1 Story one

Why the hell did I have to be reincarnated into this damn novel.

Why am I this annoying character???

"You must fulfill my wish if you want to go back to your own world."said the original soul of this body

I don't like this polygyny world where men has more than one wife.

I am now the main wife of the second prince, basically I'm his princess consort. He has a lot of concubines in his harem. I have lost count of his sex life.

I know this because that damn original soul gave me her memories of this world since she was a baby.

She has basically began to merge with my soul, now her feelings are somehow becoming my own. She said that she will let go of my soul and separate from me if I could fulfill her wish. And that wish is that she wants the second prince to acknowledge her love for him.

I feel truly bad for her.

This second prince is too cunning and smart. He is very cold hearted and the only person who could burn his ice is the female lead Susan.

Yeah so basically I need to somehow make this huge iceberg melt to acknowledge her love.

This is practically impossible. The chances for this happening is so slim. The only way is for her to be the female lead and have the female lead halo. If she wants her wish to come true.

So the story of that damn frustrating novel goes like this....

The Male lead who is the second prince will meet the female lead Susan in a forest where he will save her and fall for her charms

Then he hides his real identity and makes the female lead his, he traps her into the marriage, and then when the female lead finds out his real identity, she becomes sad. But loves him too much and so she willingly accept to be his concubine.

The two love birds love each other so much and this character that I am right now is their biggest obstacle for them to become one.

And so because Male lead's wife gets jealous and then starts to do stupid things to make the female lead out of the Male lead's life.

Which fails miserably, the female lead with her female lead halo has always come out at top. And so the poor Male lead's wife had to suffer in the end.

In the end she dies very BRUTALLY!!!

And they live happily ever after.

So in short this unfortunate character is me!!!!!

Long story short the male lead is a scumbag, he trick the female lead, betray his wife and yet he ends up becoming the king.

What did she saw in him. Sure he is very handsome but so what??? Appearance is not everything!!! Look at the female lead for instance, she is not really super beautiful like the male lead's wife(now me) but her character and that female lead halo makes her life so much easier.

She was better off with the second male lead!!!!

Now then, I have transmigrated to the time where the male lead will introduce the female lead which is the beginning for the Male lead's wife to get jealous!!!

I have decided that if I can't make him acknowledge her love for him within these 3 years then I will divorce him.

So with this motivation I began my plans.

I did not bother with the Heroine, I encourage him to have sex with his concubine, I began to be a virtuous woman, who has a big heart, all to show him that I love him.

I don't know why but because of my actions the plot began to change, the male lead started to doubt me and had intimate moments with me for 2-3times. The female lead died or should I say escape from this harem with the second male lead because of all those jealous concubine's schemes. Surprisingly I became pregnant.

I gave birth to a boy but unfortunately he died. I was devastated!!!!

Then came the day where the emperor died, all of the prince had to come to the palace to hear who will be the next emperor. At that time I got kidnapped by the third prince's people.

There are altogether 6 prince, the first and fourth prince is dead, the second prince is my husband, the third prince is the one who also wants the throne. The fifth prince is in the second prince side. The youngest sixth prince is 3 years old.

The third prince kidnapped me to threaten the second prince, this also happens in the novel but the target is actually the female lead Susan.

I wanted to know what he will do, well it turns out that he abandoned me. I was so hurt and felt super disappointed with him. I felt like this will definitely happen to me, I wanted to see if I could trust my heart to him, well my guess was right, I cannot give him my heart.


"You can choose to go back to your own world or stay here since you have fulfill my wish, what do you choose??? After your final decision you cannot change it."told the original soul

I started to remember his beautiful smile that capture the original soul, I didn't even realize that I have already merge with the original soul perfectly, I began to realise how she fell for him.

They met when they were children. She had to live with her aunt and uncle for a while, at that time she was fat and he was very beautiful, he protect her against the other people, he stole her heart there, and so she met him yet again, and so got married with him even though she knew that he was not in love with her. She felt like she could win his heart.

