2 Chapter 2: Hotel Registry Software

Although Chu Tian was seen as a computer guru by his classmates, he knew how skilled with computers he actually was. At most, he was someone who had messed with computers more than ordinary people.

As for being a computer guru, it was simply nonsense.

Yet now…

"What the hell is this…"

Seeing the screen before him, Chu Tian frowned, "Did I receive some sort of enlightenment or managed to gain access to a portion of my brain with unbounded computer knowledge or what? How did I suddenly become this skilled with computers?"

Chu Tian was unable to understand why he suddenly became this proficient with everything computer. After pondering for a while, he opened his web browser and entered the website for the Hacker's Forum.

Hacker's Forum was the largest domestic forum for everything hacking. Although the forum was mostly composed of novice hackers, non-hackers and lurkers, some real hackers would appear in the forum once in a while to impart knowledge about computer hacking to the people on the forum.

That was not all. People would also frequently post requests on the forum.

As a computer enthusiast, Chu Tian had frequented the Hacker's Forum for three years now. Because of that, he knew very well that there were many ways to earn extra income on the Hacker's Forum.

After logging into the Hacker's Forum, Chu Tian directly clicked on the 'Request' section.

Numerous request type posts appeared on the screen.

"Little Red Riding Hood: Searching for a safe and secure hacking software for PUBG to carry my girl. Any experts here make game hacks?"

"Motionless In The Bridal Room: Request – Any expert here could help me search my girlfriend's chat records? I think I've been cucked."

"Stepmom Sun: Seeking to search my boyfriend's hotel registry records. Are there any experts here that's able to help me?"


After quickly skimming through the various request posts, an idea appeared in Chu Tian's mind.

Make a hotel registry searching software!

There exist twenty to thirty posts on a single page. Of them, six or seven would be posts requesting to search for a hotel registry. Evidently, there's a market for hotel registry.

Moreover, Chu Tian has seen a lot of this sort of hotel registry requests before. Helping the posters search for hotel registries was not a task free of charge. Generally, it would cost at least a hundred RMB for someone to search hotel registries.

Moreover, searching for hotel registries was a seller's market!

Searching for hotel registry required one to hack into the police system, something impossible for ordinary hackers. As for those hackers that were capable of this sort of thing, they wouldn't bother with wasting time on such a small amount of coin.

Having made his decision, Chu Tian immediately minimized the browser window and began to rapidly type on his keyboard.

Time passed. Chu Tian only stopped typing when it was eleven at night.

He reopened the Hacker's Forum and created a new and untraceable account. He named it 'A Handsome Guy Who's Unwilling To Reveal His Identity.' After doing that, Chu Tian created a post and attached his completed hotel registry software onto the post.

Not only that, Chu Tian also hacked into the Hacker's Forum's backend. Through the administer authority, he stickied his post so that more people will see it.

After completing all of that, Chu Tian heaved a sigh, "50RMB per search, this price isn't high. There should be people using it."

After he finished saying those words, he got up and went to wash up.


In a spacious room somewhere in Yunnan. A spectacled man was watching TV on his couch.

While he was enjoying the show, his phone suddenly beeped.

The man picked up his phone and, upon looking at it, frowned. He immediately got up from his couch.

A post was stickied on the Hacker's Forum?

What the hell?

Surprised by the message he received, he rushed into a room.

There exist three desktop computers worth over hundreds of thousands in the room. The three computers were placed in a semicircle around a computer chair.

After entering the room, the man sat himself on the computer chat and turned on the three computers in succession.

Soon, after the computers were turned on, the man directly logged into the Hacker's Forum and found the stickied post.

"A Handsome Guy Who's Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: Sharing with everyone a software to check hotel registries. 50RMB per check."

Seeing that stickied post, the man laughed, "Oh-ho, interesting. Someone actually managed to hack into the Hacker's Forum's backend. Got some skills."

After saying those words, with a smile still on his face, the man pushed his glasses up his nose. Then, he opened the backend of the Hacker's Forum and selected to unsticky the post.

"Mn? I'm unable to unsticky it?"

The spectacled man was shocked to see that pop-up box.

He was actually unable to unsticky the post?

He refused to believe that to be true and tried to delete it several more times. Yet, the outcomes were all the same. He was unable to unsticky or delete the post.

Seeing that, the man's eyes turned fiery.

"Finally, an expert. It's been a long time since I'm this excited."

After saying those words, the man's fingers began to rapidly strike at his keyboard.

Time continued to pass. Half an hour later, the man stopped his keystrokes with a frown.

Damn it!

Exactly who is this guy? How could he be this powerful?

The spectacled man had attempted various tracking methods during this half hour period. Yet, he was simply unable to track who it was that hacked into the backend. Everytime, he would be led to overseas servers before losing track.

He even used the hotel registry software twice. The reason for that was because a QR code for money transferring would appear from the software with every use. He wanted to see if he could track who it was through the money transfer.

But, while the money ended up being transferred from his account, he was unable to find out who it was transferred to. It was like the money disappeared without a trace.

Too powerful!

He was actually able to erase all tracks. This was the first time the man witnessed the appearance of such a powerful hacker in the Hacker's Forum.

"I refuse to believe this."

The spectacled man pushed his glasses up his nose again and returned to strike at his keyboard

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