Shrine Of Legacies

A long-forgotten servant has been loyal for countless years doing his mandated daily activities. Before his masters were destroyed, he served. After they were annihilated, he served. Until the very object of his assignment was destroyed he felt free and became free. Zamright was left with no path, no goals and he was never a child with lofty ambition. In the countless years he performed his assignment he had dampened his emotions to the lowest level. However, as he returned to his motherland, he was met with a multitude of choices: should he leave it to be destroyed, or should he save it? With no grand desire to be a ruler, one thing led to another and before he realized what had happened he was sitting on the highest throne of the Great Lantern, commanding absolute power and authority! Reigning over ancient monsters, beasts and old souls of the forgotten past and mundane people. Contending against the whole world, clashing with conceptual monsters and winning! However, he was blinded to the true nature of the ancient land—the Great Lantern. The whole world is terrified of that cursed land, and the only way to save it is to rip it up from the crust and flip it back to Earth! By the schemes of the hidden hands, by the countless hax from the shadows, by the monstrous intention of the darksides, by the strange abilities of Source Wilders, Zamright was controlled, swayed in matters of Nation wealth and many hid behind him silently for their desire to be fulfilled. But with every passing day, he grew stronger and broke from the shackles, gleaned through their insidious nature and countered in the most silent way conceivable, until his Sovereignty was absolute! But the layers of the schemes are older than the stars themselves! ***** Peace Dreamers are waiting for their Messiah. The Ancient Titan Moon was disdestroyed. The arrival of the Messiah. Throne Relic has chosen a new master. Seed of Hope was planted in everyone. "These are the signs of another Great War" Cardinal Of Knowledge sighed, "can we survive again?" even as a knowledge devourer he doesn't have the answer.

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True Throne Appearance

Zamright didn't dwelled on that as he raised his hand and spread them open as if he was going to give a hug, his head up looking at the blue smoked sky before he clapped and continued to clap in continuous mystical rhythm.

Screams echoed as people that survived the clash using their ability were now having a hard time using it.

Sam The Royal Knight appeared with his enchanted armour and attacked Zamright.

He doesn't seem to have been injured much, his speed was faster than Zamright.

Zamright knew he wasn't a match for this man in terms of battle so he allowed himself to be impaled again.

The double edge sword glowed and burned fiercely.

There was now a burning venom causing through his body trying to destroy his cells and blood but this only made Zamright come to more realization.

Gaining Exalted Blessings changed his body to a certain extent. His blood was actively fighting against the burning venom and his skin was recoating his body to fight the further pushing of the sword.

More than that, ePure in him wanted to surge and cleanse off any intruders.

Zamright took his short time to observe his body as this was the time that he could understand what he was made up of.

Satisfying his curiosity, Zamright punched forward using zero technique, Sam dodged with ease as he pulled his sword from Zamright body and struck from behind.

Zamright fist might have not landed a punch but has grazed Sam's armour and he already established Coating.

He was never aiming for an attack but to coat the knight's armour with a skin layer.

It didn't last long though, as the skin layer was destroyed by the armour's energy pulse but in the next second, the armour cracked.

From various experiments, Zamright learned that Coating gave different properties to metals. And he can influence the direction he wants.

In this case, he made the Coating to make the armour brittle and the energy Sam was using caused the now brittle armour to crack.

The boost it was given Sam reduced which reduced his speed and perception and the next moment a hand was placed on his face.

Immediately a thick second skin covered him whole, sealing his mouth and nose.

Sam panicked and struggled to break. He broke away after some tries but his body became stiff and he fell down trembling in intense pain.

Zamright has slipped the burning venom inside the second layered skin. Sam escaped but the venom took effect.

Under the watch of Zamright, the man's body began to liquify under the corrosive function of the venom.

Zamright looked away and walked, his emotions almost slipped out as he saw a great waste of potential.

That's when he noticed a man, very tall with his crown over his head glaring at him.

Zamright can feel a bubbling power hidden behind the royal robe and the brass crown.

"Who sent you?" He asked menacingly.

Zamright ignored him and just walked away which shocked the king. He raised his hand to attack but a hand stopped him. A woman, the other Royal Knight.

"Dark Knight is out of control killing the survivors?" She whispered.

"Why?" The king asked, shocked.

"Because…" she lingered before she answered, "it's as if he was injured by his Phantom Death Sword."

"Let us leave!" The king said but then claps came from the direction Zamright was moving.

They felt disoriented but then the king used his crown and the artefact pulse with great power and they vanished.

"Subjugate the place!" An echo of order surrounds the place.

Invisible ships appeared and light cascaded down, halting everything moving. But to their dismay, the boy was nowhere to be seen.


Three days later

Zamright was back in the royal palace.

Having minute connection with the Throne, he avoided all cameras and also kept using Skin Coating to alter his appearance little by little till he reached the core of the palace.

There was heavy security using various detection methods but all for naught. The protection the True Throne gave Zamright was great.

He slipped through another hidden compartment as he followed the calling of the True Throne until he appeared inside the Throne Room.

The place was flooded with various energies that can shred anyone that doesn't have a permit.

There were also humans as tall as 4 meters, each having power to crush Zamright under their weight.

Their eyes flashing with light constantly scanning the throne room every second.

Zamright would have been discovered and crushed if he didn't have a tiny halo around his body.

The halo was with him the moment he was inside the Royal City, even he didn't know about it until he came this close as it kept getting stronger the closer he was.

Zamright stood before the 10 guards but they were oblivious to him and he touched the throne.

This time the alert didn't go off and he vanished and appeared inside a very small room.

It was an empty room that had a single object floating in the air. An indescribable connection happened between them.

The object was the True Throne, it was the power that kept the Great Lantern safe all these thousand years that passed.

It was the power that gave the King absolute control and power of the whole Great Lantern.

All this power was now for Zamright to take.

Unfortunately, Zamright has no desire to rule the nation. He was here because he knew the Kingdom would stop at nothing but to hunt him down.

Also, because he realized the Lantern race were persecuted and for their bravery and sacrifices he wanted to help them a little.

A single step and Zamright was by the relic side. It was very small for something very powerful.

A mechanical marvel that resembles well arranged gears and two caps at either side. It pulses with a motion power as the either side grinds and rotates against each other.

The sound was amazing to listen to and also the motion made Zamright feel a soothing feeling in his brain.

Zamright touched it and a jolt of current passed through him as he felt pain and then lost consciousness.

A bit of centuries of memories passed through his mind and the view of the Great Lantern came to his mind and how things operate.

With a fright, Zamright woke up and he found himself on a rearranged throne that now served as a small bed for him. A thick and indestructible bubble surrounded him.

[Welcome back, Zamright]

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