She hated that she couldn't keep him to be her and only her, in my opinion she was a yandere, anyways so she did all those crazy things, she was not pure. She couldn't melt his heart.

Within these years, I got affected by her feelings and so I started to grow a small hope that he will love me. I wanted more from him. I decided to take the gamble.

Even though I was also super jealous with the way he spread his love with other women but I knew that the society concept was like this, it couldn't be changed and I was not the female lead.

Flashback Over

I laughed at my own foolishness, so what if he acknowledged my love for him??? But it's so apparent that he does not love me, I feel so dumb to think that he would love me.

I overestimate myself, and so I was brutally tortured, they cut my hair, body and wanted to violate me.

Luckily, I was smart and I had a plan to escape this hell. I poison those people who torture me.


Well my blood is a super toxic poison. So all I had to do was wait for it to work.

They died right in front of me, I took the keys and went away, I found a dead body of a maiden who coincidentally had the same figure and shape like me.

I decided that I will let her become my dead body.

I know that I will be hurting her body, I prayed to God to let her rest in peace. I used a knife and destroyed her face, I change my clothes with her, I pulled her into my captive room.

And so I escaped.

I decided that I will live a life being single and independent. I vow to myself that I will never fall in love in this lifetime.

Love is poisonous. Especially when it's one sided.

14 years went by, I now have a daughter. And adopted twins one girl and one boy who are the same age as my son.

After the escape I found out that I was pregnant. It was a hard journey but the whole capital was in a mess so I took this opportunity to escape as far away as I could from this country.

I had plan this if I would have to ever divorce with him.

I have defy her fate to die and am living happily with my kids. I hope that they will never have to suffer like me.

Male lead pov

My mother was dead, I was alone and had to survive in this cruel environment. So I had to kill my emotions.

Before this happened I was still a naive happy kid. I had met this fatty, she was cute and funny. I really like her.

I met her again in the forest. She grew up and became fit and pretty. I was not sure but when I saw her parents I was sure.(he mistook the female lead as her) I was surprised that she had change in her personality but I didn't know why I couldn't help but be attracted to her.

I plan and in the end she became mine.

When I came back with her, I expected that my wife will treat her horribly like she did in the past with some of my concubines. But I was shocked that she had change.

She was no longer jealous of the other woman and quite accepting of her. I thought she was pretending but I realized that she was not and she was actually true.

Later Susan got fed up with the harem, she told me that she wants to leave, I asked her

"Didn't you say you want me fatty, why are you leaving me as well???"

She denied everything. I explained to her about how we met when we were kids, but she still kept on denying.

Then it came upon me that she is not her, I felt very sad and no longer cared for her, at that time my wife came to me and asked why was I so sad.

I was surprised, I always have this poker face but why and how did she realised my feelings.

"Why did you change??? Do you no longer love me???" I asked

I was also not sure why I ask this question to her but I wanted to know her answer.

She looked at me and said

"I have always love you, you are my everything, I only wish for you to look at me and i don't want to share you with anybody but I know that I can't do that because you will only hate me and ignore me if I do so, that's why I changed my ways."

That's when I realized that I was loved by this woman, I don't know if I would be able to love anyone, but I decided to at least accept her love.

That is when I realized how beautiful and breathe taking she truly was.

After some time she said that she was pregnant, I was feeling mixed about her pregnancy but I didn't know why but I wanted the child to live.

She looked so happy.

The day came when the child came to the world, I purposely made the physician lie to her that the child was dead.

I don't know why did I do such a risky move, because the emperor has yet to be decided yet and with this infant people will try to use it to blackmail me.

I protect him in secret.

I went to console her.

The day came when the emperor died, the emperor degree that I would be the next king but then the third prince began to revolt.

He blackmail me with her, but I could care less about her. I told him that he could do whatever with her.

Even if I could save her, I was not going to take the huge risk of saving her for the throne.

The third prince gave me her hair and flesh in a box.

