43 Volume 5 Chapter 4

"You look awfully similar to someone I know ." Tenten told the blondie kid infront of her. Their age is not much different. But Tenten recognised the kid. 'Boruto'

"Wh-what are you talking about ! Lady I... I don't know what are you talking about !"

".... You are not from here.... Your chakra is similar to Naruto..... And you....you are Sasuke Uchiha...." Tenten deadpanned.

She was returning from her mall. There is a new guy who wanted to open a food court there. I was there to finalize the deal.

While returning home, she came across two suspicious looking men.

"I don't know who are you talking about." The dark haired man replied.

"*Sigh* We should talk somewhere else."

Tenten said to them.

"Why don't you come with me ?"

"Fine." Sasuke from future agreed after sighing.

While walking Tenten started to chat.

"So, why are you here and from when."

"We don't know what are you talking about."

Boruto replied.

"..."I deadpanned at him.

"Alright ! I am Tenten. And if I am right, then you are Naruto's son. What's your name ?"

"...*sigh* tell her." Sasuke said.

"Time travel...the theory was created by the second Hokage. And further explained by fourth Hokage. I won't be very surprised if it is possible in future." Tenten replied.

" Boruto."

"Your mom ?"


"Knowing about the future can be dangerous." Sasuke was on the edge.

"No... me knowing about the future won't change anything in your future."

"What do you mean ?" Sasuke asked.

"Let me explain you something. There are two theories on time travel.

The first theory is the fate of butterfly effect.

What you do here now won't change anything in the future. If you go back in time and kill your father before you are born, you won't stop existing all of a sudden. Because then you can't kill him in the first place. That means what is meant to happen will happen. It won't change your future.

And the second theory is alternate timeline.

Means every action you take here will have an effect. And it will give a reaction. Which will create another timeline.

Let's say you killed your father before you are born, that will made a new timeline, where you never were born.

So me knowing future won't affect your's."Tenten explained.

They were walking in civilian pace. So it's taking time to reach the outskirts.

"...You made sence.

I won't tell you much...but you died."

"I see..." Tenten's face was nutral.

"This world is dangerous...it can't be helped."

"Umm... sensei can you tell me who is she ?" Boruto asked.

"I am your dad's ex." Tenten bluntly replied.

"..." That made him look at Sasuke. and he noded.

"We are here . But before we meet Naruto, don't tell him anything. He will figure it out, but won't ask you directly. But if he do, then tell him that you are my son." Tenten said seriously to Boruto.

"...Okay." he look conflicted, but he agreed.

"Hey ! Naruto !" Tenten called out.

Naruto was training with Jiraya.


I was really shocked. But the idea didn't frightened me. My own death. I mean I have came to terms with it since I first started killing. Every living being will die one day. Sure in this world, you can achieve eternal life. But that didn't appeal me. This world is real. I don't know if Kishimoto is like one above all of this multiverse. But if my death is certain, then there is no point in trying to stop it. Sure I can struggle. But will it be worth it? I have trained hard so that I can live. But training and struggling is different. Survival can made you do inhuman things. But I don't want to do anything like that. So if my death is inevitable, then, I will enjoy my life till I die.

Thinking about these things We reached our house. After activating barrier seal, we sat on the couch.

Me, Jiraya, Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto.

"So let me introduce to each other. So we can start the meeting.

He is Uchiha Sasuke from the future.

He is Uzumaki Boruto from the future.

And You know us. Hugarashi Tenten, Uzumaki Boruto and Jiraya, one of the legendary Sanin."

I started.

It didn't took Jiraya long to understand the situation. Naruto already knew.

"An alien named Urashiki Otsusuki is after Nine tails. But Naruto in future, is too strong. So he stole an artifact which can allow someone to travel in time." Sasuke started.

"So he is after kid Naruto... when he is weak ?"

"Yes... But he is dangerous. I only told you because your involvement is inevitable. But I don't want to involve more people in this. Urashiki will reach here in three days. It's better if we keep him away from the village."

"I agree. I still can't believe that there are aliens." Jiraya commented.

"There are." Sasuke agreed.

"What about Granny Tsunade ? Are we going to tell her ?" For the first time, Naruto spoke.

"No, I don't want to worry her. And it will only attract other's attaintion." Jiraya spoke thoughtfully.

"Then how will we go outside the village ?" Naruto voiced his concerns again.

"A small training trip ?" Jiraya asked to himself.

"That could work. We are your official apprentice so no one will doubt it either." I commented.

"Well that's a great idea. I will talk with Tsunade." Jiraya said.

"What about his abilities ?" Naruto asked.

"He uses a fishing rod to steal opponents chakra. And he has byakugan and rinnegan as well ."

"Byakugan ?" Jiraya was surprised.

"Apparently those aliens were the true ancestors of Senju, Uchiha and Hyuga clans.*sigh* I won't tell you about the future, but those are powerful. And he has some type of time space abilities as well."

"Then we should be prepared. I could pull up some space locking seals and some seals to guard against those fishing rod you mentioned.

But first, you should rest. There are extra rooms. You have less chakra than me right now." I replied.

"Well, she is right. You should rest up right now. I will go and get the permission from Tsunade."



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