Should have remained crush Book

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Should have remained crush


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Warning: (Mature content) Which is more painful? Losing your childhood friend or losing your other half? What if your childhood friend is also your other half? Life with Ray was perfect. Perfect family, lovely kids, lavish life...everything was perfect. But then Ray had to die leaving Laura an emotionless object. She became immune to pain. She forgot how to care and in the process, she pushed her friends away. She needed healing. Or maybe love. But the media wouldn't make things easier for her. Every tiny bit of her life was captured and featured on the dailies. Her immediate best option was you hide; Hide her life, work, kids, friends and love. Hiding her feelings wasn't easy though. She was hurting the other party in the process. Dario Anderson. Our dark eyed knight. If the media was the issue, then he had to be more powerful to control the media. If he was the issue, then he had to change to be worthy of her love. If his age was the issue, then he had to convince her that age was just a number. If her kids were the problem, then he had to convince them that he wouldn't try replacing their father but would try helping their dad finish what he had left unfinished. What about if his family was the issue? What if the Andersons hid some informations on Ray's death? What will happen if Laura came to know? There are so many hurdles that the two were to pass through such that they would begin questioning if their decision to become a couple was a good one. The main question is: Should they have remained crush? .


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