6 Chapter 6: The Prettiest Girl In School, Bai Xiaochun

Nursing Department. Third Class.

When Chu Tian entered the class with a cup of milk tea, practically all the students in the class had already arrived.

Seeing Yang Rong preparing her study materials, Chu Tian sat down and placed the milk tea before her.


Yang Rong looked to Chu Tian and smiled, "Deskmate, what's the meaning of this?"

"Oh, there's no special meaning," Chu Tian smiled, "I merely brought an extra cup. You can have it."

"Ah? Really?" Yang Rong was delighted. Happily, she grabbed the milk tea, "Dang! Xiang Piao Milk Tea?! This cup here is a high grade milk tea that cost 45RMB. Deskmate, you're enjoying quite a high quality of life here."

[1. Xiang Piao Milk Tea is a reference to Xiang Piao Piao Milk Tea, one of the most popular instant milk tea in China. Xiang means fragrant and Piao means floating. So Xiang Piao Piao could mean fragrant and airy.]

[2. 45RMB is roughly 6.5USD. It basically cost as much as a fancy limited edition starbucks coffee.]

As they're both students, paying 45RMB for a cup of milk tea could be considered to be a small luxury.

Of course, that also depends on who it was. As Haicheng University of Medicine was very large, there would inevitably be students from wealthy backgrounds.

In fact, there were students in the university that would attend school driving sports cars. To those students, paying 45RMB for a cup of milk tea was simply nothing.

But, to students from ordinary families, paying 45RMB for a cup of milk tea was most definitely a small luxury.

"Why would I lie to you? Go ahead and drink it quickly. The class is about to start."

As Chu Tian said those words, he took out a chopstick from his pants pocket. It was the chopstick he stole from the breakfast shop.

Seeing Chu Tian holding a chopstick, Yang Rong who had just inserted the straw into her cup asked in a confused manner, "Hey, deskmate. Why are you holding a chopstick?"

"Oh, it's nothing." Chu Tian pondered for a moment before asking, "Deskmate, are you carrying your ruler with you? Can I borrow it? I want to measure the length of this chopstick."

Measure the length of a chopstick?

Yang Rong looked to Chu Tian with confusion. But, she still took out her ruler.

Chu Tian received the ruler and carefully measured the chopstick.

The chopstick's length was exactly 22cm!

[3. 22cm is 8.66inches.]

Yang Rong was watching Chu Tian measure the chopstick. She said, "22cm. Deskmate, why are you measuring the length of this chopstick?"

"It's nothing," Chu Tian shook his head, "I'm merely curious. Who would've thought this chopstick to be this long."

"Is it long?" Yang Rong bent her head in confusion, "Isn't that the normal length? It's not long, no?"

"This isn't long?" Chu Tian pursed his lips, "This is a terrifying length. If it's even longer, there'll be accidents."

Accidents if the length is longer?

Unable to understand what Chu Tian was talking about, Yang Rong decided to switch topics. She laughed, "Hey, deskmate, stop putting on an act here. Go ahead and tell me."


Seeing the gleeful look on Yang Rong, Chu Tian pondered for a bit before asking, "Tell you about what?"

"Stop pretending," Yang Rong laughed. She then whispered, "You couldn't have brought a cup of such high quality milk tea for me without any ulterior motive. Go ahead and tell me, which classmate are you interested in? Who do you want me to help you win over?"


Win over?

Chu Tian looked to Yang Rong speechlessly. Suddenly, he laughed, "Deskmate, you're overthinking things. I'm not trying to go for anyone. It's really because I brought an extra cup."

Not trying to go for anyone?

Yang Rong looked to Chu Tian in disbelief, "Really? There's all these pretty female classmates in our class, you're really not interested in any of them?"

The Nursing Department's Third Class possessed 29 female students. Inevitably, there were some pretty girls among them.

If Chu Tian must score them, he'd say there were at least six or seven female students that could get a score of 9 out of 10.

But, that would only be 9 out of 10. None of the female students in the class could surpass 9 out of 10 to the level of goddess.

"It's not that I'm not interested in anyone, it's that they wouldn't fancy me," Chu Tian laughed and began to take out his textbook, "Deskmate, you know my situation. That being said, in terms of good-looking… deskmate, have you seen a girl like this? She seemed to be from our nursing department too. Straight black hair. Outstanding figure. Exceeding beautiful face. Have you seen her?"

Hearing that sort of description, Yang Rong burst into a sudden laughter, "You must be talking about Bai Xiaochun."

Bai Xiaochun?

Chu Tian frowned, "You know her?"

"Of course I do," said Yang Rong. "Bai Xiaochun isn't only the prettiest girl in our nursing department. She's someone who could be said to be the prettiest girl in the entire university. She's from the Nursing Department's Sixth Class. Furthermore, she's my dormmate."

"You're her dormmate?"

"Mhmm," Yang Rong became high spirited, "Haah, she's amazing. Bai Xiaochen does yoga. You don't know about it but she's able to split her legs over 180 degrees. Those long legs of hers; she's 167cm tall and weights 97catties. That figure of hers is so good she's simply not allowing for the rest of us women to survive. She's like a woman that walked out from a fictional world."

[4. 167cm is roughly 5'6". 97 catty is roughly 128lbs or 58.2kg.]

"Right, right, right," Chu Tian hurriedly spoke with a smile on his face, "That's her. Exceptional figure and resembling someone that walked out from a fictional world. So she's actually from the Nursing Department's Sixth Class."

Yang Rong chuckled, "In that case, do you want me to pull strings for you?"

Pull strings?

Chu Tian smiled and shook his head, "No, you don't have to bother with that. A girl like that is most definitely already taken. Oh, that's right. Deskmate, you couldn't possibly drink my cup of milk tea for free, no? How about this, praise me a bit."


Praise Chu Tian?

Yang Rong pondered for a bit before laughing, "You're a good person. You're handsome. You're tall. You're a good student."


There's no change!

Chu Tian shook his head, "Your praises are too insincere. How about this, be more specific."

"Specific?" Yang Rong sucked a mouthful of milk tea. She pondered for a bit before saying, "Hmmm… you're good with studying, good at singing, well educated in the four arts. Hehe, how about that?"

[5. Four arts are what people in ancient China believed a well-educated person should know. They're zither, the board game go, calligraphy and painting.]

Nothing happened still!

Chu Tian quietly sensed his body. Then, he laughed, "Excellent praises. That'll do, let's stop with them."

After saying those words, Chu Tian put up an act of reading his text book and started to carefully ponder about what just happened.

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