1 The One Who Can Control Time

In 2050, mysterious gates appeared all over the world. It was a gate in the true meaning. Just like the gates, the mysterious gates also had high-spread iron. There was no credible explanation for this phenomenon.

However, the researchers determined the gate was most likely from another world. Maybe there was something in another world that looked like a black hole, then pulled a gate and appeared on earth.

The government did not pay much attention to the gates because they showed no danger. Everyone also thought it was an ordinary gate.

Their thoughts soon changed because a few months later gates destroyed and released various strange creatures, which would later be referred to as monsters.

Humans who did not expect this circumstance mourned a tremendous downfall. Many countries lost their territories and people.

Along with this incident, the chosen humans gained a power that was referred to as the process of 'awakening'. In the future, they would be called 'hunters' for hunting monsters from the gate. However, those who did not become hunters were referred to as 'awakeners' or 'awakened' ones.

Radmilo Laiv was one of the top hunters in the world. He earned the title of 'Peerless Hunter' because of his power to control time.

"You're famous now, Bro! I still remember when you struggled to get to this position."

It was the voice of Maido Anston, an A-rank hunter who had been Radmilo's partner long ago. Now he was sitting on the balcony with Radmilo, enjoying the night sky.

Hunter became a very important job because the government needed them to build up the world. In return, the hunters got a good life.

"I don't think we need to remember the past," said Radmilo, smiling brightly after finishing his green tea. "Being allowed to save this world is a blessing."

Maido smiled too and replied, "You're right. It feels so touching to protect people."

There was a knock on the door after that, which prevented Radmilo from responding to those words.

"I wanted to talk with you a little longer, but our friends have arrived," Radmilo told as he got up from the sofa.

The man with brown hair walked towards the door and opened it while showing a cheerful expression. The people who came to his house were hunters from Phantom, an official guild run by the government.

People trusted the Phantom guild to wipe out the monsters. There were many teams under the guild's protection, and Radmilo became the leader of a team called Spirit.

"Welcome everyone! I'm so sorry because I only have time at night. You know that I'm busy taking care of many things," explained Radmilo, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

One person shook his head as he replied, "There is no need for that, Captain. We know very well that you are busy with many things."

"Thank you for your understanding! Then let's go inside to discuss the raid."

Radmilo stepped aside from the door to give all his comrades access. Tomorrow they would execute a raid aka attack the gates, which were often called a dungeon after the gates' explosion.

As soon as Radmilo found out that he was going to raid tomorrow, he instantly broke into a big smile. However, his smile slowly faded as he felt extremely dizzy.

"Guys, I think I feel..."

Radmilo's words were not completed because the man was presently slumped on the floor. Besides his aching head, his vision also blurred.

Even so, he could still see his friends who were approaching. Surely they would call a healer for help.

That was what Radmilo thought before a dagger stabbed into his right hand. Since he could not comprehend the current situation yet, he could only frown in confusion.

"Maido, what are you doing?" asked Radmilo hoarsely.

Meanwhile, Maido, who stabbed Radmilo's hand, smiled crookedly. There was no more tenderness on his face.

"Bro, the government has been watching you for a long time. You are growing every day, so it scares them. Even now, with your power, you can stop time. Isn't that terrible? You could betray us and become a villain."

Maido told in a voice of fright.

"But you also have weaknesses, even though you are strong. The government has done research, and it turns out that the stone in the human hand has the same function as the heart. If the stone is crushed, then they will also die."

After hearing that, Radmilo mustered all his strength to look at the stone in his hand. It was a small red stone that appeared when the world's first gate explosion took place.

Everyone went through the same thing. They had stones in their hands, but no one knew the function. Because the gate explosion happened ten years ago, then it was natural that the government knew about the function of the stone recently.

The stone could not be destroyed easily. Radmilo knew the government had been researching this stone since the gates explosion. It took a long time because this was a strange phenomenon, something new to humans.

Therefore, Radmilo was not surprised if the research took a long time to complete. He also did not know what could destroy the stone since he was not involved in the research team.

"Goodbye, Bro. I hope you rest in peace."

Maido's low voice pulled Radmilo out of his thoughts. He glanced at everyone in the room, and none of them helped him.

In this way, it was clear that the world government intended to get rid of Radmilo. At the moment of his death he kept asking, why did they do this to him?

Even though Radmilo was so loyal that other hunters nicknamed him a government dog. It was sad because the owner did not need this dog anymore.

"You bastards... You're all bastards!"

Radmilo used his remaining strength to scream. At least he had to curse those who betrayed him before he died. The man's vision was slowly fading, a sign that death was drawing near to him.

As impossible as it sounded, Radmilo was determined to go back in time. He was someone who awakened with the power to control time. Radmilo could slow down or speed up time as he wanted.

And recently he got a skill that could stop time. When this skill was activated, time stopped, and only Radmilo could move alone.

This skill made him the hunter in the world with an S-rank. However, it seemed that the world government did not notice this as good news.

Instead of developing Radmilo's skill, they chose to get rid of the man. The world government was terrified if a powerful hunter turned into a villain.

"Though I never imagined becoming a villain, haha." Radmilo, who was still conscious, muttered. He smirked as he continued, "You have chosen the wrong opponent. I swear I will avenge all of your actions!"

"You were still talking nonsense on the day you died. What can you do now? You can only mourn your fate and cry in hell!" shouted Maido while stabbing a dagger into the stone in Radmilo's hand.

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