2 One Night


He was not able to grasp the whole situation as what was happening until he saw her how much low she had gone down on the ground and how close was her face to touch the dirt of the forest.

He started becoming anxious as he had never seen her before here or anyone as creepy as her.

He gathered some courage and asked, very timidly. "hey umm, who are you?"


He asked again but little loudly, with more force, "Can I help you? Are you lost? "


Weird... Why is she not saying anything??! Can she even speak or is she in some kind of trauma? He taught..

She was just sitting on the ground and not responding to anything, not moving an inch.

It was becoming into a very chilly night.

Not because of the night winds but because of how silence was spreading all over everywhere.

Times passed, a long excruciatingly and uncomfortably creepy silence than broke after, which felt like hours, and the way it broke was that she moved and than she looked up in-front of her where he was standing, looking at him.

He felt goosebumps creeping out on his arms when they made the eye contact.

Brown eyes meeting... Red eyes.

Her eyes looked like she had red colored iris and were so blank, lifeless.

Out of nowhere she started cracking her back in very odd angles, bones were coming out of her and very disturbing angles.

But the most terrifying thing he thought was, that made him broke his paralyzed state of his body was what that the sound coming out of her, damn moan! That exact noise what heard earlier.

But listening it from so close had its more terrifying effects.

The sound coming out her mouth were downright loud, shrill and sounded so hurting like very painful to even be able to produce these type of noises.

He started shaking uncontrollably and moved back instinctively, from the bend down figure which now looked like a predator aiming to pounce on her prey..

Ohmygodohmygodohmygoddddd... What is happening! It never happened before, for how long was she hiding????

What to doooo!! I have to do something before I shit my pants!!!

As he was thinking of what to do next, that creature (for him at that moment, she was a creature. He could say that she was the most terrifying thing that he ever saw in his whole life) was crawling and moving towards him.

Adrenaline that was pumping in his veins was making him hyper-aware and very sensitive to every little moments,

It felt like she was playing some kind of game with him as she was moving/ slithering towards him but not fast enough to catch him. It felt like she was trying to torture him and break him mentally into pieces, bit by bit.

She wanted him to scream, wanted him to scratch his hair and make him miserable. he wanted him to make him so out of his mind that he would to not be able to comprehend anything happening to him, happening around him.

She smiled, a crooked smile, sporting a look of a full maniac and cracked his neck 180° and bend more towards the ground more and looked directly at him,in his eyes.

He was not even able express the level of terror he felt at that very moment when there eyes met and when he saw that crooked smile..

Although he was shivering, a full body shuddering and felt he is going to faint he tried his hardest to remain sane and analyzed the situation, where he was so suddenly being pulled in, so that he could get away from her or whatever kind of creature that it was.

His mind was becoming a mush of just whirling emotions, his felt like screaming, feeling of bile churning in his stomach was making him sick and he was just on the verge of panicking.

He was barely able to keep himself up and was trying to figure out how to control the situation.

By controlling his mind was telling him to defend himself so when he saw some stones on the ground he immediately picked them up and started throwing them at her. His hands were shaking very badly and he was surprised that he had that much energy to even lift his hand lest could throw the stones.

He felt some confidence coming back in his body.

She screamed, she screamed so loudly that he felt like his ears were going to burst.

Moaned in pain and with so much loathing when a particular stone landed straight on her head..

She hissed at him and when she hissed, her teeth got in his line of vision,

Moon light was shining directly on the creature, as a spot light on the stage, with faint shadows of nearby tress making it more sinister looking.

The sight of her was then very clear as she was standing little out in the plain area.

With no shadows obscuring her image, It made her look more terrifying than before as he could then see the condition she was in. That dress cloth of her was teethered on her limbs, bones were poking out different angles, teeth yellow and muddy...

And her rib cage....

Rib cage was open and a cavity was present there... Like

Where is the heart??!!!... Why her inside looks so black?... God please save me, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE

The creature started running toward him , crawling all on her fours!

It seemed that she doesn't know how to walk on her hind limbs ?!

He started running away from her. As he came here very often he knew the root back to where he parked his car.

He craned his neck and looked back, he saw the creature was screaming (that sound will remain haunting him even if he survived and get out of there) and unlucky for him, she was a lot closer than he taught she was.

How can a human be this fast running like that all on fours?!! How many victims did she had?

He picked branches, twigs that were on the floor or broke it from passing by plants and started throwing it back toward her. Some were dodged and some came in direct contact with her. She shrieked louder at those instances.

But he didn't have time to check or observe her whereabouts of how far she was because he realized that he was getting nearer to his car which could be his possible reason of maintaining his living status .

Branches felt like knifes stabbing her in abdomen, which made her more angry and she started running faster and was crawling over trees as a new tactic to not get hit by the branches again.

He was going to be be skinned live! "I am starving, come to me!!!!! ", She cursed loudly

She want to eat me! oh No

Where are my car keys??

Did I just left them at the fireplace??? He started doubting himself.

But then it suddenly clicked to him that he always put the keys in his pocket, no matter where he go he always put keys with him safely inside his pocket so he took out the keys which took some effort to get it out as he was running like a crazy man and almost lost balance as his half mind was focused on getting the keys out.

As he saw the car, he was little relieved but the flicker of happiness of being able to get away remained for a very short period of time.

He tripped.

What he feared the most happened and he lost his balance, fell headfirst on the ground and that was not all... it was the beginning of things getting ugly and uglier.

He felt his ankle got bruised by the root of tree which stuck out of the ground.

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