Sign in for the Emperor's Armor in Marvel Book

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Sign in for the Emperor's Armor in Marvel


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He crossed over to the world of Marvel. I was just breezing through my life without doing anything, but who knew that I would suddenly go crazy one day and meet the Avengers! [Ding!] [The System awakens, Do you wish to sign up for the Emperor's Armor?] "Y-Yeah, sure" Boom! With one punch, the terrifying green hulk is thrown away! That day, everyone was in shock! Stark: Oh my god, this mechanical battle-suit is beautiful, I'm going to claim him as my big brother! Nick Fury: I was wrong, I should have made him Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Steve Rogers: He just touched my vibranium gear and it's broken! Three generations of Spider-Man: Cheng is our God! Spider-Woman Gwen: Of course, my husband is awesome! Natasha: Wow! Cheng, you're very strong! Cheng Ze: Oh, you've seen the power exerted by the Emperor's Armor, it's just one-thousandth of it! [I'm translating this novel as a hobby for both myself and you people to read. I'll include a link to the Chinese version in the comments.]