37 Princess Wei’s Repayment

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The king recovering and regaining control of the Faroe Kingdom was extremely beneficial to the entire Faroe Kingdom.

However, there were a few people who were disappointed. Once the king died and the prince succeeded, the status of these people would rise rapidly. After all, with every new king, a large number of ministers would be replaced.

The matter of why the king had suddenly recovered caused countless people to speculate.

However, the palace was very strict about this matter.

No one could get any information.

Therefore, this also became a huge mystery in the Faroe Kingdom.


At night.

Since the king had recovered, a smile could be seen on Wei's face again.

One day, Wei suddenly knocked on Lei Luo's room in her thin pajamas and walked in.

Lei Luo was not asleep and happened to be reading under the light.

He put down the scroll in his hand and asked, "Your Highness, what's the matter?"

Princess Wei walked in front of Lei Luo with a red face. Without saying a word, she kissed Lei Luo's lips.

The night was endless...

The next day.

When Lei Luo woke up, there was no sign of Wei by his side.

When he walked out of the library, he saw her practicing magic under the tree.

Recalling what happened last night, Wei blushed slightly and lowered her head as she whispered, "Senior Lei Luo, I think I'm going to break through."

  "Well, then break through. I can protect you." Lei Luo nodded and said.

Last night, Lei Luo had already felt the magic power in Wei's body was very active and restless. This was indeed a sign of a breakthrough.

During the process, some of the magic power in Lei Luo's body had been absorbed by Wei, which increased her magic power and made the feeling of a breakthrough more intense.

However, breaking through from the mage realm to the elemental mage realm was very risky.

It was best to have a powerful mage to help.

Under normal circumstances, Wei should go to the palace and ask the old mages for help.

However, she trusted Lei Luo very much and had not told anyone else about this.

Lei Luo took her hand and walked her to the quiet room in the library. He took out a bottle of potion.

This was an elemental potion.

Not only could it increase the chance of breaking through, but it would also be a great help when becoming an elemental mage in the future. It could help one's affinity with the elements increase by a lot.

Such a potion was naturally extremely precious.

However, since the two of them had completely bonded last night, Lei Luo would also wholeheartedly nurture Wei.

She obediently drank the potion.

With the help of Lei Luo, she began to break through to the elemental mage realm.

Lei Luo's mind sensed the situation in Wei's body. He was clear about it. If anything went wrong, he would be able to correct it immediately.

Her breakthrough was very smooth.

Along with a loud boom, traces of true energy were released from her body.

She had finally become an elemental mage!

After a long time, Wei let out a long breath and slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were extremely bright.

"Is this an elemental mage? The feeling of being a more ordinary mage is completely different," Wei  said softly.

"Not bad. A seventeen-year-old elemental mage. I think it's very rare in the middle-earth."

Lei Luo laughed.

Back then, the Snake God, Moseley, only became an elemental mage at the age of twenty.

Although the Snake God had only practiced magic for a short period of time and did not have many resources to practice magic in the beginning, it could be seen that Wei's talent was really not bad.

"Senior, when did you become an elemental mage?" Wei asked curiously.

Lei Luo glanced at her and smiled. "Why are you asking this?"

"Senior, I just want to know."

Wei actually threw herself into his arms and acted coquettishly.

"Just a little bit earlier than you." Lei Luo shook his head and smiled.

"Senior, ever since I met you, it seems like you haven't changed. How did you do it? Can I do the same in the future?" Wei  asked again.


Lei Luo touched his chin. It seemed that he had to be more careful in the future. It was still alright now. He was only in his thirties, but if he was still in his forties or fifties, it would be a little unjustifiable.

"Yes." Wei nodded and said.

"Some people age slowly. Maybe I am one of them. Of course, it may also be related to magic."

Lei Luo smiled and said, "Anyway, I'm going to clean the library."

"Don't go."

Princess Wei pushed Lei Luo and sat on him. She closed her eyes nervously and kissed him.

After the passion, Lei Luo held Wei for a while, then he put on his clothes and walked out.

Wei lay on the ground and looked at the ceiling. Is Senior really that mysterious mage? If so, why did he hide his identity? If not, how powerful is he?

She was full of questions.

Unfortunately, she could not get the answer from Senior.

Hmph, I will definitely find the answer.

Wei felt that she had another target.


Does this girl suspect me?

Holding the broom, Lei Luo thought of Wei's words and could not help but smile.

Let her guess. It was fine as long as she did not tell anyone else.


In the blink of an eye, more than a year had passed.

When he opened the door of the library, it was snowy white outside and the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow.

The roof and the trees were all covered with snow.

"Senior, let's go out and have a snowball fight!"

Princess Wei followed Lei Luo and ran out of the house.

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