Showdown: This Is The Chat Group Of The Gods Book

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Showdown: This Is The Chat Group Of The Gods

I Love To Chat

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# PARODY # COMMUNICATE Su Ze joined a chat group. The members in the chat group were peculiar; they enjoyed discussing topics such as ancient history and hymns of the gods. Their usernames were all bizarre too. Some examples of usernames were Handsome Guy With Lightning Bolt, the Most Beautiful Goddess, Dominator of the Sea, Grandpa With Magical Power and A Fireball In My Hand. Grandpa With Magical Power asked, “Su Ze, what’s your thoughts on Ragnarok? How would you handle the situation?” The Most Beautiful Goddess asked, “Who do you think is prettier? Venus or Athena? The Dominator of the Sea asked, “Do you think it’s Poisedon’s fault that there's rising tides in the sea? If he is not at fault, should he kill all those who slander him?” Su Ze answered all these strange questions one by one, but his responses stirred up a huge commotion in the group! One of them replied, “Su Ze, how are you so well-versed in everything? You are surely a sage!” Another one of them exclaimed, “You solved our biggest problems! If you become a god, I suppose you can solve many problems!” Much later, a female chat group member named Golden Apple told Su Ze privately, “Let me tell you the truth. This is actually a chat group among the gods. I have long taken a liking to you…”


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