul master, so naturally, I'll seek out someone powerful."

Zhu Zhuqing, on the side, raised an eyebrow, "..."

"Wang Feng and I are already a team." Zhu Zhuqing stated after a moment of silence in a manner of fact.

Ning Rongrong was momentarily surprised, then recalled that when they first entered the academy, the two had formed a team. It was called... Qingfeng, she recalled.

"Wow, that's cheating!" Ma Hongjun seemed to have the same realization and couldn't help but protest, "How can this be allowed? Partnering with Wang Feng guarantees no losses! Master, I object!"

Zhu Zhuqing nodded suddenly and explained, "But in reality, Wang Feng hasn't made a move in any of the matches we've fought till now... I've done it all."

Throughout these three months, whenever Wang Feng returned to the academy, Zhu Zhuqing sought him out for Great Fighting Soul Arena battles. It happened about ten times. While she occasionally lost against others, in the individual confrontations, Zhu Zhuqing always emerged victorious.

Unbeknownst to her, her victories accumulated, resulting in the highest points among the seven and already earning her the Copper Fighting Soul badge.

Wang Feng, uninterested in individual battles, could easily leapfrog and fight in the Great Fighting Spirit Arena. Therefore, he partnered with Zhu Zhuqing and refrained from participating in solo battles.

Even in two-player battles, Wang Feng rarely made a move, preferring to watch from the sidelines. He would intervene only if Zhu Zhuqing faced a more formidable opponent, at which point he might employ his [Deification] soul skill.

Dai Mubai inquired about Zhu Zhuqing's current points, to which she responded, "Ninety-two points." She glanced at Wang Feng.

"Ninety-two points? That's almost reaching the Bronze Fighting Soul badge level. How many times have you been there in these three months?" Oscar exclaimed dramatically.

"Normally, we train until we're exhausted and then collapse in the dormitory and fall asleep. Do you still have the energy for this?"

"Wang Feng, you secretly gave seventh sister (Zhu Zhuqing) special training! Master, they're cheating!" Ning Rongrong complained jealously, she didn't want Wang Feng to get closer to Zhu Zhuqing.

"Zhu Zhuqing wanted to become stronger, so it's logical to find Wang Feng..." Dai Mubai shook his head, "If it were me, I'd also secretly seek out Wang Feng for individual training. When he returns to the academy, he has a lot of time. Also, who forbid you from asking him to train yourself. You had a lot of time and you wasted it all on shopping and venturing outside the academy. You were just not pro-active enough and didn't want to train, there is nothing to blame Zhu Zhuqing for."

Ning Rongrong became furious. Every time Wang Feng returned, he'd violently beat her, leaving her exhausted, so who would train with him.

"Enough, also what Boss Dai said was true and facts. But I'll temporarily cancel the combination with Zhu Zhuqing. Ning Rongrong, you and Zhuqing will pair up and I'll team up with Ma Hongjun. Let's see how he's progressed." Wang Feng suggested.

Zhu Zhuqing frowned but didn't refuse. She wouldn't object to whatever Wang Feng proposed, and also she was secretly pleased as he called her Zhuqing not her full name unlike Ning Rongrong who he called with her full name.

Wang Feng continued, "Or we can also form a new combination. My martial soul has three forms, allowing us to create three different combinations."

This idea excited everyone. The Great Fighting Soul Arena seemed to focus more on soul level rather than specific names or identities.

"We can use pseudonyms or code names." Grandmaster suggested. "You can confuse others with different identities, nicknames and a bit of disguise."

Ning Rongrong perked up, "That's a good idea! I've already come up with a name for the combination. Since Wang Feng's martial soul is in the original form of Qinglian(Chaos Green Lotus) and mine is the Qibao Liulizong(Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda), let's call it the Qingbao combination! It sounds nice and is easy to remember!"

Wang Feng, however, found the name a bit strange. "Qingbao?"

Ma Hongjun seeing this also stated, "Then, mine and Wang Feng combination will be called Fengjun combination."

Wang Feng shuddered internally hearing the name.

"Fengjun? What kind of lame name is that?" Ning Rongrong frowned and said.

"You won't understand our brotherly love and it's still better than 'Qingbao'."

Wang Feng was left speechless by the choices of code names, realizing that the group of teenagers, despite their impressive abilities, were still just twelve or thirteen years old. It was indeed the age of adolescence and innocence.

Grandmaster then proceeded to assign code names to each member, Evil Eye White Tiger for Dai Mubai (not very creative of Grandmaster), Thousand Hands Shura for Tang San, Soft Bone Rabbit for Xiao Wu, Qibao Liuli for Ning Rongrong, Hell Civet for Zhu Zhuqing, Evil Fire Phoenix for Ma Hongjun, and Sausage Monopoly for Oscar.

Finally, Grandmaster turned to Wang Feng, stating, "By the way, Wang Feng, since you have three combinations, you may need three nicknames."

Wang Feng responded casually, "Nickname? I've got it covered. The combination with Zhu Zhuqing is called Thor. The one with Ma Hongjun will be called Thanos."

"Thanos? Damn, a little strange but sounds awesome!" Ma Hongjun exclaimed, his eyes lighting up. "It's super cool, I love it!"

Ning Rongrong, eager to know her nickname, asked, "And what about mine?"

Wang Feng glanced at her and pondered briefly before suggesting, "The last one with Ning Rongrong... is also my master code name... just call it..."

"Captain Murica."

Everyone responded with a mix of surprise and amusement, "Captain Murica...??"


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