"Are you sure???? Do you really not want her??? I pity her, who fall in love with such a heartless demon."said the third prince

I didn't know why but the sight of her hair and flesh made my heart burden with guilt and pain.

I couldn't understand what was happening to me.

I remember her smile, anger, sadness and her words.

"I love you."

I imagine her in her despair, her fear, sadness and agony. I could feel her pain and heartbreaking.

That was it. I decided that I need to save her.

The third prince was losing already, I went to the place where I heard that she was held captive.

I saw a bloody body, the blood was already dried up, it seems like she had died 2-3days ago.

"Hahahaha... Brother how do you feel??? Is this sad... Your wife had been dead the moment you gave up on her, she kept on believing that you will save her, but you were so heartless to give up on her. Did you really think that my warning was fake." Said third prince mockingly.

I felt like my world was crumbling. I got the throne but I lost her.

You never realised how important that person was in your life before he/she disappears.

That's when I realized that I have always love her. Her family was shocked and saddened by her death.

Her sister came and hit me

"You never deserve my sister's love, she had love you since she was young!!!" Her sister said

She gave me her diaries.

I saw the familiar handwriting.

So it was you in the end fatty. You were with me the whole time yet I was the one who couldn't recognise you.

I lost interest in the throne, the only good thing I did was to protect her and mine son. I released those women in my harem.

As soon as he was 10 years old I left the throne to him.

14 years past by.....

I met a girl who looks exactly like her,  she barge into the palace and requested the best physician, she said that her mother was ill.

My son now 16 years old, wanted to punish this girl who came into the palace with such rude manners. But when he saw her face, he was also shocked since she looks so much like his mother.

I began to feel hopeful, maybe she is still alive. I asked her where is her mother.

She said that they live in a small village near the border and told us to hurry save her mom before she dies.

I know I was late last time, but this time I vow to not be late.

I decided to follow the little girl and my son wanted to follow me as well.

By the time we arrived there, I saw a woman who looks so pale yet so beautiful, she was no other than my wife. Beside her was a young lady who was very beautiful, she was taking care of her.

I quickly came and hugged her.

"Fatty, why didn't I recognised you from the very beginning."I said

For the first time I cried.

"Mom......"said our son

She looked at the place where the sound came from. She started to have tears from her eyes.

"My boy where are you?" She said

I was shocked why couldn't she see her son when he was right in front of her??? Could it be that she has become blind???

"I will not live longer, I hope that you can take good care of your sister and my adopted son and daughter."she said

I quickly urge the physician to check her.

"Your majesty, her body can't handle the poisons anymore, it's surprising that she is still living. The only way for her to survive is to find a super poisonous plant to counter attack the poison in her body. But this method is super risky."said the physician

I was shocked, why does she have poison in her body??? Is this how she escaped from the captive??? Why didn't she came back to me??? Why did she went in hiding????

I asked her these questions

She refused to reply back.

I continuously asked her these questions.

Finally she answered

"Your majesty, your guess is right I poison them with my blood. Then I escaped from that hell. I didn't want to go back to you since it will hurt me more than the poison in my body. You had given up on me, I had realised that I will only get hurt if I stay by your side. So I decided to never go back again even if I had to make my maternal family sad."she said

I was saddened, I told her that I did came for her but she replied

"So what??? I was being tortured, my hair and flesh was being cut out from my body. I waited for you to rescue me, but at last I knew that you wouldn't, I had felt so much pain and agony during that period, I was also kind of testing your love for me. You failed miserably. Did you know if I decided to continue to wait for you how my condition would be??? Did you know that those men wanted to **** me???? Did you know how much fear I had to live through!!!!! You don't know anything, yet you dare say you love me!!! I will ask you this question, since you say you love me so much, then imagine me sleeping with other men."

"Ridiculous!!! Whoever dares to sleep with you I will kill him, how can you say such a thing???" I asked

She gave me a mocking smile.

