12 Chapter 12 Just keep becoming stronger is enough

Cinder was now very angry. She didn't think that the young man who killed her pet would be this powerful.

"He can fight me even when I use the power of the fall maiden. And what is that…water magic?"

She won't believe that he could use magic. Only a maiden could. and he's nothing like a woman. even though he was beautiful enough. but he is still a man!

"I will play with you no more! Die!"

The young man or Jaune was now stood on his feet and brough Pyrrha behind him to protect her. He swung his spear to neutralize the flame.

His Water Breathing Spear Technique could go against Cinder flame easily.

Not only that, he countered many times and fought back fiercely. Made Cinder have wounds around her body.

"*Ugh!* Why don't you just die, you pest!"

"I am not a pest, you ugly witch!"

If it was someone else, call her ugly. She wouldn't feel anything as to what her opponent said was a fault. but to a very handsome man like him. It was like a sharp knife piercing through her heart.

She will kill him with glee. She will gut him!

The two fought very hard. On one side she used a bow and knife with fire magic. On the other side, he used a spear and water profound energy.

The two collided more than once, but neither of them seemed to lose out.

'I must finish this battle quickly or else huntsmen of Vale and Atlas soldiers might surround me.'

Cinder tried hard but to no avail. She couldn't beat the young man. No, it seemed like he would be the one to defeat her if the fight continued on. She could feel his improvement in fighting against her.

She didn't want to admit it but he might be a super genius at fighting. Even more than Pyrrha Nikos, the four time champion of the Mistral Regional Tournament.

Jaune too could not beat her even with the use of potions. but his experience in fighting shot through the roof. Jaune just needed an hour or a little bit more for him to beat Cinder. But it looked like his opponent didn't have that much time.

"I don't have time to play with you anymore, But remember for I will hunt you down!"

Cinder couldn't waste anymore time. She need to go now.

And when she was going to escape from the rooftop. She had an opening. Jaune wasn't like thinking he used that opportunity to strike her.

"Mizu no Kokyu Shichi no kata: Shizuku Hamon Tsuki!"

(Water Breathing Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust)

Jaune performs a precise, fast and accurate thrust with his spear at the opening.

Cinder was shocked. She didn't think that Jaune would stab her in the back. Didn't he have dignity as a huntsman!

She forgot or didn't know. He didn't have any of that, and he wasn't a huntsman just yet. Not even in training!

His spear broke through her spine and came out of her stomach. She screamed out loudly in pain. She would have died if it were not for the Grimm parasite in her.

A Grimm griffon came in and helped her away from Jaune. Jaune wanted to follow it and end Cinder once and for all. So that she could cause more suffering to innocent people.

Bue when he was about to fly and follow Cinder. A horde of Grimm Griffon attacked him. He couldn't help but defend himself and killed them with his AOE spear technique. When he finished getting rid of them. Cinder was nowhere to be found.

"She's gone. *Sigh* Now I need to be careful. I don't know when she will strike me back."

Ciel heard her master and reassured him.

[Don't worry. Host can just buy something in helping the host to detect the danger like spider sense or six sense. something like that. With the host's current strength, the host shouldn't be afraid of someone like her. She was just a stepping stone!]

Hearing her assurance. Jaune felt better. It was like Ceil said. He just needed to keep becoming stronger and buy many things from the store. It was unfortunate that he couldn't buy everything he wanted because the store had a privilege function. If he wanted to buy more useful things. He needed to make a sale for it to unlock them!

And for the customer too. They need to keep buying things and selling things to upgrade their privilege.


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