"If you felt like killing the men who I was sleeping with, then imagine how would I feel to see my love sleeping with other women, sharing his love with others, you expect me to give all my love to you, but want to give your love to others. Aren't you just selfish and hypocrite. You men expect us women to give their love to you and want them to accept other women!!!! Who wants to share their love one????? I had hoped that you will save me but you destroyed it, if you had saved me, I would have felt quite happy and even if you had other intimate moments with other women, I would try to accept it. I would have done this all for your sake. If you had just saved me.... But you didn't, I don't want to see my husband giving his love to other women, I couldn't stand it anymore!!!!! All I wanted was to be in your heart. But I couldn't!!!! My love for you died the moment you gave up on me!!!! Don't expect me to forget and forgive you."she said

I felt my heart got pierce by her words. The things she said is true, if I was in her position could I stand to see her sleeping with other guys??? I couldn't, I'm surprised that she became big hearted and accepted the other women in my life.  I deserve it!!!! But it was to late now, there is no medicine for regret.

"I'm sorry my son to not be able to take care of you and not being by your side. I know you did nothing wrong. But I hope that you can change the twisted concept of the society. I want to ask you, is it so hard for a man to only look at one woman? Can you only love one woman?" She asked

"Mother, if girls can do it then why can't guys do it as well. It all depends in their self control. I understand your wishes mother. But for your children and my sake can you live and see with your own eyes how I will change the society??? Mother I want to feel the mother's love that I could never have, please live mother, don't abandoned me again."said our son

She told the girl who was taking care of her to the garden and take out a flower.

She ate the plant and soon vomit out black blood. She had her whole body shivering. I asked the physician what she was doing, he told me that she is counter attacking the poison with the other poisonous plant.

I couldn't bear to see her in pain. I held her hand and tried to hug her in my warm embrace but she rejected me with all her might. I did not want to hurt her so I gave up.

3 days later, her condition was finally stable.

She began to ignore me completely. She only cared for her son and daughter.

My son started to establish some laws where a man could only have one wife, if his wife couldn't give birth to his children then he could take in concubine.

When this policy was issued lots of men started to protest and began to revolt against him.

Then a miracle happened, the women who men thought were weak and just a trophy wife, was beating up their husband/master. The womenfolk was in my son's side.

They began to beat all those men who wanted to revolt. Soon all men were kicked out of their houses, women started to sarcastically mock them. They humiliated them. Gossip about them, the women in the whole country became one and supported my son.

The situation was horrible for those who had a lot of concubines, those men were beaten up near death.

This showed the men to not underestimate women. The way they started to manipulate the men and their smartness was much more better then some men.

I realize this because women had to think carefully whenever they make a move in the inner courtyard to win her master/husband favour so it was not a surprise to me that the women are smart and calculating.

Soon all those men who wanted to revolt started to give up. They began to accept this new policy.

My son also established women rights.

Now women had the chance to be an official like men, although many men were not happy about it but later on they began to accept. They started to realise that women are also as good as men but some of the men ego was hurt and so they were in denial.

Smart men began to realise how the concept of monogamy was good for them. They no longer had to waste a lot of money and time comforting their wife. They started to have less inner conflicts. They no longer had to worry if the kid is their own and they also had almost no in fighting for inheritance.

As years goes by.... My wife still ignores me and she seems to never forgive me, but I know that it was my own mistake so I accepted theway she treats me.

My wife got sick and at the same time I also started to fall ill.

When we hit 80 years old, we were in our death beds. She still refused to stay with me. So I decided to shamelessly have two beds in her room. One for me and one for her. She didn't comment about it.

Soon we both loss our consciousness, we began to die.

Everything was going dark. I saw a light moving and followed it.

I wish in my next lifetime, I get to be with her again.

Narrator/Author pov

Years and century passed by.....

In history lessons, the kids are taught how the concept of monogamy was created, and how the king and queen were loyal to each other.

A young woman opened her eyes in the hospital bed. She saw a man who was looking at her with so much care.

He came and hugged her so tightly!!!

"Fatty, I love you!!?" The man said

The young woman slowly began to try to move her arms towards his body. And finally touched his face and said

"I forgive you."